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Kim K Teases New Foam Runner Yeezy: Taking the HIGHEST Road

By March 11, 2021October 2nd, 2021Adidas, Yeezy

New Foam Runner Yeezy - AIO BotDon’t need reason, don’t need rhyme – it’s the HIGHWAY to the new Foam Runner Yeezy. Actually, in this case, it happens to be the HIGHEST road anyone could take – especially if you’re Kim Kardashian. Kim K is taking the highest road out there by teasing the new Foam Runner Yeezy even post-filing a divorce with Kanye West – little sus, right? We never thought the Kardashian mother of four would be this mature about the whole divorce, and still endorse his sneaker line. Or maybe the whole divorce thing’s just a sham! Please let it be a sham. *fingers crossed*. 

Anyways, this whole thing just means that we have a new Yeezy dropping on our sneakerheads soon. You hear a Yeezy drop, we think how we gonna dominate this drop! That’s just how we do it. Copping Yeezys ain’t no small feat, and every sneakerhead in the industry knows. Even if it happens to be a weird-looking sneaker that took inspiration from the effing clouds! I mean for sneaker’s sake! It’s an all-white cloud-shaped sneaker that’s going to take so much freakin’ effort to keep clean on a daily. But, like… we still coppin’. ANYWHO, that’s beside the point, let’s get back to business on the new Foam Runner Yeezy!

Clog No More? The New Foam Runner Yeezy!

So, the first time we laid eyes on the Yeezy Foam Runner was back in 2020 in the Ararat colorway. Back when everyone deemed it to be the clog lookalike – we all said it was a slightly overpriced 75$ Crocs. But, when it dropped, our sneakerhead instincts kicked in and we copped that MF. The Yeezy croc had its moment! Now, this effing croc is reselling for an average of 390$ and we WANT IT. So, it doesn’t come to us as much of a surprise that the new Foam Runner Yeezy is making its own splash this year. And now, Kim K has it on to tease us all on the Gram! Like, come on Kim, of all the shoes out there. Stop playing with our hearts. 

The algae-based sustainable sneaker drops in two colorways: the Sand and MXT Moon Gray. They both have an oval-shaped exterior with perforated holes all over. The Sand looks just like its name – sandy. It’s a sand-brown color all over and… Well, that’s it! While the Moon Gray features the Sand with a bad paint job honestly – it does look like full-on moon rocks though. We guess that’s what Kanye was going for, right? These honestly might be the weirdest sneakers in Yeezy history.

New Foam Runner Yeezy Sneaker - AIO BotRelease Date: March 26th, 2021
Retail Price: $80

How to Buy the New Yeezy Foam Runner?

Needless to say, this is a drop you need to run a savage sneaker bot for – no cap. Unless you wanna get stuck on the aftermarket paying more than three times the retail! If this was an in-store drop, we might have suggested you camp out in front of the store until you get a chance to cop a Yeezy. But, let’s be realistic. Online sneaker drops are a huge L without a sneaker bot! It isn’t even that complicated to run your sneaker bot on the drop. It’s actually a pretty simple equation when it comes to online Yeezy releases: know the best places to buy Yeezys, know your foot size, and get your bot warmed up. The few extra steps you make could be the ones that get you on the aftermarket to SELL sneakers online! You’ll be on the winning side. That’s why we suggest you check out AIO Bot for a much better chance at Yeezy copping this year. It’s the year to flex the greatest Yeezys of all time!