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The NDPD 1100C Sneaker is a Lawsuit Waiting to Happen!

By March 18, 2023Nike, Sneaker News

NDPD 1100C Sneaker - Jordan Lookalike - AIO BotNike is generally known for a whole lot of things when it comes to the sneaker industry. But, although the brand has an epic history behind it, it all comes down to the actual structure. You see, Nike has some of the BEST teams in the world:
– The best marketing team creating the greatest Nike ads
– The best design team creating the best designs and sneaker technology
– And, one of the best legal teams that absolutely LOVE hitting all kinds of brands with court summons
Nike doesn’t generally take it easy when someone pokes the big bear with the Swoosh. Whether it’s about fake authentication claims, infringement cases, or even NFT sneakers; Nike loves getting their lawyers paid. And so, we’re sure that news of the NDPD 1100C sneaker release surfaced, Nike was probably giddy with anticipation!

It’s legit a lawsuit waiting to happen!

The NDPD 1100C looks EXACTLY like the Jordan Brand’s most popular sneaker model – the Air Jordan 1. And, not just that, it also replicates the Jordan Brand’s most popular colorway – the Chicago Reds! So, is New Directions to the Parallel Dimension itching to go head-to-head with the sneaker giant? Or, are they hoping to achieve a CORTEIZ x Nike type of deal?

In other words, get Nike to sue you then land a sneaker deal. Well, although the situations are pretty similar, we don’t particularly know if Nike’s going to approve. Because Corteiz had a similar NAME… NDPD has an entire sneaker! Let’s talk about it!


So, NDPD – aka, New Directions Parallel Dimension an emerging sneaker brand that officially launched VERY recently. The first post on their Instagram dates back to January 2021 and after that, it was all radio silence. However, their second post – in December 2022 – featured a very peculiar and familiar sneaker. In a post captioned “Twenty Twenty Three:::: XXIII”, the first look at the NDPD sneaker was online! 

And then, one of their more recent posts had the caption, “back from the year 2333”. 

The brand put out four posts dedicated to the NDPD 1100C sneaker. All of these look excessively like a “flaming hot” version of the Air Jordan 1 – in particular, 1100°C hot. The color scheme looks exactly like the Air Jordan 1 Chicago, its structure, its sneaker anatomy, everything! In place of the medial Swoosh, it has flame graphics. Instead of the Air Jordan Wings logo on the heel, it has wings/flame. And, it even has a similar placement for its tongue tags and heel branding. Finally, it ends at aged, melted, and warped-looking midsoles and bright red outsoles.

Here’s what we think of the NDPD 1100C sneaker:
– They took the fireball flame design from YG’s 4Hunnid label
– They took the warping of the midsole from Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO
– And, they took everything else from the Jordan brand

The NDPD 1100C sneaker will apparently be available via Sneakertopia at the ArtScience Museum in Marina Bay Sands – April 8th. And, apparently, there will be high-top and low-top versions that have EACH they produced in a run of 50. So SUPER exclusive. They will also retail for $700! Yikes!

Do you think Nike’s gonna let this slide or will this be another addition to Nike’s long list of lawsuits? Keep it locked on our Instagram @aiobot to find out!