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KoRn Adidas Collab: A.D.I.D.A.S. Be Hitting Different Now

By September 2, 2023Adidas, Sneakers

AIO Bot - Korn Adidas CollabThe metal band, KoRn- AKA the Three Stripes’ biggest fans- are finally getting their own Adidas collab! Now, that’s one way to celebrate the band’s 30th anniversary. Heads up: the KoRn Adidas Collab offers fans not one, but TWO KoRn Adidas shoes! So, let’s check them out and see what this sneaker collaboration is all about, shall we? 

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KoRn Adidas Collab

What Is KoRn? 

Originally formed in 1993, KoRn is an American nu-metal band. The debut of Follow the Leader in 1998 and Issues in 1999 made it to number one on the Billboard 200.  And that exactly when the the brand’s success went mainstream. Actually, a total of twelve songs have made it to the top ten of the Billboard 200, two of which were certified Gold.

Impressive, right? Well, wait till you hear this. According to Vogue, KoRn has earned two Grammy Awards out of eight nominations, as well as, two MTV Video Music Awards out of eleven nominations. The best part? This band has been associated with Adidas since day one, as they frequently wore the Three Stripes’ gear. In 1997, KoRn even released a song titled A.D.I.D.A.S which jokingly played on the idea that Adidas stands for “All Day I Dream About Sex.” So, you can say that the KoRn Adidas collab was meant to be from day one!

KoRn Adidas Shoes

So, the KoRn Adidas collab will be offering us two monochrome sneakers: Campus 00s and Supermodified. They pretty much resemble the original designs, featuring Black and White color schemes. However, Black dominates the Campus 00s, while White takes over most of the Supermodified KoRn Adidas. 

But what differentiates these KoRn Adidas Shoes from the original designs are the KoRn logos on the tongues and “Campus” branding on the lateral sides. Elsewhere, you’ve got guitar pick keychains and art from the band’s Life Is Peachy album on the insoles. 

Additionally, both the KoRn Adidas Campus 00s and the Korn Adidas Supermodified will drop on the 1st of October for $130 and $140, successively. The KoRn Adidas collaboration will also include an apparel collection of two T-shirts, a KoRn logo hoodie, and two tracksuits. 

Now, this is the kinda collab you prepare for way before the drop, because one thing we’re sure of, competition is gonna be tough as heck. And that’s exactly why you’ll need a FULL GUIDE on how to cop sneakers for retail on release day. So, click on the button below to master the game! 

Korn Adidas Collaboration - Campus 00s
Korn Adidas Campus 00s

Release Date: October 1st, 2023
Color Scheme: Black/ White – Gum
Style Code: IG0792
Retail Price: $130
Average Resale: NA

Korn Adidas Supermodified - AIO Bot

Korn Adidas Supermodified
Release Date: October 1st, 2023
Color Scheme: White/Black – White
Style Code: IG0793
Retail Price: $140
Average Resale: NA