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The Latest Adidas Collaborations: How Far Will the Three Stripes Go?

By September 28, 2019July 14th, 2022Adidas, Sneakers

Adidas is probably a mastermind when it comes to brands collaborating. They built an empire of different cultures, creative backgrounds, and out-of-this-world talent. Adidas collaborations go way back probably dating to year ‘86 with RUN DMC after they released their hit hip-hop song My Adidas and Walk This Way. And so the hip hop sneaker culture was born and Adidas crossed over to the music industry. This paved the path onto more Adidas collaborations and more hype and desirability for the three stripes brand. And the sneaker industry was steadily expanding.

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Adidas collaborations of the century

The Adidas Yeezy Line!

Adidas went through amazing collaborations where icons met icons and legendary sneakers were born. The “Black Flag” JS Wings 2.0 was the creation of  A$AP Rocky and designer Jeremy Scott collaborating with Adidas back in 2013.
But then, the greatest Adidas collab that shook the sneaker industry happened when Kanye West decided to leave Nike for the other sneaker giant. Adidas and ‘Ye began the collaboration of a lifetime in 2014. Adidas Collaborations Kanye West

And so, Yeezy was born.

This may be Adidas’ greatest collabs so far. Yeezys are some of the most copped sneakers in the industry with crazy resale value. Reports state that West earns 5 percent royalties on Yeezy net sales. With YEEZY sales probably reaching about $1.3 billion this year, Kanye could be walking away with an easy $65 million paycheck.
So Kanye created a billion-dollar industry for Adidas and created a huge sneaker reselling platform. So if you’re looking into making yourself a few grand a year, consider reselling some Yeezys for a quick fix of cash.

The West-Jenner Family Feud!

So, where do Kanye’s in-laws stand when it comes to the checks vs. stripes situation? Both Jenner sisters were Adidas ambassadors, joining the three stripes fam. But, as of recently, we’ve been getting some odd Nike vibes from the self-made billionaire, Kylie Jenner. It seems like she may no longer be signed with Adidas as of the new year! Kylie Jenner posted a series of IG posts in rare (and very expensive) Nike sneakers which caused much speculation! Could this mean that the youngest of the clan might soon sign with the Swoosh? This certainly would make family dinners very awkward.

Now Is her Time

Shortly after that, another Adidas collaboration was in the works too. Adidas chose to collaborate with another giant of the music industry, Pharrell Williams.
So yeah, 2014 was really a momentous year for Adidas. Both collaborations are still going strong to this day! With ‘Ye dropping Yeezy after Yeezy! And Pharrell recently coming up with the “Now Is Her Time” collection.

From Threat to ThreadPharell Williams Now is Her Time

Soon enough Adidas collaborations expanded further to include not JUST artists, but legendary designers too.
One of the most iconic, most moving Adidas collaboration was the Adidas x Parley collab. It was named “From Threat to Thread”. The sneakers they made were the very FIRST sneakers ever to be made out of reused ocean plastic waste from cleanup operations done by Parley.
This marked a breakthrough for the three stripes. Parley, in collaboration with Adidas, used eleven million plastic bottles from the oceans to make one million pairs of sneakers in 2017. Then in 2018, they made another 5 million pairs! And now, Adidas vows to produce a hefty amount of 11 million pairs of sneakers!! They’re also creating a new partnership with the Juventus soccer team!

This really set Adidas apart from all other brands, especially in its support of Fashion for Good in their mission to create sustainable clean apparel.

Epic Adidas collaborations [2019]

Adidas was on a roll! Soon enough, they were collaborating with Daniel Arsham creating the Adidas originals by Daniel Arsham line. Together they created the first 4D printed Futurecraft sneakers. After that, it was the Adidas collab with Raf Simons – a man so powerful that he made dad shoes trendy!

Then, the epic collaboration with Yohji Yamamoto brought the most insanely badass savage-looking collection ever; the Y-3.

But why stop there? Why stop at designers and artists? WHY not collaborate with a tea company?
Yes, a tea company. Iced tea. But not any iced tea company, but the infamous  Arizona Iced Tea company. This Adidas collab was literally insane. Not only were the shoes the exact replica of iced tea cans, but they were even sold at 0.99$. People went CRAZY for these 99 cent sneakers! So much so that the NYPD had to shut down the release!

Pretty dope for sneakers that cost 99 cents!

Beyonce IVY Park

Adidas x Women Sneakers

But there’s one Adidas collaboration this year that probably takes the cake! The Adidas x Beyonce collab! Queen Bey announced the birth of a partnership of a lifetime!
Early in April this year, Beyonce revealed that her IVY PARK line and Adidas will be joining forces to create the sickest looking apparel to date!
This is probably Adidas reaching the female audience and
expanding the sneaker community. And we ain’t mad! Way to empower women!

The line is supposed to drop before the end of this year, so we can’t wait to see what’s coming. Both Adidas and Beyonce have been keepin’ it on the down-low. All we know is that Bey really likes Adidas!

What’s next?

So collabs are really a big deal. Everyone wants in. Everyone wants to make huge collaborations with huge icons! Nike and Supreme collaborated this year on the Supreme Nike SB Dunk Low and then again with Sacai.
But Adidas… caters for all!
And if you’re into gaming, Adidas got you.Ninja x Adidas Collaborations Coming up now is the Adidas collab with pro-gamer, streamer, and YouTuber Tyler Blevins aka Ninja! He is the first-ever pro-gamer to sign with Adidas. We don’t know much about this Adidas x Ninja collab yet, but this definitely takes Adidas collaborations to a whole new level.

But Ninja’s not the only one signing a deal with the three stripes. 

WWE retired professional wrestler Ric Flair announced his newest partnership with the three stripes. He said, and we quote, “we’re fixing to make Nike the second brand” and “it’s not going to be Air Jordan anymore, it’s going to be Air Flair!”.
So yeah, Ric Flair wants to take down Nike. What’s the worst that could happen?

Let’s not forget that this is a man who has been hit by lightning… twice! So he’s either a really lucky man or just bad omen.Ric Flair WWE
This isn’t the first time a sports brand like Adidas collaborated with the
fashionable WWE Superstar. The WWE x PUMA x Foot Locker collaboration a few years ago also brought out a huge Ric Flair vs. Clyde Frazier debate on Twitter – the Who styled and profiled better’ debate.
Yeah, what a time.

So yeah, how bad could it be?