5 Quick Ways to Lace Yeezys & Boost Your Trend [+VIDEO]

By July 3, 2020 Sneaker Tutorial, Yeezy

There are 3 sides to being a downright Yeezy fan. 1: an impeccable knowledge of the Yeezy size guide. 2: the ability to recite Yeezy history from cover to sole. 3: cleaning Yeezys and mastering the skill of lacing them. Which is about to be checked off your to-do list. Yeezy resellers and investors, this is for you too. A huge chunk of selling yourself and stock on the market is representation. So, knowing the best places to sell Yeezys and the best places to buy them are success factors without a spark. If you’re clueless about the core of what you’re selling. You’ve aced Copping Yeezys 101 and own Yeezy reselling tactics. But if you develop the passion for it as a Yeezy fan, you’ll be a sneakerhead idol. And probably even grow a rep for your business as a Yeezy-holic. Because people love people who do what they love! So, if you’re in the process of patching up the first two sides in your mental journal, here’s the third side free of charge. Off to lace Yeezys like nothing’s easier!

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Standard Knot

To lace Yeezys like the
sneakerhead you are, avoid the standard knot. It’s where first impressions die. Because if you’re going to Criss Cross and rabbit ears your Yeezys, you’ll be detected as a non-fan or newbie. Talk about your Hypebeast alert. However, the only plus side to lace Yeezys into a standard knot is a steady foot. So if you’re off jogging or serious about walking somewhere, feel free to implement. But once you’re back on social, better stick to the ones below.

Outta the Box

This one’s a fan-favorite. Is there a better smell in the world than new crisp Yeezys straight out of the box? We thought so. To lace Yeezys like they’re brand new sticks a rich feel to your aura. Deadstock is sexy. And by giving the impression that you’re wearing first-time Yeezys, you’re recreating that feel over and over again. That is, if you keep those
Yeezys clean as day! All you gotta do is loop the laces as if they weren’t meant to be apart and tie them once. Effortless look without the effort!

Yeezy Breezy

If you’ve got your head in the clouds and want to lace Yeezys accordingly, this one’s for you. It’s a step down from Outta the Box and frankly cannot begin to relate to the Standard Knot. So what you do is loosen the laces to a floating effect. As long as you don’t trip over your swag, you’ve set the loosey limit. You won’t get the foot-in-place feel with this one but you’ll top the effortless look. Just don’t kick anything else that Yeezy really might land on some cloud!

Not So Breezy

If you want to lace Yeezys Yeezy Breezy style without tripping over your laces and looking
that casual, this one meets you halfway! So what you do here is loosen the laces to the limit that says chill (freezer mode negative). And instead of letting the laces fly about all floppy, loop them under the tongue into opposite sides to make they seem shorter and tidier. It’ll look like you’re wearing custom laces or a shortened version of the originals, but it’ll be all you. And the extra length will be right there under the tongue if you want to switch to another style.

How to Lace Yeezys Better Than Your Exes!

Get it? Since this bit is about lacing Yeezys into Exes…? Anyway, it was worth it because if you have it in you to fix this up, it can mean you’re actually over someone. Single and ready to Yeez-ingle. This is for you if you’re into slick quiet exteriors. If looking at laces and even thinking about them feels like noise pollution. Because you just can’t handle the stress of stick-outs. Exotic, explosive, and just plain extra. That’s how triple exes can’t go wrong.


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