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New Jordans: Release Dates for Our Faves - AIO bot

New Jordans: Release Dates for Our Faves

By January 3, 2017July 30th, 2020Jordan

The New Year has officially begun and it is time to start thinking about all of those resolutions you’ve made. As always, great style is probably somewhere on that list and these upcoming releases are sure to be the thing to keep you looking stylish all year long. Here are a few of our favorite new Jordans sneakers coming out in 2017, how much they will set you back and when they will finally be released…

The Air Jordan 1 High “Max Orange”

A pop of color with a retro vibe, the Air Jordan 1 High “Max Orange” is already creating plenty of buzz around the web. You will be able to snag them come January 7, 2017 and we know that they will quickly become your go-to sneaker for all those games of backyard basketball in the New Year.

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The Air Jordan IV “Royalty”

With plenty of 3D detail and iridescent elements of regal gold, this themed sneaker is whimsical without being overly done. We love it for its crown details that make it the perfect sneaker for a special occasion. This style will be sold for $190 and will be available just in time for Valentine’s Day with a release date of February 5, 2017.


The Air Jordan VI “Alternate ’91”

Coming out March 11, 2017, these vibrant sneakers will cost you $190… and be worth every penny. With a simplistic design that is still somehow bold and on-trend, these white, grey and red beauties will go with just about anything, elevating your shoe game to 100. (Where’s that emoji when you need it?)


The Air Jordan VIII “Flint”

When we think about the “Flint”, the first word that comes to mind is “futuristic.” With a sleek design and bold navy, black and white interface, this look will leave your friends asking “Dude, where’d you get those?” Our favorite feature of this shoe is the holographic pop-up sphere, reminiscent of an on-court shoe with a hell of a lot of swag. The price has yet to be released, but it will become available as we move closer to the sneaker’s September 2, 2017 release date.


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The Air Jordan IV “Pure Money”

Fresh and clean, this freshly laundered look really is “Pure Money.” With an all-white body and shiny, silver detailing, these classic favorites will be available sometime in 2017… no one knows exactly when just yet or how much you’ll need to shell out to get them, but these will no doubt gain themselves quite the wait list. Details to follow… stay tuned.


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The Air Jordan V “Take Flight”

With splashes of army green, tan and desert gold, the “Take Flight” design will come out on February 11, 2017, but the price is still up in the air. Something about this shoe screams Detroit to us and the cargo-green hue is a favorite in Eminem’s concert closet lineup. If you are a fan of Slim or just a fan of understated Jordans, this pair is definitely one you will want to bring home.


The Air Jordan VI “Chameleon”

The Dennis Rodman of the new 2017 lineup at Nike, the “Chameleon” is equal parts wonderful… and just a little bit weird. With pops of multi-faceted color, midnight black and bold sky blue, this shoe has plenty of potential for nights when you want to do something extra without much effort. If you are going for bold, you can add these to your closet for $225 on February 17, 2017.

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**Releases Source: Complex Magazine

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