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Let’s Play Spot the Difference with the Upcoming “New” Yeezy 500s!

By September 18, 2021September 28th, 2021Adidas, Yeezy

New Upcoming Yeezy 500s 2021 Release - AIO Bot
So, good news! Kanye is bringing us three new Yeezy 500s and they’re the Fall shoes you did not know you needed! But, you know, with every good news you gotta get some bad news too – to balance things out. It’s just how life goes. These Yeezy releases give us mixed feelings!

You see, we said he’s bringing us three new Yeezy 500 colorways – THREE. But, we gotta use the word “new” very loosely. We don’t even think you’re gonna be surprised when you check them out. It’s like playing a very intermediate level of spot the difference with Yeezys! Kinda getting out of hand here, ‘Ye! The new colorways feature Clay Brown, Ash Grey, and Utility Black.

But, the thing is, we’re all in this toxic relationship together! We talk smack about the Yeezy colorways and then end up making our sneaker bots fight each other to cop. Admit it, it’s the truth. So, here’s another addition to our addiction: the new Yeezy 500s of 2021!

“New” But Not Improved Yeezy 500s

#1 Yeezy 500 CLAY BROWNYeezy_500 Clay Brown - AIO Bot

The first one of the new Yeezy 500s is the Clay Brown which looks exactly like its name. It features various shades of brown that create a contrast with the different materials. It’s got a blend of mesh, suede, and premium leather. This is definitely one of the best sneakers to cop for the Winter season. Needs absolutely no cleaning whatsoever! Especially since it has a dark brown adiPrene outsole that can withstand any kind of weather!
Release Date: September 2021
Retail Price: $200

#2 ASH GREY Yeezy 500 Yeezy_500 Ash Grey - AIO Bot

Next up in the new Yeezy 500s lineup is the Adidas YZY 500 Ash Grey! At first glance, it looks PRETTY similar to Clay Brown. It really does. But, this one features different shades of Grey. Dark Grey, Light Grey, medium-dark Grey, and so on. You get the point. It also adds some light brown to the mix and finishes off with Charcoal outsoles!
Release Date: November 2021
Retail Price: $200

#3 Yeezy 500 UTILITY BLACK

Yeezy 500s Utility Black - AIO Bot

The last one of the Yeezy 500s, but definitely not the least in any way: the Yeezy 500 Utility Black. This will be the third restock of this Yeezy colorway. But, we’re honestly not really mad! We’re always down for an all-black Yeezy – old or new!

PLUS, we’ve been studying how much Yeezys make on resale and what to expect. The Yeezy 500 Utility Black is still going pretty strong! In fact, it currently boasts an average resale value of around $347.
Release Date: November 2021
Retail Price: $200

That’s all we know so far about the Yeezy 500s. But, we’ll definitely make sure to keep you updated if anything new comes up! So, make sure to keep it locked on our epic sneaker blog.

HOWEVER, we can not let you go without a little gift! Click on the button below to read the full Yeezy size guide before copping these kicks. You don’t wanna mess up your size right when you’re about to flex some 500s this Winter.

Because, you know, Winter is coming…