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Money Making Hobbies: The 3 Fastest Sneaker Hobbies to CASH IN!

By May 28, 2021September 25th, 2021Food for thought

Money Making Hobbies - Sneaker Industry - AIO BotMost of the time when people pick up a hobby; it’s either because they’re bored or they got a natural knack for it! BUT, when a sneakerhead starts a new hobby, it’s all about MAKING MONEY! In all honesty, it’s more about the fastest and easiest ways to make money all from the comfort of your home. It’s not that we’re lazy or something! But, in a world gone virtual, it’s all about being efficient! In short, we’re always looking for the best money making hobbies in the sneaker industry. 

AND, lucky for you, we happen to have found 3 of the best money making hobbies in the history of the sneaker industry. You’ll be rolling around in cash in no time! These hobbies are guaranteed to make you easy, fast money straight from your very own bedroom. You don’t even have to get out of bed if you want. Okay, maybe that’ll be a little weird. 

On the other hand, this does happen to be one of the wildest communities in the world! So, it doesn’t really matter what you do, ain’t no one gonna judge you here. BUT, there is one thing you should know before getting into these hobbies: you gotta know how to buy sneakers online. If you’re not already familiar with the concept, here’s a guide that has all you need!

The 3 Money Making Hobbies Right From Your Closet!

The best side-hustles or money making hobbies in the world begin with the simplest of ideas! It could be as easy as collecting a bunch of baseball cards that you already had a few of. Or, you can start taking up a pottery class because you broke your last mug! OR, even better, you can start making some money off of your favorite obsession: SNEAKERS!

There are money making hobbies that include sneakers, but you probably missed them! Here are the three TOP ways to make lots and lots of money from your very own sneaker hobby.

Sneaker Reselling!

How to Resell Sneakers - AIO Bot - GUIDEOf all the money making hobbies related to sneakers, this is probably the most obvious one. Sneaker reselling is one of the most popular hobbies of the industry because it makes TONS of money. Just like people resell stuff on Amazon. But, this hobby also requires that you invest in a few things to get you started. 

You see, if you’re new to this community, you have to know that becoming a sneaker reseller isn’t just about buying a sneaker and selling it on eBay! You can do that, but it won’t be much of a hobby nor a business. The rule is, if it ain’t hard to buy, it ain’t worth the flip.

People pay good money for limited-run hyped sneakers – those are the sneakers you wanna aim for! We won’t go deep into how you can get your hands on them, though. You can learn all about the proper way to cop sneakers in this guide – it’s got all the details to walk you through. You’ll be a pro in no time!

Once you’ve got the sneaker copping part down, you can start the best of all money making hobbies instantly. You’ll be copping sneakers in bulk, going for the greatest sneaker flips ever, and making SO MUCH MONEY! But beware, this is a highly addictive hobby!

Modelling & Collecting Sneakers

Money Making Hobbies - Sneaker Modelling and Collecting - AIO BotAnother one of the money making hobbies is a hobby that has most recently gained a lot of popularity – ever since the pandemic hit. A lot of people started making insane amounts of cash just by flexing the sneakers they have. Any sneaker worth the flex can make you a lot of money on social media. You can cop the greatest limited-run hyped sneakers on the market, model them on the IG, and watch the cash roll in!

Also, if your money making hobby is starting out a sneaker collection, then you can start flexing that too! We hate to admit this, but we are a very envious species of humans. Sneakerheads want the greatest sneakers of all time. And if you got them, we’re gonna be stalking your account around the clock! It also sets the perfect foundation for your sneaker reselling business. You flex, you flip, and, above all, you win.

We’re all guilty of creeping up on the IGs of sneakerheads with a collection that’s got us green with envy. We know this might sound a bit evil, but this is one of those money making hobbies that brings up the heat on the sneaker game. Your comment section will look like the Kardashian’s group chat!

You’ll make Satan very proud.

Sneaker Reviewing

Q1 Kicks 2021 - AIO BotThe last one of the money making hobbies is sneaker reviewing. Now, this is a pretty fun one, because you get to influence so many people! You can start out your own Youtube channel and start reviewing all types of sneakers. You can talk about sneaker material, the ones with the weirdest designs, how they perform, and their marked retail price. It can include how the sneaker fits, any backstory, or how it’s expected to do on the aftermarket.

Now, this might take a little time. BUT, if your channel blows up, not only will you strike gold with the best money making hobbies, but you’ll be able to influence sneakerheads everywhere. The review you dish out on a sneaker could make or break the resale value for the shoe. You just gotta be patient and give out quality content!

At some point in 2021, it seemed like everyone had a sneaker reviewing channel on YouTube. But, only those who talk facts made it through! If you’ve got an eye for quality sneakers, try your hand at being a YouTuber – it most definitely pays a lot of money.

If you’re camera-shy, you can always go for a sneaker reviewing blog with affiliate links and stuff like that. But, when it comes to sneakers, it’s best to SHOW people. Money making hobbies online have become much easier to do! So, make sure you try them out and watch how the money starts rolling in!