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The Most Popular Sneakers in the WORLD! Who’s Gonna Rule the Globe?

By December 17, 2021January 5th, 2022Food for thought, Sneaker News

The Most Popular Sneakers in the World - AIO BotThe most popular sneakers in the U.S. are not necessarily related to the most popular sneakers in the WORLD. You see, every country has its own special sneaker culture filled with its own loyal, extremely passionate sneakerheads. And, either way, our most favorite sneaker brands are global names, to begin with. So, it’s interesting to know how people around the world react to them!

You see, we’ve all got a specific model of Jordans or a favorite Yeezy. But sometimes, people in the same country share the same sneaker preference too! 

We’re trying to think outside the box – or outside the U.S. – and talk about sneakers around the world. What do people like and dislike all across the globe? Which sneaker brand is sitting on the throne? In short, we’re trying to find out what are the most popular sneakers in the WORLD! Let’s take a trip around the world!


Most Popular Sneakers Brands - Global - AIO BotBut, before we get into the most popular sneakers in the world, we gotta talk about the most popular sneaker brands. You didn’t really think we’re gonna talk about some random sneaker brand from across the seas, right? We’ve got all the love for all the underrated sneaker brands out there, but this is a game for GIANTS.

In the game of the most popular sneakers, the players include Nike, Adidas, YEEZY, Air Jordan, VANS, and New Balance! New Balance is the latest underdog that’s taking the world by storm! However, only one sneaker brand can have a claim to the throne and wear the sneaker crown! So, who’s it gonna be?

To conduct our search for the most popular sneakers, we checked out the total number of online searches in 2021. How many people are looking up these sneaker brands around the world! It was apparent that – outside the U.S. – Yeezy reigned supreme in the UK, and Adidas in Germany (go figure). On the other hand, Nike’s taking over France and Jordan’s rule in Turkey! Check out the world map above to see what your country’s favorite is!


Top 10 Global Shoe Brands - AIO BotSo, what does this mean? Which sneaker brand is sitting on top of the throne ruling all? Well, it’s pretty obvious! According to the map, it’s very clear that Nike’s force is impeccable! Are their sneakers the most popular sneakers in the world? Maybe. But, it’s definitely the BEST sneaker brand in the world. If we take a look at the top 10 brands based on average search volume, the Swoosh is a clear winner!

But, is it really a surprise honestly? Nike has been in the sneaker game since the year 1964, producing all its most iconic silhouettes! You will most probably find at least a pair or two of Nike kicks in any American household! And, the chart below definitely proves you can find them almost EVERYWHERE. Of course, the runner-up happens to be none other than the German giant, Adidas. We guess the Adidas vs Nike battle won’t ever come to an end! Here’s our list of the top 10 sneaker brands in the world:
1. Nike
2. Adidas
3. Vans
4. Converse
6. New Balance
7. Reebok
8. Yeezy
9. Air Jordan
10. Asics


Most Popular Sneakers Models in the World - AIO BotSo, what are the most popular sneakers in the entire WORLD? As in, the most popular silhouettes out of all the brands mentioned. We did our research, crunched up some numbers, and came up with 10 globally popular sneakers:
1. Nike Air Force 1
2. Air Jordan 1
3. Nike Blazer
4. Yeezy Slides
5. Nike Air Max 270
6. Yeezy 350
7. Nike Dunk
8. Nike Air Max 90
9. Nike VaporMax
10. Yeezy 700

Looking at the list of the 10 most popular sneakers in the world, it’s pretty clear that Nike truly RULES! Seven out of the ten sneakers on the list fall under the Nike brand. With one of them being the Jordan 1 – the most popular of all Jordan models out there! It also makes sense that the Air Max sneakers are starting to gain traction considering their 2021 takeover! But, what about the Yeezy slides? Now THAT’S something you wouldn’t have expected. So, check out the full list with their total average search volumes.


Most Popular Sneakers in the US - AIO BotHitting closer to home, let’s check out the United States! The most popular sneakers change from state to state which is pretty expected. We’re going a little bit more local, but it’s the same thing. Every state has its own character, culture, history, and general style. Not to mention that the weather probably plays a big part as well! So, will the Swoosh be the winner of the 50 states?

YES! According to the search volume by states, Nike still rules all with the favorite. And, the most popular silhouette is the Nike Air Force 1 – typical. The Air Force 1 is an absolute classic that is also very timeless! We also checked out the top 10 most popular sneakers in the U.S. exclusively. Could you guess which sneaker ruled second place? SLIDES! Again! But, then again, we do love us some comfy kicks.
1. Nike Air Force 1
2. Yeezy Slides
3. Air Jordan 1
4. Nike Blazer
5. Nike Dunk
6. Nike Air Max 270
7. Adidas Ultra Boost
8. Yeezy 350
9. Yeezy 700
10. Yeezy Foam Runner

Top Sneakers_ US - AIO BotActually, there’s something interesting in the total volume of online searches for the most popular sneakers in the U.S. If you take a look at the table, you’ll see the Slides creeping up on the Air Force 1s. Could they possibly beat the AF1s as America’s sweetheart sneaker? That would definitely be the most innovative move from Kanye!


For the time being, Nike will remain on the throne. And, with all the legacy it has built – especially working with a legend like Virgil Aboloh – it’s here to stay. They’ve got one of the most epic investments and out-of-this-world collaborations! Also, Nike happens to have one of the smartest marketing tactics in history like their most recent D2C strategy. The Swoosh knows how to stay relevant, bring in their A-game, and ride every trend there is! So, it really isn’t a surprise that they’ve got some of the most popular sneakers in the world!

In short, we can’t wait to see what more comes from the American multinational brand in 2022. If your state is a Nike, Adidas, Yeezy, or even New Balance state, then make sure you follow our blog. We’ll keep you updated on all your state-favorite sneakers! 

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