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Top 5 Underrated New Sneaker Brands You’ve Been Sleeping on!

By February 3, 2023Fashion, Sneakers

Underrated New Sneaker Brands - AIO BotUnder the radar, new sneaker brands may not be underrated sneaker brands for too long. In fact, we have a feeling that people might be pivoting towards a different approach to the most popular brands. This is about giving into the hype LESS and focusing on the actual sneakers MORE.

It doesn’t always have to be Checks or Stripes.

Not to sound like a crazy conspiracy theorist, but it’s a fact that there’s a monopoly on the sneaker industry. Throughout sneaker history, there have always been a handful of brands taking over the scene, including: Adidas and Nike, Air Jordan, New Balance, PUMA, Converse, Reebok, and Vans. These are the brands that people know just by their logos! But, why do people prefer these brands over new sneaker brands?

But, what happens when the underrated sneaker brands, the underdogs, start serving some high-end sneaker qualities? What happens when the undervalued brands join the race against the giants? This is where you should start rethinking your sneaker styles! These are our five favorite underrated new sneaker brands WE think have earned their place among the greats!



One of our all-time underrated sneaker brands in the game is VEJA!

Veja is a relatively new sneaker brand (in comparison to the others) that started back in 2004. Its founders, Sébastien Kopp, and François-Ghislain Morillion wanted to create a more sustainable change in the sneaker industry!

The duo had one foot in sneaker design and the other in social and humanitarian responsibility. They have over 24 styles of vegan sneakers using organic cotton and rubber.

Also, the coolest thing about underrated sneaker brands is that they often have the slimmest designs.

These particular sneakers look a lot like the classic Adidas Stan Smiths! If you’re wondering why these sneakers look familiar, it’s because we’ve seen them on some ex-royal’s feet!



ARKK COPENHAGEN - Underrated New Sneaker Brands - AIO BotNext, our second favorite on the list of underrated sneaker brands is ARKK COPENHAGEN.

Their motto is: “We love sneakers, so we make them ourselves”. Literally. When picking new sneaker brands to invest into, this one is an easy choice. The brand itself is the result of a friendship between sneakerheads Thomas Refdahl and Kasper Høj Rasmussen in 2014. 

So, the pair decided to create a clean and versatile sneaker. Their sneakers have EXTREME and borderline crazy designs with high-quality detailing. 

However, their chunky sneakers do give off Yeezy 500 vibes!

But, they’re cheaper and a whole lot easier to get your hands on. Well, maybe not “easier” after the Adidas x Yeezy break up!


ZESPA - Underrated Sneaker Brands - AIO BotAlso, one of the greatest underrated sneaker brands out there is ZESPA. It was founded around 13 years ago by Jonathan Agrifoglio and Jérémy Ama.

Zespa creates high-end sneakers that take inspiration from the creators’ Mediterranean roots. They use high-quality, luxury products to create high-quality, luxury sneakers! All with a minimalist flair.

Although they might be a little bit more on the pricey side, you do get your penny’s worth!

Actually, we think they look a lot like Common Projects sneakers. They have a wide range of sneakers with lots of different price ranges. 

This is the type of new sneaker brand you should check out. The one that brings the greatest parts of streetwear and luxury together. So, make sure to check them out!




SWEARAnd then, there’s SWEAR – the best of all underrated sneaker brands with fully customizable premium kicks at your command. 

Literally a 1-of-1 sneaker! 

You can take control of your own creativity and go wild with over 8 TRILLION possible combinations! These are the new sneaker brands with new, creative approaches to sneaker design!

How’s that for a unique sneaker Valentine’s Day gift? Just think of all the possible new colorways! It’ll be a 1-in-a-trillion sneaker. They started out in 1997 bold and loud.

And, they put their focus on minimizing waste and producing ethically made sneakers. Swear works pretty hard to ensure that you get quality edgy sneakers, your way.




HOKA ONE ONEFinally, the last one on our list of underrated sneaker brands is HOKA ONE ONE. This is also another one of the fairly new sneaker brands in the game. It was founded in 2009 by French trail runners Nicolas Mermoud and Jean-Luc Diard. 

What began as a small, minimalist shoe movement slowly carved its way into the sneaker industry!

But, even though they were marketing minimalism, they offered MAXIMUM capabilities. Lots of cushioning, impeccable technology, and a stunning design. Basically, they wanted to bring the “floating feel” to running sneakers.

New Sneaker Brands with a Purpose

So, the bottom line is: new sneaker brands need to get more attention. It’s an awesome thing to build up other underrated sneaker brands that deserve to be in the sneaker scene. Now we know that these sneakers can’t really be flipped for much, probably can’t be flipped at all. 

BUT, when you consider a sneaker for yourself you gotta think quality over quantity, any day. Support smaller, more socially aware brands and help them rank up in the sneaker game.

Also, if you haven’t noticed, there was a trend going on with all these small brands. Most of them support sustainable fashion, fair trade, and ethically-made sneakers. This is something that needs to get more hype and attention!