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LEGO x Adidas ZX 8000 Pack – LEGO Blocks, But Definitely Not BRICKS!

By April 20, 2021Adidas, Sneaker News

LEGO x Adidas ZX 8000 Color Pack - AIO BotBrick by brick, block by block! That’s usually how LEGOs go! But, bricks ain’t got nothing to do with the new LEGO x Adidas ZX 8000 Color Pack – part of the A-ZX series! We got 26 letters from A to Z which means 26 ZX drops with different sneaker collaborations and sneaker designers with the Three Stripes. The letter L of the A-ZX series featured the Danish brand of our childhood, Lego, with the release of the Adidas ZX 8000 Lego Shoes. Now, although we love a good sneaker inspired by movies or some buried-away childhood memories. But, we do have our concerns. Adidas has tried its hand at these types of collabs before like the shit with the Adidas DBZ or the extremely disappointing Game of Thrones series –  more disappointing than the season finale!

So, it really doesn’t matter how much you love the show, how much you love the movies, or just how much you enjoy building LEGOs! If they F it up, they’re gonna be called out for it. Which they kinda did in the OG LEGO shoes which kinda resembles a botched plastic surgery. But, the new Color Pack looks much more promising! Is it related to the fact that the 6 sneakers featured in this pack all look like previous ZXs with wild resale! Which drops? Read to find out more!

Doppelgänger Avenue with Adidas ZX 8000 LEGO Pack!

So, not to get too checks over stripes on you; but, we always real when it comes to sneakers. You know how we roll, ain’t going to give you any BS! Adidas seems to be hellbent on holding on to this dad trend when other brands like Nike seem to be moving forward and upping their game. If a global pandemic taught us anything in the sneaker industry, is that you gotta keep moving forward – cue the extreme wild Dunks hype! Even with 2021 still, at its start, we can tell from the first quarter releases that bringing your sneaker A-game is the only way you’ll stay afloat. Is this new Adidas ZX 8000 Color Pack the way to go? We’ll let you decide!

The Color Pack Release

Color Pack Release - AIO BotHere’s how it’s going down! 43einhalb announced the upcoming release of the Adidas ZX 8000 Color Pack of 6 different colors corresponding to the basic LEGO colors – the colors of our childhood: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Grey, and Black. The sneakers feature plastic eyelets and lace dubrae that look like LEGO pieces with studded heels – like the part we constantly stepped on as a kid. Those hurt like a mother…  The uppers consist of a mix of mesh and synthetic suede with rubber outsoles. The whole thing looks like a LEGO, tbh! Even the box looks like a huge single toy piece – sounds like a Toy Story nightmare. The tongue on this LEGO x Adidas ZX 8000 showcases the red LEGO logo on all six pairs.

What about resale? Well, so far so good we guess! The pairs are already making some buzz on the aftermarket. Our theory is that they are the perfect dupes for past Adidas ZX 8000 releases – like the Alpha Fall of the Wall reselling for around $314 or the red cameoing as the Undefeated Orange. Even the Blue could pass as a slightly darker Aqua that resells for almost $750! So, there could be hope for this monochromatic LEGO series!

The Color Pack is set to drop on April 23rd on 43einhalb in full-family size while a more widespread US release is set for May 7th @10:00 EDT – for a retail price of $130. Your kiddo will definitely appreciate a LEGO-themed Adidas!

Where to Buy – US

All that’s left for you to know is where to buy this Adidas ZX 8000 Color Pack of dad shoes! Make sure got your time right, your copping tools ready, and your reselling guide on the go! Speaking of dad shoes, we’re about to get an OG Adidas Yeezy dad shoe reunion: the Yeezy Wave Runner restock – possibly on Yeezy Day! In short, maybe the year 2021 is the year for dad shoes after all!

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