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Marketing 101: How to Become a Billionaire like Kanye West!

By February 29, 2020November 19th, 2022Food for thought, Yeezy

Marketing 101: How to Become a Billionaire Like Kanye West - AIO BotSo, we all know that Kanye West is a self-proclaimed genius. To be exact, he’s a self-proclaimed Christian genius billionaire. It even got to the point where he wanted to legally change his name to “Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West” for a whole year.  Why? Because ‘Ye wants people to understand exactly how it is. Sounds crazy, right? But, how crazy could he really be if he’s making all this money? Last we checked, Yeezus makes about 150 MILLION dollars a year! Now if that’s what you call crazy, heck we’d like to be out-of-our-minds insane if it means having that much cash! We ain’t playing, nor is Kanye. And it all comes down to one thing: His mad marketing skills. So, welcome to Marketing 101 where you learn exactly how to become a billionaire like Kanye West!

Chapter 1

Be Bold, Be Brave, And, Most Importantly, Be Honest until You’re Called Rude!

AIO Bot TwitterOkay, we know what you’re thinking. This is a WTF moment for sure. We get it. It sounds strange but trust us. Or actually, trust Kanye. Kanye is one of the most controversial artists in the world. He is a man who never thinks twice before speaking his mind. Now, most marketing experts probably advise people against that. But, the man’s making millions! People live for his random outbursts on Twitter. Let’s be real, we do too. We love the man’s music, and we love his Yeezy sneakers. But, we also love his Twitter tirades. When it comes to Kanye, there is no such thing as bad publicity. People love the “grab the popcorn” moments! So, maybe the lesson we should learn here is to say whatever you gotta say! At least, that’s what Yeezus does!

Chapter 2

Marketing 101: Get Celebrities to Dress Up in Your Yeezys!

Marketing 101 Paparazzi - AIO BotWhat do we generally love more than celebrity drama? The answer is Celebrity fashion. Let’s be honest. We’re all about what our favorite celebrity likes to wear. What’s their sneaker game? Which side are they on? Are they Checks or are they Stripes? We just gotta know. There ain’t no shame in that. When a hotshot celeb cops a fly kick, we know for sure it’s an easy ticket to moneymaking madness! It’s no secret that getting your sneaker on some famous feet kicks up the heat on the copping game! This is why we’ve seen new Yeezys on celebs like Justin Bieber, DJ Khaled, and most of the Kardashian-Jenner clan! It’s a clever marketing scheme that doesn’t require any effort other than snapping an IG picture. Or coincidently being caught down the street in a Yeezy 350. All you need is some famous friends and you’re all set!

Marketing 101: Chapter 3

Get Celebrities to Dress Up as Your WIFE in Your Yeezys!

Become a Billionaire - AIO BotWhy are you looking at us like that? You shouldn’t question the Yeezy process. The real question is: How brilliant is this Marketing 101 hack? We know you’ve all seen Kim Kardashian West rock all kinds of Yeezys. Even the little baby Wests got their own kid-sized Yeezys! We already went over that in the last chapter. But, ‘Ye took it a step further. He got celebs dressing up as KKW DRESSED IN YEEZYS! Are you following? Throwback to when he got Paris Hilton, Abigail Ratchford, Amina Blue and a bunch of other celebs to turn into Kim doppelgängers to promote his Yeezy season 6 campaign. Did it work? Hell yes, it did! The moral of our lesson here, our dear sneakerhead students, is that you gotta get a famous spouse and have famous friends dress up as said spouse. And thus, you got yourself a winning campaign!

Chapter 4

Marketing 101: Get Models to Dress in Yeezy Sneakers… And Only Sneakers.

Naked AIO BotThis brings us back to Chapter 1 a bit. Being slightly (or extremely) inappropriate? This may be a bit NSFW. But, not if you work for Kanye West it isn’t. Basically, ‘Ye decided to promote his Yeezy 500 in an unconventional way, to say the least. He got a bunch of models, hooked them up with a full new Yeezy sneaker and… nothing else. Literally. We really don’t know what else to say about this Yeezy Marketing 101 pro-tip? It definitely stirred up a riot of controversy. And that’s what Kanye West is all about. Still sold a lot of sneakers though. You’d think Kanye would run out of ideas, but he keeps surprising us with every upcoming sneaker release. No matter how strange and inappropriate his campaigns become, Yeezys will always go out-of-stock every time they drop. Thank the sneaker gods we got AIO bot on our side though.

Speaking of wearing sneakers. Did you know that Kanye was a fan of Nike? Check out these mind-blowing pics here!

Chapter 5

Make Your Sneakers Super Limited… Then Give Some Out for FREE! In Armored Military Trucks!

Marketing 101 - AIO Bot QuantumWe’re almost done. The final lesson in the Yeezy Marketing 101 class. So, listen up peeps. This is a very important lesson when thinking of Marketing strategies for selling your Yeezys. Especially if they happen to be super limited Yeezys. Actually, that’s even better. You gotta make sure they’re super limited. Like 5,000 pairs only maybe or regional Yeezys. THEN, you got out and rented giant military armored trucks. Okay, wait just listen. THEN, drive these armored trucks through the roads of Chicago while giving away free Yeezy Quantums. We’re not done yet. You gotta give away the Yeezy in exchange for a Nike Fear of God sneaker. And there you got it. The perfect way to sell a Yeezy. Confused? So are we! You can never guess what’s going on with Yeezys! All we know is that they sell. 

Marketing 101 Over! Class Dismissed Sneakerheads!

The thing is, we don’t know a lot about Kanye West. But, with all the things that went down in the sneaker industry last year, we know for sure that ‘Ye is a marketing genius. Whether it’s a Yeezy in disguise or a Yeezy from the wetlands; we’re copping. No brainer. They just fit perfectly with our love of sneakers. So, basically, whatever Kanye decides to do (or however he markets them) we are still going to cop. It’s just how it is. They’re the best sneakers in the business. But you gotta admit. Them marketing schemes he got going on in that head of his are pretty sick. Which is why we always get out our fastest savage of a sneaker bot every time ‘Ye drops some heat! Therefore, if you’re ever looking to become a billionaire genius yourself; just follow these steps and you’re all set!