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New Balance Numeric Is for Skating, Comfort, and Style!

By August 26, 2023Food for thought, New Balance

New Balance Numeric AIO BotThe skateboarding scene exponentially grew in the last two decades. From being an underground culture all the way to becoming an Olympic sport, skateboarding sure went a long way. Naturally, sneaker brands certainly went and did their best to infiltrate the industry. Can you imagine how popular a brand would be if it gets on skaters’ good side? Anyway, one of the brands that hopped on the bandwagon a bit later is New Balance! However, it was worth the wait, and New Balance Numeric is worth every bit of attention you can give it. So, how about we check it out with some of their best kicks?

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A Quick Skateboarding Brief!

NB Skateboarding logo

If you’re a veteran in the sneaker industry, you’re probably aware of the crucial part skateboarding plays in it! But going through a fast brief of the sport’s history never hurt nobody, right y’all? So, skateboarding allegedly dates back to the 1940s or early 1950s. However, it didn’t catch its big break until the 1970s, and that was just the beginning. You see, the 1980s and 90s rolled around, and a skater called Tony Hawk dominated the sport. From tens of titles to brand-new stunts, he took skateboarding to the next level.

Now, thanks to Tony Hawk’s influence and the new millennium, skateboarding went OFF. And when we say went off, we mean it went from being an underground sport to super cool. Now, many brands tried to infiltrate the industry and become part of the culture, including Nike. And well it succeeded in the early 2000s, which led to the skate and sneaker culture meeting. Now, how does New Balance come into all that?

New Balance Numeric Shoes: The Missing Link?

Although sk8er bois were at their coolest in the early 2000s, it’s never too late to join the hype. And that’s just what NB did in 2013 with the New Balance Numeric or NB#. Now, the name isn’t very telling link Nike SB, but that’s NB’s skateboarding division! And if you’re wondering whether this was a smart idea, allow us to remind you of the following. New Balance started out in 1906 as a company that provides arch supports and orthopedic footwear.

new balance skateboarding team AIONow, of course, you can’t succeed in a tight-knit culture like skateboarding unless you’re a part of it. That’s why New Balance managed to round up a team of professional skaters and sign some deals! Some of the names on that roster are Andrew Reynolds, Jamie Foy, and Tiago Lemos. And the coolest bit about this division is that you get classic silhouettes with skateboarding durability!

Cool New Balance Numeric Kicks You’ll Want in Your Closet!

Finally, in case you’re looking for some new skate shoes for your next shenanigans, we got ya. You can find below our favorite three silhouettes! Whichever your taste in kicks, odds are one of those three will totally knock you out… in a good way. But if for some miraculous reason, they don’t, the latest release by the division will do the trick!

New Balance Numeric Sneakers AIOThe New Balance Numeric 480 is the skater’s take on the 1983 classic. In fact, the NB480 was actually the first basketball shoe by the brand. So, if you wanna look retro with the comfort and durability of skateboarding kicks, the 480s are it. Hurry though, because the kicks are selling out FAST! And in case you wanna know how to buy kicks for retail, click the button below for a full breakdown.


New Balance Numeric 480 AIO