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Moldy Yeezys Ruining the Yeezy Return for Sneakerheads! [2023]

By June 15, 2023June 20th, 2023Adidas, Food for thought

Moldy Yeezys AIOSo, Yeezys came BACK! Everyone and their mother wanted to get their hands on a pair. You see, the sneaker industry was in shambles when Ye and Adidas broke up. However, it took only a few months before the brand with the three stripes caved. Sneakerheads and the industry, in general, felt the excitement! Adidas sold some of the remaining stock on May 31! However, some sneakerheads got a disappointing surprise though after getting they got their pair. I mean, none of us really wants moldy Yeezys on our doorstep… do we? But some people were unfortunate enough to get that, so let’s see what went down!

Moldy Yeezys Are Not What We Had in Mind…

May 31st, 2023 rolled around. Everyone was getting ready to cop a pair of Yeezys. Because, you know, who knows when they’d get another shot at copping Yeezys for retail? Exactly. The future of that shit ain’t clear yet! Regardless, some reinstalled the Confirmed App. Others got their bots that support the app, while some also signed up. All of these people had the same goal: Cop Yeezys!

Moldy Yeezys 350 AIOFast forward to the drop, and everything went smoothly. People copped, and some weren’t as lucky. Anyway, the lucky shoppers waited for their kicks… and they came! But honestly, moldy Yeezys weren’t what they had in mind when they opened the box. Sadly, that was what they found. So naturally, they went to vent at the only place worth venting on: Twitter. Of course, not all Yeezys were moldy, it was just the unfortunate souls that got them.

How Did Adidas Pull a Nike on Sneakerheads?

You see, mold is a kind of specialty for Nike with many releases (including hype ones) rocking it. Many people complained about many Nike kicks that had mold on them. Sometimes you can clean that shit off. Other times, you gotta kiss that multiple-hundreds-of-dollars-worth of kicks goodbye. Anyway, how did mold grow on these Yeezys?

Moldy Yeezys 700 AIOWell, just like any mold, it grows in places with a lot of moisture. And well, you can blame that on bad sneaker storage. When you store kicks, they should be in a climate-controlled environment. But as a lot of people point out, that’s not a really important bit for huge companies apparently. And it kinda makes sense that some of the Yeezys ended up with mold on them. After all, Adidas already produces most of those years ago. And at the very least, they all existed since 2022 (if we’re being generous af).

So, you can see where this is going. Long time in storage, bad storage conditions, the kicks end up with mold on them. Let’s just hope that the next time we get any new Yeezys, they won’t be moldy.