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Is MEK AIO Still Worth a Shot in 2023?

By September 5, 2023September 16th, 2023Bot, Reviews

AIO Bot - MEK AIO ReviewNothing beats the need to catch a long-awaited sneaker drop, like the Lebron 21 Violet. Dust! At this point, I think we are all over the idea of trying to cop sneakers manually without a bot! I mean, how do you stand a chance against a superfast machine? If you’re concerned about the ethics of it all, we got you so check this bot ethics guide. Spoiler, sneaker bots are not criminals. What’s criminal is missing out on copping your favorite kicks! Now, even though AIO is your favorite bot ever, let’s take an honest review of the MEK AIO bot!

MEK AIO Review

MEK AIO was launched in 2019 by MEK Robotics, which offers another supreme-specific bot MEKpreme. Fun fact, the abbreviation MEK stands for “Make Everyone Cook” – Kudos on choosing K instead of C!

A- Background

MEK AIO has been in the business for a couple of years now, making it a relatively trusted sneaker bot. Actually, despite its current impressive success, MEK was not so great. It had serious problems in performance and failed most of the important drops. Developers then revolutionized their bot by creating a clever and sneaky anti-bot evasion system that could sweep Shopify’s toughest defenses. Generally speaking, the bot is one of the good ones and is frequently in demand.

B- Features & Functionality:

MEK AIO is considered one of the versatile bots and is suitable for beginners in the sneaker industry

Supported sites: Adidas, Shopify, SNKRS, Nike Flow, Footsites, FinishLine, JD Sports, and DSG. 

OS Platforms: Windows, macOS, and mobile

Key Features:

  • Great performance and versatility. 
  • Has a powerful anti-bot bypassing feature
  • Has Captcha solver
  • Undergoes regular updates to stay ahead of the game.
  • User-friendly interface, suitable for beginner and experienced users alike.
  • Good customer service and customer reviews.

C- Pricing & Plans

MEK AIO offers a starting price of $300 with a monthly renewal fee of $45. However, due to its popularity, most of the time, even at the time of writing, it’s sold out. This leaves you the only option of buying it from a reseller’s site, such as BotBroker, and that could go up to $1,500. 

This is probably why the developers introduced 5 new plans to cater to different users’ needs, with “kinda” more affordable prices. Kinda because you still have to pay $300 upfront no matter what. Users can subscribe to multiple plans if there is no active All-In-One plan. For example: Basic + Automation plan. Note that the Automation plan can not be subscribed to if there is no active Basic plan and/or SNKRS/Nike plan. 

  • All-In-One Plan:

Cost: $45 renewal per month 

Package includes: All modules (SNKRS, Nike Flow, Shopify, Footsites, FNL/JD, and DSG), Automation (Nike Flow, and Shopify, In bot Monitor)

  • Basic Plan:

Cost: $25 renewal per month 

Package includes: Selected modules (Shopify, Footsites, FNL/JD, and DSG)

  • SNKRS/Nike Plan:

Cost: $15 renewal per month for the Nike plan on MEK AIO 

Package includes: Selected modules (SNKRS and Nike Flow)

  • Automation Plan:

Cost: $10 renewal per month 

Package includes: Automation (Nike Flow, and Shopify), in-bot bonitor

  • Confirmed Plan: 

Cost: cost of confirmed plan on MEK AIO is $0 per month (now available on All-in-one Plan and Basic Plan) 

Package includes: Adidas Confirmed US, Account Gen

So, Is It Worth A Shot?

MEK AIO ReviewWhat’s the verdict on MEK AIO? It’s a good bot that keeps working on updates and becoming better. Here’s a recap of everything you need to know to decide:


  • High potential for success in acquiring limited-edition sneakers.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Has community support and continuous updates.
  • Outstanding anti-bot solutions, especially for Shopify


  • Limited availability which requires users to join waitlists, or pay aftermarket price.
  • Success rates could vary widely.
  • There are costs associated with the initial purchase and potential additional expenses for updates.

The choice shall forever be yours to make, but here’s an all-encompassing sneaker bot guide to help you navigate all the AIO bots out there!

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