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The new Sneaker Bot: Everything you need to know before the next Yeezy releases

By November 12, 2017July 21st, 2023Bot, Yeezy

The sneaker community has been buzzing with leaks about our new product. And whether or not we’re developing a new shoe bot. Everyone has been asking and rumors were going left and right about a new shoe bot with A LOT of misinformation. We’d like to set things straight.

Is there a new bot?

Yes, there is and no it’s not a “V2″ nor a “2.0”. It’s a completely separate bot, it’s the AIO Bot Plus.

Why is there a new bot?

Based on feedback provided to us by the sneaker community, elite coppers use multiple bots (to benefit from having multiple copping engines). However, they’ve been complaining about other bots they’ve been using and asked us to produce a new copping engine. So that’s what we did. A new shoe bot, to ever more increase your chances of copping on that next Yeezy/Jordan/NMD release.

What is a Copping Engine?

At the core of our bot is a “Copping Engine”, this engine controls how the bot works. While all engines use the same ingredients, fuel and oxygen (tasks, data, proxies, captchas etc in the case of the bot), how these ingredients are used differs, and the code that manages how everything is used is the “Copping Engine”. One thing to note about engines is that you don’t want to put two different types of engines in one system.

Why a new shoe bot instead of a change in the current one?

aiobot plusAs explained above, you don’t want to place two different engines in the same system. So to meet sneakerheads’ requests for a different engine, we had to put it in a new system/bot. The current AIO Bot is still the same sneaker copping legend that you know and is copping thousands upon thousands of Yeezys every release.

What’s the difference between the current and the new bot?

Different Copping Engines. As explained above, at the core of our AIO Bot is a “Copping Engine”. And while its top of the line and has the best technology implemented we can use that same technology but with a different engine. This came at the request of sneakerheads who wanted to own multiple bots with different copping engines but didn’t trust the products of other companies. And as you can understand you don’t want to put 2 engines in one car, and we don’t want to put 2 engines in one bot. For the techies out there, the example is we can’t write a bot using C# and Python in the same bot.

Will the original AIO Bot still be supported?

As long as you have valid updates we will support the original AIO Bot with the latest technology and updates. There is no updates preference between any of our products. Our engineers and specialists update them all in parallel with the latest and greatest technology. So the AIO Bot Plus has no effects on existing owners of the AIO Bot.

Do I have to buy the new bot if I own the current bot?

Simple Answer: NO, you don’t have to. If you have the AIO Bot you are good to go.

If you’d like to use multiple copping engines on the upcoming Yeezy releases and to get the bot before it sells out? Then YES you should! But again, you don’t have to. You can continue using your current AIO Bot to cop those Yeezys!

What’s the price of the new bot?

The price of the AIO Bot Plus has not been confirmed yet. But what we can confirm that current AIO Bot users will receive a discount and will have EARLY access before public release.

Is it true that the new shoe bot will be limited?

Yes, the bot will originally be released in limited quantities, for a limited time and ONLY to current AIO Bot user base.

What improvements are coming to the new bot? And what to the old? 

There’s a whole host of new tech coming in the next updates on AIO Bot and AIO Bot Plus that will increase your chances of copping even more!

This includes:

anti bot bypass

ANTI-BOT Breacher

new shoe bot auto buyer

CEF Auto Buyer

Captcha solver

Added Premium Captcha Services

ATC engine

Browser ATC Engine

Adidas code enhancements

Adidas Code Enhancement

All this in time for the upcoming Yeezy releases!

  • Anti Bot Breacher:  A lot of websites are adding security measures to stop bots, we have developed a solution to track those anti bot measures and bypass them.
  • CEF Auto Buyer: We have noticed there is a lot of buzz around Chrome extensions, so we reversed engineered them to include in our bot a new feature that does the same in the background.
  • Added Premium Captcha Services: We keep hearing the struggles about solving Captcha or Captcha services being down on the day of the release. So we planned then developed our custom solution to help solve Captcha faster. In addition to that we partnered up with top Captcha providers to provide faster responses on day of release.
  • Browser ATC Engine: We have developed an alternative way to ATC and then Checkout to the bot that mimics the way Chrome extensions work. So it’s like an embedded Chrome extension in addition to the Request Mode.
  • Adidas Code Enhancement: Added enhancements to Adidas code to make it better.

When will it be available?

It will be available before the Yeezy Frozen Yellow drops. However, it will ONLY be available for a LIMITED time and quantity and ONLY to AIO Bot user base as a tribute to their support and dedication.

Hope this clears up all the misinformation! We will always reward your loyalty! Now get ready to cook the next four Yeezys.