Top 6 Underrated New Sneaker Brands You Have to Know of!

By February 8, 2020 July 22nd, 2020 Fashion, Sneakers

Best New Sneaker Brands - AIO BotThe Footwear industry as a whole stood at US$ 246.07 billion in 2017. That’s some insane digits right there. And experts predict the value to reach about US$ 320.44 billion by 2021. That’s a lot of money to make off sneakers. So, which brands contribute to this figure? Nike, Adidas, Air Jordan, Under Armour, Puma, and Reebok? That’s it right? We all know these names. And we know they’ve been the biggest players in this game for a long time. With Nike leading the game, Adidas and Jordan Brand closely following. But an industry this big and this valuable can’t be standing on 3 or 5 brands only. There are so many underrated new sneaker brands out there that deserve some HYPE! They are the ones who add to the value of this industry and bring new styles, technologies, and trends into our lives.

The Best, Most Under The Radar, New Sneaker Brands

The sneaker industry is a whole other universe, and it has space for everyone. It’s not only checks over stripes anymore. It’s more than that. There are so many new sneaker brands in the world that don’t get enough hype. And this is where us sneakerheads come in! We gotta give them some sneaker love! We all appreciate a good looking sneaker that had some work put into it. Isn’t that what it’s all about anyway? Some epic sneakers. And these new sneaker brands deliver just that. So, these are the top 7 most underrated new sneaker brands that you’ve probably never heard of, but definitely should!

1- Veja Sneaker Brands

Veja is a brand that first started back in 2004 by Sébastien Kopp and François-Ghislain Morillion after they visited a Chinese factory for a social audit. They were pretty shocked by the working conditions and living quarters of the workers in the factory, and so, decided to create a change. Sustainable development and fair trade. That was their goal. Veja’s idea behind their sneakers is standing up with one foot in design and the other in social responsibility. So, they gave up advertising and focused more on production. They now have 24 styles of vegan sneakers made from organic cotton and rubber harvested with total respect for the environment. If you’re wondering why these sneakers look familiar, it’s because we’ve seen them on some ex-royal’s feet! Their prices range from 85€ to 250€ which is about 90 to 270 USD. Still within what we usually pay for hyped sneakers.

New Sneaker Brands - VEJA2- ARKK Copenhagen

Their motto is: “We love sneakers, so we make them ourselves”. Literally. It’s a sneaker brand founded on the friendship between Thomas Refdahl and Kasper Høj Rasmussen in 2014. They decided to create a clean and versatile sneaker, which is exactly what they did! A whole other level of new sneaker brands. ARKK Copenhagen has 25 different sneaker styles all created with extreme (almost crazy) attention to quality and details. Their first sneaker, The Raven, sold out immediately. And so new sneaker brands took another win! Their sneaker prices range from 99 to 150€. So, about 100 to 165 USD. These are perfect alternatives for Yeezys and Jordans! They fall within the same price range anyway!

ARKK Copenhagen - Sneaker Brands3- Good News

A healthy planet. That’s all Good News asks for. And they do that with a recycled rubber sole, organic cotton uppers, and recycled eco-lite footbeds. Add to that the fact that they donate their deadstock sneakers to homeless people or refugees. How amazing is that? When’s the last time you heard of a sneaker brand giving away sneakers? High and low tops range from 80£ to 150£ which is about 100 to 200 USD.


About 11 years ago,  Jonathan Agrifoglio and Jérémy Ama founded one of the greatest new sneaker brands to this day. Zespa creates high-end sneakers with a splash of Mediterranean roots. They use quality products to design luxury sneakers with a minimalist flair. They stand in the face of fast fashion by providing sneakerheads with top quality long-lasting sneakers. You get your penny’s worth. Each and every one. Zespa delivers premium quality sneakers. We think they look a lot like Common Projects sneakers. They have a wide range of sneakers with lots of different price ranges. Make sure to check them out!

Sneaker Brands - Zespa5- C-QP

Conversations & Quintessential Products: New sneaker brands that deliver sneaker designs with passion. C-QP designs their sneakers completely in-house. From the outsole to the ankle collar. They’re entirely handmade! They are people who do the right thing, the right way, and for all the right reasons. C-QP produces sneakers with top quality and according to shoe standards! It started in 2013 as Coloquy.

C-QP - New Sneaker Brands6- Swear

Fully customizable premium sneakers at your command. Literally a 1-of-1 sneaker. You can take control of your own creativity and go wild with over 8 TRILLION possible combinations! How’s that for a unique sneaker Valentine’s Day gift? Just think of all the possible new colorways! It’ll be a 1 in a trillion sneaker. They started out in 1997 bold and loud. They also focus on minimizing waste and producing ethically made sneakers. Swear work pretty hard to ensure that you get quality edgy sneakers, your way. Those are the best kind of sneakers.

SWEAR - Sneaker BrandsNew Sneaker Brands with a Purpose

So, the bottom line is: new sneaker brands need to get more attention. It’s an awesome thing to build up other sneaker brands that deserve to be in the sneaker scene. Now we know that these sneakers can’t really be flipped for much, probably can’t be flipped at all. BUT, when you consider a sneaker for yourself you gotta think quality over quantity, any day. Support smaller, more socially aware brands and help them rank up in the sneaker game.

Also, if you haven’t noticed, there was a trend going on with all these small sneaker brands. Most of them support sustainable fashion, fair trade, and ethically-made sneakers. This is something that needs to get more hype and attention! It started back in 2019, and we hope it stays strong in 2020.