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[Video] 5 Tips to Survive Sneakerhead Lockdown: How to Keep Busy!

By March 27, 2020September 1st, 2022Bot, Sneakers

Lockdown due to the coronavirus is starting to get the best of us. As we find ourselves staring into an abyss of endless boredom. If you’re a sneakerhead in desperate need of a plan, the following tips are the most useful we’ve come across. They’re assets every sneakerhead should have. And now that you have so much time on your hands, it’s time you rediscover the sneaker industry and your sneakerhead self. You might end up learning a lot more than you know. And might even decide to take a more serious step toward your love for sneakers!

Clean Your Sneakerhead Karma!


  1. Recycle old/unused shoe boxes.
    If you’re a shoebox hoarder, it’ll do you and your community good to recycle that cardboard box stack! And what will you get for helping out the environment? Extra living space. But if you’re positive about keeping some for their value, better learn how to safely store sneaker boxes!
  2. Donate old sneakers for free!
    If you’ve got a pile of old sneakers you know you’ll never use, there are sneaker charities that would love to take them off your hands! Think of the people out there that can’t afford shoes. And the children developing food-borne illnesses in poor countries. Here’s a list of top sneaker charities that help out these people in need!
  3. Clean & store your sneakers right!
    Whether it’s a or a Jordan, cleaning your sneakers helps preserve them and keep them in tip-top shape! And so does storing them right! With this honest guide to sneaker storage, you’ll tend to all your sneakerhead needs AND pass time!

Go Instafamous With Your Sneaker Band!


  1. Spice up your sneaker display!
    You can store your sneakers the safe way. As if lockdown isn’t safe enough. Or you can pull out the atomic wild card and build the sneaker display/showroom of your dreams! If you can afford it. All you need is to fetch your toolbox and run a few orders from The Container Store or Crep Protect. It’ll be the indoor construction site you’ve always wanted as a kid!
  2. Take Insta-worthy sneaker shots.
    After fixing your sneaker storage/display situation, you can’t just click it into your phone and expect the world to fall in love. You got to be professional about it. The entire world is in lockdown, meaning everyone in it will see your junk in less than a minute! Be exposed to how top brands advertise their deals. Pay attention to angle, background, and lighting. AND what camera you use. Stay sharp. Even hire a freelance graphic designer if you want to hype up your sneaker gallery. If you’re serious about your online sneaker identity or if you’re planning to join the reselling business!

Rediscover Your Sneakerhead Self.


  1. Expand your sneaker knowledge.
    Whether you’re a Nike SB Dunk fan, a Yeezy fan, or a Jordan fan, you’re without a doubt a sneaker fan. Which makes it essential for you to learn about sneaker history in general. And no, you will not have a sneaker identity crisis! The industry is gi-normous! And knowing more about it will improve your way around the game. Look into Nike vs. Adidas! The wonder that is Supreme! Sneakers inspired by the entertainment industry. The sky’s the limit. And lockdown is indefinite!
  2. Sort a calendar for upcoming releases.
    By upcoming releases we mean EVERY sneaker about to drop. Sneaker releases were postponed and shifted to online stores due to the coronavirus outbreak. And they will continue to release online till who knows when. Keep track of all sneaker brands’ releases (and pin the ones you’re hot for!). Keep up with brand activity and pricing. Try to detect any patterns in style. It’ll be like getting to know the inner-workings of the sneaker industry!
  3. Become a sneaker expert.
    So, when you do your history homework and stay updated for future releases, you’re covering both ends of the timetable, Maester! If you’re into spreading your wisdom during lockdown, you can even start a Q&A service through online applications like Reddit or your social media accounts! You’ll get to be the sneaker expert in any conversation WHILE keeping it social! Even start blogging as a sneaker influencer!

Survive the Online Sneaker Frenzy!


Start/join sneaker communities/cookgroups.

Join cookgroups that speak your sneaker slang and make online sneaker buddies to keep the dets flowing. Sneakerheads unite even when camping storefront is off-limits! Like study groups that share leakers and copping tips!

Find the best sneaker bots.

You’re already in lockdown. Now get ready to enter the bottlefield if you want to succeed as a sneaker collector/reseller! The sneaker industry is worth billions. And some of these millions can be yours with the right bot by your side! Check out the 6 best sneaker bots to jam up your sneaker game in 2020. Also make sure to check out new sneaker bots that joined the sneaker game. And if you’ve got a kink for Shopify, here are the top 9 Shopify bots for ya. From bot appearance to performance levels and prices, the smallest feature can deliver big success!

Pick the right sneaker bot for you!

Ok so, there’s no right or wrong here. Even the best sneaker bots can’t promise you constant success with every release. This is why there is no such thing as the best sneaker bot. Besides basing your decision on features, prices, and performance, you need to check out the bots’ Twitter/Instagram/Facebook activities AND success proof! Because if you want to get into a new pair of limited sneakers, it’s advisable that you step into other users’ shoes first! Again, one small feature can make a difference. So make sure you do your homework before committing!


Now, the best way to practice botting is by actually running a sneaker bot. So why don’t you get AIO Bot today and catch the next wave of sneaker releases? And soon enough you’ll become a super copper. And parcels will start peeling up at your front door. For more technical advice and some “how-to” subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

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Make Money From Home!


Learn your sneakers’ worth.

All you need to do is whip out your entire sneaker collection and search for the current resale value of each sneaker. You’re in current lockdown, you’ve got time to go through the lot. So try doing that on resale websites you trust like StockX and Fight Club. In fact, make a list of resale websites you trust and make note of your sneakers’ value on each. The AVERAGE resale value. Since with bids constantly rolling, it’s not a specific science. So, this is how you gain perspective on what your stock is actually worth. And with the coronavirus impact on the sneaker industry and the global recession, the balance between sneaker retail and resale values is likely to be shaky this year.

So, if some of your stock appears to be decreasing in value, you might want to consider reselling before it reaches less than what it cost at retail. You also got to know your deadstock from your regular stock. And resale perspectives help you do that.

Know WHERE to resell your sneakers.

If you learn your sneakers’ worth by being exposed to various resale markets, this is really a package deal. With sneakers, there are two major types of resale markets: markets that sell fakes and markets that sell the real-deal. Keep it clean with honest trade, friend. Here are the out there. But remember, you don’t have to pick a favorite.

Hunt for great deals at resale.

Online stores and outlets can be your pot of gold. Keep an eye out for new listings below retail. And enter online raffles for an extra win or 2! You’re bound to get lucky!

Start a sneaker reselling business!

So, this is the final step. For ONE reason. It being, you got to cover all of the above first! You got to know what kicks to sell and what platform to sell them on. You got to make sure you sell them at the right time. And for that, you got to know your market. Aim to be an OG in a  world of multiplying Hypebeasts! So, know your sneaker history.

Be exposed to every sneaker brand having its way in the industry. And not just your favorite! Know your deadstock from your fast nickel. And predict trends before they drop by detecting style patterns! If you’re not ready to start now, take your sweet time. You’ve got a lot of it on your hands now! You can choose to make the best of this lockdown. If you invest in the points above, you will not regret it. All good things to those who educate…themselves!