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Red Wings Shoes: Super Mario’s Sneaker Dream Come True

By March 16, 2023Sneaker News

Mario Red Wings Shoes - AIO BotSo, it seems like the trend of the weird MSCHF shoes lives on with yet another strange-looking sneaker. However, this one happens to be a childhood dream of every 90s kid out there! But, they’re not exactly a 90s sneaker type of situation. These Red Wings shoes are a cartoonish remake of the world’s most famous plumber Mario Mario. Yes, that’s his full name!

If there’s one thing we were missing in the world is a good, solid pair of work boots. First, it was Astro Boy’s big red boots, and now it’s Mario’s signature plumber boots! These kicks come in celebration of one of Mario’s biggest debuts on the big screen – The Super Mario Bros. Movie! Nintendo decided to honor our favorite plumber by creating IRL Mario shoes which launched on March 10th!

Mar. 10th… MAR 10… MAR10… MARIO!! Get it?

The theatrical rollout of the Super Mario Bros. movie comes on April 5th. Therefore, we’ve also decided to honor this monumental moment in history by talking about these “sneakers”. The Red Wings shoes will definitely be one of those unforgettable sneaker moments in history. If you want to truly live out your childhood dreams, this is a sneaker collector’s item! One that you do not want to miss out on!


So, the Super Mario franchise is objectively one of the most popular video games of all time. No cap. The Chris Pratt-led movie includes a lot more A-list celebrities on the set, like: Anya Taylor-Joy as Princess Peach, Jack Black as Bowser, Charlie Day as Luigi, Seth Rogen as Donkey Kong, Keegan-Michael Key as Toad, Fred Armisen as Cranky Kong, and more. Did someone say LEGENDARY?

Well, the Red Wings shoes are just the cherry on top!

Nintendo and Red Wings have joined forces to create a lifesize recreation of Mario’s plumber boots. However, what’s also interesting about this is that Red Wings shoes also have none other than Ye in a CHOKEHOLD. A year ago, Kanye West was spotted out and about with his then-girlfriend, Julia Fox – remember that? At the time, Ye had donned $3,000 Red Wings boots. Ye he also wore them during the Larry Hoover Benefit Concert he played alongside Drake.

Kanye West x Red Wings collaboration?

Well, Kanye now has a new wife and we’ve got new Mario shoes! And, they’re actually pretty high-quality. Mario’s Red Wings shoes feature premium leather construction with mushroom-infused heel pads. Way to commit! They also feature a colorful Nintendo + ILLUMINATION branding on the insides of the collars. They’ve actually put so much care into making them that there is a three-minute, 10-second video of the process!


Where Can YOU Get Mario’s Red Wings Shoes?

Well, sadly, you can’t actually buy Mario’s Red Wings shoes FOR NOW. But, we do assume that with cartoonish sneakers trending, we might soon have some wild releases coming up. The boots are on display at Nintendo New York at Rockefeller Center via a Super Mario Bros Plumber Van. You can check them out all throughout April 2023.

But, if you’re saddened by the news, there’s nothing that could make you feel better like some retail therapy. We got the new Travis Scott Air Jordan 1s coming up on April 26th! Get the full details of the release here! They might not be Mario’s kicks, but we’re pretty sure even Mario would like to cop them too!