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Why are MSCHF Boots so Expensive and Popular?

By August 17, 2023Food for thought, Sneakers

AIO Bot - Why Are MSCHF Boots So ExpensiveThat’s right. The MSCHF boots are coming back to haunt your dreams. But seriously, why are these oversized cartoonish boots keep making headlines? Why is the demand for these Big Red Boots so high as if they’re the footwear savior, while in reality, they are monstrous Super Mario-themed boots that are impractical to wear? 

The fashion industry is surely heading in a direction that promotes surrealism and theatrics as technological advancement lead to artificial intelligence and virtual reality. But at what cost? Should you wear these enormous 2D-looking boots just to be relevant? Or are MSCHF’s products created for mere display and not for day-to-day errands? Many controversies surrounding MSCHF Big Red Boots are emerging as more restocks and collaborations hit the market. Let’s see what these boots are all about! 

MSCHF Boots: Art or Astro Boy Madness?

MSCHF Crocs - AIO Bot“Cartoon boots for a Cool 3D World,” is what the creators of the MSCHF Big Red Boots described those freakish large-scaled boots. They added that “Cartoonishness is an abstraction that frees us from the constraints of reality. If you kick someone in these boots they go BOING!”

The Brooklyn-based art collective MSCHF dropped their viral Big Red Boots back on February 16. The silhouette of the boots raised controversies within the fashion industry as it was inspired by the classic Japanese television show and video game character “Astro Boy”. What does that make them? HUGE and CARTOONISH. Imagine wearing something so large and so ridiculous on the street and it’s not even Halloween

What’s even crazier? MSCHF stated that the boots sold out only three hours after the initial release on the MSCHF sneaker app. The boots dropped at a retail price of $350, but soon the resale of these ridiculous boots went up as high as $1600! Imagine paying this much for TPU rubber that makes you look like Boots from Dora the Explorer! 

They’ve become so popular that MSCHF restocked the boots back in June. On top of that, the boots made a comeback with MSCHF x Crocs release flexed first by Paris Hilton! So now you have a Crocs-shaped giant boot! And it’s giving Spongebob vibes. 

Celebrity Red Boots Craze

MSCHF Shoes - Red Boots What contributed to the MSCHF boots hype? A-list celebrities and Tik-Tok stars flaunting them at New York Fashion Week of course. Dorian Electra, Sarah Synder, and Wisdom Kay were all spotted wearing these controversial shoes with minimal bottoms to keep the focus on the boot’s silhouette. Outside the fashion scope, many stars have also embraced the cartoonish MSCHF boots like Lil Wayne, Iggy Azalea, and Coi Leray. 

The viral trend has also reached basketball players such as Shai Gilgeous-Alexander wore them to the arena before a game. Even Hasbullah wore them as part of a Super Mario costume!

However, while many people jumped on the MSCHF red boots bandwagon, actor and activist Jameela Jamil claimed in a post on Instagram that the boots are “a social experiment to see if humans are so gullible we will adopt literally ANYTHING as a trend.” 

So, are these 2D-looking MSCHF boots a staple in fashion and sneaker history, or are they just a gimmick to attract hype and mainstream attraction? What’s the psychology behind outlandish fashion garments? Does MSCHF deserve the backlash it is getting, or is it only an experimental art collective that’s making statements? Let’s have a deep dive into the psychology behind trends!

The Controversy of MSCHF

First, we have to understand a thing or two about the brand behind the controversial Red Boots, MSCHF. MSCHF is an experimental fashion brand that loves to make statements through its wild fashion pieces. Some of MSCHF’s outlandish drops were boots that resembled medical casts and Birkenstock sandals made out of Hermès Birkins. But the craziest release by the brand included Satan sneakers in collaboration with Lil Nas X which had actual drops of BLOOD!

It’s obvious that MSCHF likes to release products that spark public controversy and generate a lot of media attention. Not to mention that the brand also has a reputation for being a prankster. For instance, MSCHF convinced Rihanna to sell her Fenty product as Ketchup! No wonder MSCHF released Super Mario/Astro Boy-themed boots. They are even famous for their stunts and lookalike products which made them face a list of lawsuits from popular brands. 

Sacrificing Looks for Statements? 

With the surge of social media platforms, fashion is no longer restricted to the fewer bunch. Nowadays, anyone can become into fashion. However, fashion has been reduced to being “trendy” or “Instagramable”. If it doesn’t generate likes and reshares on social media, is it even fashionable or avant-garde? Some fashion creators go to extreme measures to feel like they are relevant. Some viral pieces are becoming so ridiculous just to become a means for creators to prove that their taste is immaculate. 

Balenciaga Steroid The MSCHF boots aren’t even the first over-exaggerated scale boots in the market. Last year, Kanye West was spotted wearing Balenciaga’s big black boots, which were similar to MSCFH in their size and clunkiness. However, Balenciaga’s boots didn’t come near MSCHF’s boots’ widespread popularity.

Digital creator Agus Panzoni claimed that MSCHF’s boots represent the “fashion of hyperreality” stating that “If technology has gotten really good at representing reality… why can’t we bring implications of reality to life?” 

However, some fashion trends are becoming way too theatrical for practical use. Consider Alexander Mcqueen’s iconic spray-painted dress, for example, it was clearly made for people to film and share on their social media platforms. Fashion now has to be Instagram-worthy, or it’s not fashion at all. 

This may be why MSCHF’s boots harnessed that much attention. They are wacky looking and impractical, which makes them the perfect boots for Instagram content. 

MSCHF Boots: Dual Perspectives

Astro Boy - AIO Bot However, was MSCHF harassing the sneaker industry by releasing yet another wildly-looking design? Although wearing the MSCHF boots is very uncomfortable and it takes ages to take them off, they may be just pieces of artwork. There are thousands of shoe brands releasing perfectly practical and comfortable shoes. Maybe people shouldn’t assume that the MSCHF boots were made to be practical. 

They may very be an outlandish idea that is trying to make a statement. It could’ve been made for photoshoots only or for display, or even cosplaying. We can pick apart the reasons behind MSCHF’s viral boots, and we can overanalyze why they’re so expensive or popular. However, in reality, we can never know whether the MSCHF boots were made for clout, satire, or for making a statement. 

On the other side, rocking kicks is one thing, but selling them is a whole different story. And although some might think that the sneaker resale market might be dead, they gotta think twice. OR maybe, get a deeper look into it all. Because sneaker resellers have been scoring some big bucks on the resale market lately, especially after Ye joined back on the game.

Meaning that, if not for the looks, catching footwear, such as MSCHF Boots solely for reselling purposes is worth it. It literally goes without saying, if you could buy a pair of shoes and resell it for thousands of dollars, why would you care if they ain’t your cup of tea? They surely fit the taste of many others, so to them, they go! And in return, receive triple the price you originally got them for! 

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