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New Balance Jaden Smith: First Collaboration Drops in Baby Blue!

By July 14, 2020July 14th, 2022Sneakers

NEW BALANCE JADEN SMITH AIO FEATIn our heads, Jaden Smith sums up “Karate Kid meets Fresh Prince of Bel Air.” An icon of Chinese swag. In case that’s ever a thing. But the kid’s all grown up now. And probably isn’t too happy about being trapped in a box labelled by his childhood. The twenty-two year old is an outspoken fashion figure. And is not afraid to experiment with diverse styles. Self-expression fuels the young celebrity and we can’t deny his philanthropic spirit. Did you know that Jaden started a mobile restaurant to provide homeless people with vegan meals? Not exactly the food quality you’d expect the homeless to be picky about. But good on him for filling hungry mouths.

Jade ‘n’ Fashion

Jaden Smith, as mentioned, appears to be majorly interested in expressing his mind through fashion. He calls out Tyler the Creator, Batman, and Poseidon as his ultimate icons. He even started out his own fashion line under MSFTSrep. Not to mention that he is a huge Supreme fan! And we gotta say that all this build-up is bound to lead to a quirky collaboration. The New Balance Jaden Smith hookup! With New Balance on fire this year, its back-to-back releases finally made way to the son of Will.

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Not Jaden’s First Sneaker Collaboration


This is Jaden Smith’s first collaboration with New Balance and we’re excited! It’s not every day you get a first-time collaboration worth the hype. But before he got involved with NB, Jaden Smith actually collaborated with AllBirds, an underrated sneaker brand that supports the environment. It was in fact a collaboration between the brand and Jaden’s eco-friendly company Just Water. 100% of proceeds were invested in Leo DiCaprio’s Amazon Forest Fund.

New Balance Jaden Smith “Vision Racer”

So, how did the Vision Racer come to be? Jaden’s top favorite NB models are the X-Racer and the 1700. The sneaker’s upper is inspired by the 1700 model. Whereas the midsole area exaggerates the foamy appeal of the X-Racer. It’s divided into three chunky segments in Baby Blue. A minimalist approach to a vegan-friendly sneaker. Considering that it’s 60% recycled polyester. That’s what we admire about young conscientious artists: sustainable fashion!

The word vision is placed within double parentheses on the sideline tracing the midsole. The explosion? Turn it around. The outsole displays an enlarged version of ((VISION)) in hot pink. And it looks pretty fluffy, almost like a 3D cartoon effect. Reminds us of the KAWS Jordan 4 with its monochromatic colorway and flashy outsole. The real question is though, will Jaden’s resell for that kind of price? Make sure to catch this New Balance Jaden Smith on


Release Date: 24 July 2020
Retail Price: $150

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Whether it’s a Nike, New Balance, Yeezy, or rocket sneaker, we’re all about promoting hype awareness and first-timers. These baby blues don’t have resale value yet but they’re pretty dope. That wave effect shot right out of Jaden Smith’s head. So it should be worth a decent flip. Follow us @ANB_AIO for frequent giveaways! We try to make copping less stressful for our users and want you in on that head vacation!
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