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Unveiling the Top Selling and Most Popular Dunks Over the Years

By November 23, 2023Nike

The sneaker cultural icon we’ve all grown to love and collect, thanks to its limitless range of colors and spices. Read on to explore the 6 most popular Dunks.

What started as a functional product for college athletes swiftly transitioned into a cultural icon. Painting its story loud and proud on the world’s hardwood, ramps, and streets. The Nike Dunks journeyed from functionality to fashion, aligning with identities, communities, and subcultures. “It’s a testament to the brand’s versatility and innovation.”

most popular dunksNike Dunks, which originated from the basketball court, now stands as one of the iconic models in the street culture and sneaker world. Launched in 1985 as a technical basketball sneaker, Nike Dunks were designed for college players keen on choice and function. The model was initially part of the ‘Nike College Colors Program,’ enabling teams to match their sneakers with their uniforms. Over time, the Dunks transcended the hardwood to become a subcultural icon. And essential fashion accessories, attractive to different communities. Its success resulted in a variety of models like the SB Dunk, Dunk High, Dunk Low, and more. Each offers unique stylistic designs with comfort and function at its core. 

The Most Popular Nike Dunks: Historian Sneaker Icons

As any sneaker enthusiast, Nike Dunks undoubtedly occupy a special place in our hearts and collections. Over the years, these sneakers have stood the test of time, always managing to deliver a pinch of style and quality. Let’s dive into the six most-sold most Nike Dunks on StockX over the past three years— a testament to their unrelenting popularity. 

  1. Nike Dunk Low Black White: 231,123 pairs
  2. Nike Dunk Low Grey Fog: 53,216 pairs
  3. Dunk Low Rose Whisper: 29,336 pairs
  4. Nike Dunk Low Cacao Wow: 18,639 pairs
  5. Dunk Low Why So Sad: 17,620 pairs
  6. Nike Dunk Low Kentucky: 11,245 pairs

Nike Dunk Low Black White/ Panda

A demonstration of the timeless appeal of simplicity, the Panda version of Nike Dunks holds first place. ALWAYS! These sneakers strike the perfect balance between minimalism and style, earning them a massive followership.

Nike Dunk Low Rose Whisper

Nike Dunk Low Rose Whisper-min

Exuding a distinctly feminine allure, the Nike Dunk Low “Rose Whisper” sports a subdued pastel palette. With soft pink tones gently whispered across its sleek silhouette, it offers a delicate yet dynamic aesthetic. This edition of Nike Dunks magnificently encapsulates a blend of high fashion and sportswear, securing its place among fan favorites.

The Nike Dunk Low Grey Fog

The Nike Dunk Low Grey Fog-min

This colorway emits low-key elegance with its monochromatic grey color palette. It remains a crowd-pleaser for those seeking a chic, versatile aesthetic in their sneaker collection.

Nike Dunk Low Kentucky

Nike Dunk Low Kentucky-min

Next on our list is one that strikes a perfect balance of classic and contemporary design that captivates sneaker enthusiasts. Its dazzling white and royal blue blend pays homage to the University of Kentucky’s colors, making it a coveted item for fans and sneakerheads alike. Exemplifying the timeless appeal of Nike Dunks, this sneaker remains a high-impact style statement.

Nike Dunk Low Why So Sad

Nike Dunk Low Why So Sad-min

This version is renowned for its distinctively moody color palette, combining shades of deep blue and black to express an artistic melancholy. Its striking design resonates with sneaker aficionados, offering a unique touch to the classic Dunk Low silhouette.

Nike Dunk Low Cacao Wow

Nike Dunk Low Cacao Wow 2-min

With its earthy tones of rich brown and cream, the Cacao Wow version perfectly mirrors the natural look of raw cacao. Its harmonious design caters to sneaker enthusiasts looking for a refined touch in the iconic Dunk Low style.

Popular Dunks Sold on StockX

These most popular Dunks are not just casual footwear; they’re a reflection of culture, sports, and fashion. They’ll continue to be much sought-after additions to every sneaker fan’s collection in the years to come too. Especially if Nike keeps the collaborative energy on that silhouette so strong!