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What Are the Most Expensive NFTs? The 10 Highest-Priced Non-Fungibles

By March 24, 2022July 14th, 2022NFTs

The Top 10 Most Expensive NFTs - AIO BotNFTs are excessively booming – to say the least. And, in a society where it’s all about spending a shit TON of money on them! So, that does make you wonder: what are the most expensive NFTs in the game? How much are people spending on these non-fungibles? Keep reading to find out!

Also, if you came here out of pure curiosity or coincidence, you probably don’t know much about NFTs. However, after taking a look at these prices, you’re definitely going to want to! So, give this list a quick look then come back and click on the button below! Join the hub of NFT knowledge for FREE, just a click of a button away!

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Beeple's Crossroad - AIO BotFirst, we’re starting off with the least, most expensive NFTs on this list – BEEPLE’S CROSSROAD. This is saying a lot considering that this non-fungible resold on the NFT secondary market for 6.6 MILLION DOLLARS. It features a 10-second video of people walking past a large blond body with very weird insults written all over. 

This #1/1 from Beeple’s first drop was one of the most historical moments in NFT history. It sold on Nifty Gateway near the end of February 2021 to an anonymous buyer. Kinda sketchy?


CryptoPunk #7804 - Most Expensive NFTs - AIO BotNext, we’ve got CRYPTOPUNK #7804 on our list of most expensive NFTs. This non-fungible from LarvaLabs sold for exactly 4,200 ETH amounting to almost 7.6 MILLION DOLLARS at the time!

The transaction happened in early March of 2021. It is one of 9 Alien CryptoPunks with a forward cap, pipe, and small shades. 


CryptoPunk #3100 - AIO BotAlso, we’ve got yet another punk joining the most expensive NFTs – the CRYPTOPUNK #3100. This LarvaLabs NFT is almost tied with #7804 with purchases being almost around the same time! To be exact it was the VERY next day!

It also sold for 4,200 ETH which amounted to about 7.67 MILLION DOLLARS. The Alien punk sporting a headband is the 7th most rare Cryptopunk in existence.


CryptoPunk #4156 - Most Expensive NFTs - AIO BotSo, this marks the third of the most expensive NFTs for LarvaLab’s Cryptopunks – CRYPTOPUNK #4156. And, it is an ideal example of NFT resale!

It sold for exactly 2,500 ETH which amounted to roughly 10.26 MILLION DOLLARS in December 2021. However, about 10 months before this, the seller had bought it for 650 ETH (~1.25 Million dollars). Talk about cashback!


CryptoPunk #7523 - AIO BotBut, then we have the CRYPTOPUNK #7523 which is the third rarest NFT in the LarvaLab Cryptopunk collection. If you can’t already tell by its 11.75 MILLION DOLLAR price tag, then you trippin’!

This NFT sold through luxury auction house Sotheby’s: “Natively Digital: A Curated NFT Sale. The NFT itself featured an Alien Cryptopunk wearing a medical mask on its face!


CryptoPunk #5822 - Most Expensive NFTs - AIO BotNext, is our last Cryptopunk on the list of the most expensive NFTs – marking the 5th punk! This was a record-breaking purchase for the LarvaLab collection at 23.7 MILLION DOLLARS.

The super-expensive Alien Cryptopunk sold at the beginning of 2022 in February for exactly 8,000 ETH! That’s like twice #7523!


Beeple’s HUMAN ONE - AIO BotHere is where Mike Winkelmann – aka Beeple – makes a reentrance into the list of the most expensive NFTs yet! But, thankfully, with a slightly less graphic non-fungible.

HUMAN ONE sold for 28.985 MILLION DOLLARS through  Christie’s 21st Century Evening Sale in November 2021. It featured a kinetic video sculpture that continuously displays artwork that literally evolves over time!


Pak - The Clock - AIO BotTurning up the heat on this list of most expensive NFTs is CLOCK by Pak and WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange. This non-fungible sold for 52.7 MILLION DOLLARS where all proceeds went to the legal defense of Julian Assange.

It was part of the CENSORED collection and amounts to exactly 16,953 ETH. The NFT features a timer counting the number of days Assange spent in jail!


Everydays the First 5000 Days - AIO BotMOREE BEEPLE! Yes, Beeple owns 3 out of the 10 most expensive NFTs on this list! It is definitely HIS most expensive piece to be ever sold at 69.3 MILLION DOLLARS!

However, this piece is even more unique since it marks the 5000 days that Beeple designed artwork. WITHOUT FAIL since 2007.


Pak’s ‘The Merge’ - AIO BotFinally, we’ve got another piece by Pak – THE MERGE – which sold for 91.8 MILLION DOLLARS. However, we should note that this sale featured 30,000 collectors that pitched together the sum.

But, a group buy or singular owner, still tops all the most expensive NFTs!