Most anticipated Air Jordans of 2016 at a glance

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Right now, the most popular shoes in the sneaker world to have are Nikes, specifically, Air Jordans, and Yeezy Boosts. With that being said, are you a fan of Air Jordans? These shoes have been around for a long time and, despite what some people may say, are still a popular accessory to own. Manufactured by the most popular sportswear company in the market, Air Jordans seem to be the number one choice as far as Nike products go. This has been especially true in 2016 thus far. Here’s a short list of the most anticipated Air Jordan sneakers released so far this year.

The List

1) Air Jordan XXX


Released on February 12th, this silhouette featured on this sneaker was unveiled back in mid-January, but its release date had yet to be announced. The shoe, however, hit stores a month later in mid-February. It followed the release of the XX9, which is considered to be one of the best performance sneakers released in the past year. Critics, entrepreneurs, and of course fans, are waiting in anticipation for the next XXX Air Jordan sneaker to be released.


2) Air Jordan 4 White/Cement and Retro Premium


Released on February 13th, this show was part of Nike’s Retro Remaster initiative. This is an annual release of their most historic retro sneakers. The Retro Premium was released on April 9th with the same anticipation as the Cement sneaker. Both shoes reintroduced the Nike Air logo featured on the heel of the shoes, which returns the classic sneaker back to some classic roots.

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3) Various Air Jordan 12 Releases

The Air Jordan 12 series was created to honor Michael Jordan when he won his 5th title with the Bulls in the 12 (hence the name). They’re also the style of shoes that made the Jordan Brand as an official Nike subsidiary. The most recent and highly anticipated sneakers in this series so far this year includes, “The Master,” which was released on February 25th. There’s also the April 2nd releases; the “French Blue” and the “Wings.” These shoes are also part of the retro series.

master 12french blue 12 wings 12

4) Air Jordan 10 “OVO” Black, Paris (April 9th) and NYC (April 30th)


The Legend of Michael Jordan continues with the Air Jordan 10 series. The first pair released this year was the Air Jordan 10 “OVO” Black, released on February 13th. Next, came the Air Jordan 10 Paris which was released on April 9th, and finally, there’s the Air Jordan 10 NYC, released on April 30th. This series is popular because it was the first line of sneakers released after Michael Jordan, supposedly, retired from basketball (he returned in 1995 to play with the Bulls). However, after it was released, it was considered to be a tribute to Jordan and featured various representations of his accomplishments on the sole of the shoe. The sneakers were also worn around the league by various basketball players.

5) Neymar x Air Jordan 5 Low


Finally, the Air Jordan 5 Low is the most recent shoe to be released. It’s set to hit stores on Friday, June 3rd. The shoe was designed by Nike, Jordan, and the famous football player (soccer in America), 24-year-old Neymar. Neymar is also the first football player to wear Jordans during a game. Nike has decided to tackle football now.

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