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The 3 Most Wicked MSCHF Shoes for Maximum Mischief 

By March 4, 2023Sneaker News

Weirdest MSCHF Shoes -AIO BotYou know that trending TikTok sound, “We’re told we have to do what we’re told, but surely… Sometimes you have to be a little bit naughty”. This is part of the Matilda Musical if you’re curious. But, why do we care? Well, because we believe that this song is probably on a LOOP in the MSCHF shoes design labs!

So, the keywords here are mischievous and being just a tad bit naughty! You see, when it comes to MSCHF shoes, you never know whether or not they’re actually legit serious. The initial reaction to most of their announcements is usually something like this:

“Wait… what?”

Most of the time you can’t tell if this is a new revolutionary design in sneaker history. Or, if they’re just trolling us. But, one thing’s for sure, all MSCHF shoes cause mischief – one way or another. Do you remember the whole “Satan Shoes” with Lil Nas? That had Nike lawsuit written all over it and they still went ahead with it, despite the chaos. OR, the $76,000 Birkenstocks made out of actual Birkin bags? Berken-Birkin? 

Ever since then, the MSCHF shoes have continued to cause mischief in the best ways possible! Keep reading to check out our NAUGHTIEST faves!


Wouldn’t it be legit the epitome of MISCHIEF if we had a Kanye x MSCHF shoes collab in 2023? If MSCHF wants to wreak havoc on the entire industry, they gotta buddy up with Ye! Could you imagine? 

The Swoosh would go MAD. Adidas would be SHOOKETH. And, the internet would BLOW UP. Now that we know what the real deal behind rumors of Adidas and Kanye reuniting… we’re MANIFESTING this. 

@mschf, collaborate with Kanye West.

Naughtiest MSCHF Shoes!

#1 The Wavy Baby Shoe

First, we’re going to start with the TAP3 MSCHF shoes called Wavy Baby. So, you see, MSCHF had already started designing their own shoes at this point. But, all heavily inspired by other iconic sneakers.


If you look at this one, it looks a lot like Vans Old Skool sneakers with a Snapchat filter on. Of course, MSCHF totally denied the similarity and noted that they came with wavy outsoles… okay?

#2 The Gobstomper

Gobstompers MSCHF ShoesNext, we’ve got the Gobstompers which is where the MSCHF shoes started taking a turn to the weird. These kicks took inspiration from Gobstopper candies with their trippy interiors. So, their Y2K skate shoes came with wear-away uppers and even soles. Plus, to make things even weirder, MSCHF enlisted the help of late-night talk show host, Jimmy Fallon. They also released another pair called the Sour Gobstomper that came with black uppers with green and purple underneath.

#3 Big Red Boots

Big Red Boots - MSCHF ShoesFinally, our last favorite mischievous MSCHF shoes were the talk of the year 2023! You already know we’re talking about the Big Red Boots. These are without a doubt the craziest-looking of all the sneakers on this list. We aren’t even sure you can call them “shoes”… 

The Big Red Boots, or BRB, look like they’re straight out of an anime – specifically Astro Boy’s boots. They are ridiculously oversized, bright red, and all-in-all pretty silly. But, it comes as no surprise that they’re VERY trending online and a lot of A-list celebrities are wearing them. You can too join the trend of the Big Red Boots by getting them on resale for $1,363 on StockX…