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How New Sneaker Bots Keep Expanding The Industry!

By July 6, 2019January 21st, 2021Bot, Sneakers, Yeezy Bot

To get a hold of a limited pair of sneakers, you need more than just money. With the sneaker industry growing bigger and more inclusive than ever, copping sneakers is getting more difficult.  Especially if you’re thinking about going about it the old way without running any of the old or new sneaker bots. But if you know even a bit about sneakers and copping, you know your best chance at copping is using a sneaker bot.

But what do you need to actually cop

Components of the sneaker industry

Copping sneakers is not as a complex process as you’d think, looking from the outside. But for the wheel to move many components have to come together and work in perfect harmony. 

sneaker industry
sneaker industry

What are the Best Sneaker Bots Now?

As sneaker bots constitute the main and most important part of the sneaker copping process. And that is why the search for the top new sneaker bots is nonending.

But to be honest with you, there isn’t a “Best Sneaker Bot” at all times, on all releases. Some bots flop on one release and then eat the stock on the following.  However, there’s a handful of really powerful sneaker bots that will cop on Most releases. Of course, AIO Bot is and has been, one of the best sneaker bots in the game for a long time now. Making its users millions of dollars in resale in just a couple of releases, you know AIO Bot gives you the best chance at copping limited sneakers. But for a comprehensive list of all the bots that can help you cop, click below.

Learn More AIO

Some other major names in the game include Nikeshoebot, Cybersole, EVE AIO, Project Destroyer, and Dashe.

Currently, the sneaker community is home for over 150 sneaker bots, battling every release to give their users the highest competitive advantage.

Considering the pace at which this industry is growing, we witness the rise of new sneaker bots almost every season. Some of them jump right into the game and some make a scene on a couple of releases and then fade away.

And this past year or so there has been a major increase in the number of new sneaker bots, most of which debuted around the Yeezy 350 Statics released in December 2018.

Top New Sneaker Bots

Below is a list of the top new sneaker bots that recently joined the game. Each with a set of power points and weaknesses that may affect whether or not you decide to purchase them. And what some new bots lack in appearance they make up for in performance or price and vice versa.

Sole AIO LogoSole AIO

The performance and presence of Sole AIO are good considering it joined the game recently, and the dark UI is usually more preferable by users. But in addition to being “Sold Out”, users will also have to face the limitation of it being only Windows compatible.

  • Joined May 2018
  • AIO Bot
  • Windows Only
  • Sold out


The Shit Bot LogoThe Shit Bot

It’s still early to say if this bot will be a serious competitor since it’s still in testing and nothing has yet leaked about any cops or success. But we had to appreciate the effort and controversial sense of humor of the poo-themed UI. It was something this highly-competitive industry needed.

  • Joined: March 2019
  • Supported Sites: Shopify, FINISHLINE, Footsites, BSTN.
  • Mac & Windows
  • In Testing

Following a rocky ride while in the testing phase, The Shit Bot changed quite a bit to EXCLUSIVELY support Nike. And while you might think that makes it a waste of money and time, this is one of the very few bots to actually cop every single time. And being a Nike-only Bot gave The Shit Bot quite the advantage over other new sneaker bots in the industry. But whether they’ll expand to cover more sites again and turn into an All-in-One bot is still unknown.

The Shit Bot UI

Ganesh Bot LogoGanesh Bot

For a new and custom bot that supports only 2 websites, Ganesh bot seems to be doing ok. The Twitter feed shows a good number of shoutouts however, it’s hard to say how far a bot will go supporting only 2 websites. Another issue with Ganesh Bot is that it’s a headless software with no User Interface, meaning you’ll have to run it from cmd. And it’s a first in the industry as far as sneaker bots available for purchase. So if you’re more into smoother experiences, that require less Tech knowledge, this bot may not be your first choice.

  • Joined: February 2019
  • Supported Sites: Footlocker EU, Size Previews.
  • Windows Only
  • Sold Out


No matter how many new sneaker bots enter the battlefield, copping is the only thing that will keep them there. And in an industry as competitive as this, you only get a chance or 2 to prove your worth, otherwise, you’re out. And possibly for good!