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The Fabulous 4 New Sneakers Revealed at the 2020 Paris Fashion Week!

By January 25, 2020July 14th, 2022Fashion, Sneaker News

New Sneakers in 2020 Paris Fashion Week - AIO BotNew year, new beginnings and, most importantly, new sneakers. That’s the norm every year. Actually, as a sneakerhead, you’re probably more excited about new sneakers than you are about anything else. And throughout the years of the lifespan of this sneaker industry, so much has changed. Including how new sneakers are revealed. What used to take up a huge billboard in NYC Times Square turned into an Instagram post by Kim Kardashian & Co. But recently, sneakers went from being footwear items to a part of a whole style or outfit. And this explains why most sneaker brands have their eyes set on fashion week runways. One great example would be the latest Paris Fashion Week. The best houses, brands, and designers went all out for the occasion, and the sneakers were no exception.

New Sneakers Walking Down the Paris Fashion Week Runways!

There’s something about a sneaker debuting in the Paris Fashion show that makes it all the more popular. It makes people want it more. Which is why sneaker designers know that getting their sneaker on the runway, is the way to go. 2020 seems like an exceptional year for sneakers, already! Although we still haven’t gotten our hands on an epic pair, we got some crazy peeks courtesy of Paris Fashion Week. We had new sneakers from brands like Off-White, Nike, and Jordans! It’s a sneakerhead heaven! So, here are the 4 fabulous new sneakers that debuted at the Paris Fashion Week!

Air Jordan 5 x Off-white

This is the first Jordan Off-White crossover since the Air Jordan 1 “UNC”, unveiled at the FW20 Paris Fashion Week! This classic Air Jordan silhouette walked down the runway dressed in a matte metallic black upper with thin synthetic TPE material. It also has circular cut-outs, which are in line with Virgil Abloh’s Meteor Shower. It has a metallic silver tongue with a red Jumpman logo on it and a faded number 23 on the side of the heel. Abloh left his signature across the midfoot and, in true Off-White fashion, we got a black plastic hangtag. The sneaker ends at yellowed outsoles which gives the sneaker a vintage finish. It gives us a vintage industrial vibe!


New Sneakers Off-White x Air Jordan 5

Release Date: February 15th, 2020
Style Code: CT8480-001
Retail Price: $225

Off-white X Nike Air Force 1 MCA/ Black Midsole

A sneaker that represents Heaven on Earth! Virgil Abloh revealed the New Nike X Off-white MCA at the FW20 Paris Fashion Week. It featured a bold black midsole and a second lacing unit similar to the iconic Dunk lows. The colorway remained true to the sky-blue theme and had a metallic silver Swoosh on its side. And, to add a final touch, the sneaker had a red plastic hangtag as any Off-White sneaker does! We have no idea if this is a one of a kind custom sneaker or if it’s a sample! But, the year’s still young, and we got hopes that this sneaker joins the ranks of 2020 sneaker releases

Sacai X Nike Vapor Waffle (AKA Vapor Pegasus)

Call it a dad shoe, a brick or cop-worthy sneaker. Call it what you want. Whatever you call it, won’t make it go away. Another sneaker rolled in from the Paris Fashion week: the Sacai x Nike Pegasus Vaporfly SP. We don’t know what to make out of this sneaker, we’re not sure if it qualifies as one. People had a lot to say about it for sure though. And, you can see why. The sneaker has double outsoles. Does that make the first outsole a midsole?  Sole-ception. It also has some double Swoosh, lacing, and tongue. There are so many things going on with this sneaker, that even the sneaker is confused. The sneaker comes in 3 different colorways and drops in the Fall of 2020

Paris Fashion Week Sacai x Nike Vapor Waffle

Off-White™ x Futura Laboratories x Nike

What could possibly be better than a sneaker collaboration? A triple Collab! Nike and Off-white are taking their partnership to the next level, adding New York City artist Futura to the mix. It’s a sneaker threesome! Just Kidding.  These new sneakers are a reinvention of the original, Off-white leather dunks. In fact, they look so similar you’d think this is a real fake sneaker. The main difference is the UNC colorway covering this iteration, but it’s just as pricey and profitable the OGs were! We have high hopes for the new version co-designed with Futura Laboratories. It comes in two different colorways: North Carolina blue and black/orange. Release details are yet to be revealed, but let’s hope it’s soon!

Not All Nike!

Although it seems like Nike is the only brand dropping new sneakers in 2020, we can assure you we got a lot more going on. But clearly, Adidas’ presence on the runway was a bit shyer than Nike. We did get a few peeks of some Adidas sneakers like the Craig Green and White Mountaineering, but nothing major. 

However, the Three Stripes brand, Asics, Louis Vuitton, and many more brands have revealed their 2020 new sneakers, on and off the runways. Especially with the major sneaker collabs, like the Adidas IVY Park release!