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The Newest Yeezys Are Out of This World! Literally! [2021] Martian Yeezys

By April 16, 2021Adidas, Yeezy

Newest Yeezys 2021 - AIO BotWhat sounds better than a new sneaker release? Well, how about the newest Yeezy releases! We’re not even talking about a new 350 colorway, we don’t mean no Yeezy clogs, and definitely not dad shoes – the newest Yeezys. The last time we got a new Yeezy was the drop of the Yeezy 450 Cloud White. The excitement over getting a completely new sneaker designer got sneakerheads impulse buying everywhere – with initial resale values going over $1,000! So, what do we understand from that? We LOVE the newest Yeezys ever. We WANT new Yeezys! And, Kanye West is all ears for our pleas. 

But, it isn’t just about the newest Yeezy releases this year. There’s another whole unique phenomenon happening that we can’t really wrap our sneakerheads around! So, get this, not only are we having new Yeezy releases; BUT, we’re going to have the first-ever Yeezy collaboration. Sneaker collaborations are the thing, and Kanye finally realized this. That is the best sneaker news we could ever receive this year. Yeezy is a sneaker collab in itself with the giant Three Stripes, but ‘Ye never seemed to want to branch out. But now… It is time. 

The Newest Yeezys Coming Your Way in 2021

The newest Yeezys on the market could only mean extreme savage competition for sneakerheads trying to cop. We don’t have any previous drops of these Yeezys to base our expectations on, but we do know that everyone loves an original Yeezy. Just like the release of the Foam Runners! Everyone (including us) called them clogs and living up to the crocs moment, but we still ended up copping. And when the Blue Foam Runner drops, we’re coppin’ that too! And not to mention that these Foam Runners picked up some crazy resale. Maybe it’s because they look weird? Well, if that’s the case, then these Yeezys will do even better because they’re weird AF. We’re talking out of this world weird – Mars maybe.

So, if you’re thinking about copping this Yeezy, you’re going to need some serious ammunition. Copping sneakers at retail isn’t the easiest thing to do, but there are ways to make it work. Actually, there is only one way. The OG sneakerheads of the industry literally got fed up with the OOS page and took matters into their own hands by designing sneaker bots to help them cop faster, cop more sneakers, and never have to pay resale prices. If you don’t already have a good Yeezy bot, check out AIO Bot – the all-in-one bot guaranteed to cop you a feast of all the newest Yeezys. To find out more, just click the button!

Derrick Rose Yeezy – YZY D ROSE

Newest Yeezy Derrick Rose - YZY D Rose - AIO BotFor those who don’t know Derrick Rose, for some unknown reason, he is an American professional basketball player for the New York Knicks! A sneaker collaboration with Yeezys is literally a match made in heaven. Kanye West teased the Derrick Rose YZY sneaker in a Twitter tease back in 2020, and we haven’t heard of it till recently! The sneakers look so much like the Foam Runners and they feel like they consist of the same Yeezy material. This definitely ain’t D Rose’s first sneaker rodeo. The man already has D Rose Adidas sneakers lined up down the block since 2012.

It is supposed to be a basketball performance shoe, but we have a hard time figuring out how to shoot hoops with these Yeezys. We don’t know much about the release information yet, but we do hope that it happens very soon! These are the pair of new Yeezys we really don’t wanna miss out on. D Rose shared an Instagram post dedicated to ‘Ye himself, and shed light on the YZY ROSE project. It also had the numbers 04.1.2021 which is obviously not the release date. But, fingers crossed it’s a little hint that it drops soon.

The 1020 V & 1050 V3

Adidas YZY 1020 and 1050 - AIO BotThe Yeezy 1020 and Yeezy 1050 are another one of the newest Yeezy releases rumored to drop in 2021. We’re very excited to get a whole new design for Yeezy boots even if we don’t actually know when they’re dropping! GOAT already has a page dedicated to the Yeezy 1020 V – although they called it 1050. We’ll see who got it right later on. 

The 1020 features a bright orange upper with a zip-lock mechanism that runs all the way from the top of the heavy-padded tongue to the middle of the forefoot. The whole sneakers give off extreme heavy-duty vibes with continental branding on the back of the heel. It makes for the perfect hiking shoes with the treaded outsoles – or trendy military boots. Could you imagine the US Army dressed in these sneakers? Patriotic. 

On the other hand, the 1050 has an earthy-grey upper sitting atop a thick midsole that wraps around the lower part of the boot and merges with the outsole- – including a toe cap that also blends in with the midsole. The light-colored shoelaces wrap around a very very heavily padded tongue which seems to offer a lot of stability. Not only are these boots fashionable, but they are also very efficient for labor. Maybe that’s Kanye’s vision with the newest sneakers of the year!

As for release information, well, we got nothing YET. But we know that these are 2021 Yeezys. So, we’ll make sure to keep you posted on our blog with all the updates, information, and release dates!