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New Kanye West Wife! Is Ye Really Married Again?

By January 19, 2023Yeezy

Kanye West Wife - Is Kanye West Married - AIO BotKanye West is married… AGAIN.
Wait, WHAT?
Just two months after finalizing his divorce from Kim Kardashian, Ye got married once again. In other words, there’s a legit new Kanye West wife in the world and you wouldn’t believe who it is! 

So, remember a while ago when people were wondering whether Kanye was dead or alive? Everyone was concerned about whether or not Ye was actually missing. But, once he was spotted with a mysterious blond, it was obvious he was ‘preoccupied’. If you know what we mean… 

However, we did not think that he was on the lookout for the new Kanye West wife! And, we definitely expected it to be none other than Yeezy architect, Bianca Censori. After the events of October 2022, you’d assume this is just another Julia Fox incident. But, it doesn’t seem like it’s ‘just a phase’. In fact, Kanye West married Bianca in what was reportedly a small private ceremony to celebrate their love.

Ye not playing… 


Alarm bells or wedding bells? On January 13th, 2023, new of a new Kanye West wife came out. Now, although it was groundbreaking news, it wasn’t Kim-K’s-butt-huge – didn’t really break the internet. But, we still did not expect Kanye to get married this soon. In fact, we did not expect him to get married at all! A small part of us still held out hope for the power couple of the internet.

Guess that’s not gonna happen anymore.


Bianca Censori is an Australian architectural designer at Yeezy and has been for several years. She first joined Yeezy back in 2020 and is currently the Head of Architecture at Yeezy HQ. And, she also previously worked as a student architect in Australia 

The newlyweds tied the knot in a small ceremony, but have yet to make it official. Apparently, they still haven’t filed for a marriage certificate to make it legal. BUT, Ye is all in and fully committed – so much so that he’s even wearing a wedding band. Although this was technically a surprise, we should have seen it coming after Kanye’s song “Censori Overload”.  And, part of the song lyrics contained a BIG easter egg:

“And the Bible said, ‘I can’t have any more sex ’til marriage.”


So, to further prove how much Ye’s serious about his new bride, he even went on a honeymoon. And, in very NOT Kanye fashion, he was very quiet about it. The newlywed went to the Armangiri resort in Utah’s Grand Circle of National Parks and Monuments. Apparently, a weekend stay at this resort starts at around $4,000+ a night for an average room. Ye knows how to splurge on his new Kanye West wife!


On a final note, we’ve got some thoughts on the matter. For starters, this new Kanye West wife definitely has a striking resemblance to his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian. And, although Ye’s basking in the light of his new nuptials, it’s still concerning.

Furthermore, if you take into consideration all the things that he’s been through in the past few months… Well, we’re surprised Ye took this approach. If you have no idea why we think this is out of character, even for Ye, let’s refresh! Here’s a list completely breaking down everything that happened with Ye recently:

Do you think he wore Yeezys to his wedding?