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Monkey Kingdom NFT: Hong Kong’s Latest Solana NFT Project

By October 27, 2022NFTs

Monkey Kingdom NFT Solana - AIO BotThe world of non-fungible tokens definitely knows no bounds and has no barriers. Hong Kong’s latest Solana NFT project just goes to show how non-fungible tokens are not limited! Not by geography, not language barriers… Nothing! That’s the beauty of decentralized blockchain technology. But, the blockchain is not the only thing that makes the Monkey Kingdom NFT project special!

So, the Monkey Kingdom NFT project was the FIRST ever Asian NFT project to sell through an auction at Sotheby’s. It also has a pretty cool backstory which we’re definite suckers for! But, we’re not going to give away the virtual farm just YET! If you wanna find out more, just keep reading for the full review!

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What Is The Monkey Kingdom NFT Project?

Monkey Kingdom GFX - AIO Bot

So, the Monkey Kingdom NFT collection launched on November 27th, 2021. It consisted of a Genesis collection of 2,222 male Wukongs (Gen 1) and 2,221 female Diamond Baepes (Gen 2). Each collection featured 32 x 32 pixel algorithmically-generated NFTs held on the Solana blockchain. Once the collection dropped, every single NFT was sold out within 2 minutes of release!
Also, there are the 10,000 Monkey Legends (Gen 3) featuring 3D metaverse avatars on the Ethereum blockchain. 

  • Monkey_Kingdom GFX 3 - AIO BotGen 1 Wukong: it is a rare collection featuring Guapi Mao, a type of Chinese hat and a common feature of Qing dynasty attire
    Buy on Magic Eden or OpenSea
  • Gen 2 Diamond Baepes: it is an extremely rare collection based on “Mulan”
    Buy on Magic Eden or OpenSea
  • Gen 3 Monkey Legends: the first cross-chain project to traverse from Solana to Ethereum
    Buy on OpenSea

Alice Wong, the lead developer and CEO of the Monkey Kingdom NFT collection, draws inspiration from Journey to the West. One of the most popular stories amongst millennials in Asia – which also contributed to its hype! Check their website for more info at!

The Story

Monkey_Kingdom GFX - AIO BotThe story of the collection is based on the 16th-century Chinese novel Journey to the West by Wu Cheng’en. Basically, the Monkey Kingdom NFT collection takes inspiration from the legend of Sun Wukong – the Chinese trickster god. Who is also known as the Monkey King! 

Here’s how the story goes: the Buddha imprisoned Sun Wukong under a mountain for 500 years. Then, Wukong escaped and wreaked havoc in Heaven to take revenge! And so, with his many supernatural powers, he transformed into the 2,222 unique versions of himself! Ready to fight and DESTROY!

The creators of the Monkey Kingdom NFT collection have stated, “The Buddha is an almighty God and also a crypto whale who invested in Solana when it was US$1.”

However, since the Buddha was omnipotent and omniscient, he knew that Wukong was coming! And so, Buddha tricked all the 2,222 Wukongs and trapped them on the Solana blockchain! And then, he named the prison The Monkey Kingdom!

The Mission

Monkey Kingdom GFX 2 - AIO BotSo, the Monkey Kingdom NFT collection’s mission is to represent the Asian community and bring more diversity and culture! The collection provides a platform for the Asian voice and experiences the Web3 ecosystem.

Also, they’ve had a lengthy NFT roadmap that goes all the way to Q4 of the year 2022. Their goal for this year is KINGDOM RISES – their collaboration with the Metaverse project, The Kingdom. It focuses on P2E mechanics and staking NFTs to earn $DIAMOND tokens. This made the Monkey Kingdom NFT collection the first-ever collection to traverse from Solana to Ethereum.

Monkey Kingdom NFT Utilities:

  • Staking the Gen 1 and Gen 2 Monkey Kingdom NFTs earns you $PEACH tokens
  • $PEACH tokens earn you a place on their NFT whitelists to coveted mints
  • Or, you can use them to redeem merch 
  • Or, bid and win NFTs at the Monkey Kingdom NFT auction house
  • Receive a 10-15% discount at any PONG Group Outlet
  • Receive access to certain exclusive events in real-life

The Progress

Monkey_Kingdom GFX 2 - AIO BotEver since the inception of the Monkey Kingdom NFT collection, it attracted tons of NFT celebrities! This includes DJ Steve Aoki, JJ Lin, Sunny Wang, Ian Chan, and more! It’s been topping charts on the Solana NFT markets and attracted tons of NFT partnerships! Also, they were the first Asian NFT collection on Sotheby’s and Phillips in March of 2022!

Also, the Monkey Kingdom Solana project definitely had it’s down with the phishing NFT scam incident. They were victims of an unexpected hacking incident through a security breach in Discord. The hackers stole $1.3 MILLION worth of cryptocurrencies from the community’s funds. But, the team handled it pretty well by implementing additional security measures and promising to reimburse their holders.

And so, this move just proved how much the Monkey Kingdom NFT team is dedicated and promising. In other words, definitely a community you would enjoy being a part of! And, their plans for 2022 make them even more appealing!