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NFT Alpha Groups: The 7 Elite NFT Discord Servers You Should Join!

By April 21, 2022June 22nd, 2023NFTs

Best NFT Alpha Groups - NFT Discord Servers - AIO BotIf you’re an NFT enthusiast, collector, artist, or reseller; you have to be part of a community. You can’t just do it all on your own! That’s why they’ve created NFT Alpha groups to guide you on your virtual, non-fungible journey!

But, what is an NFT Alpha group?
Basically, NFT Alpha groups are NFT Discord servers that give useful exclusive information on all things non-fungibles. This includes the market, project, brand, and people. This helps you make better buying decisions and gives you an edge in the game! So, it is absolutely crucial that you find the right group for YOU. This is why we’ve made this list of the 7 best Alpha groups out there to save you the hassle!

Also, if you feel like joining a group is just not for you, we’ve got you covered as well. All you have to do is conduct your own research. Luckily, you don’t have to look far. We’ve got a FREE hub on everything you need to know about the NFT industry. So, this way, you can become a master of the NFTs! Click on the button below to check it out!

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#1 Dark Echelon

First, we’re starting off our list of the best NFT Alpha groups with Dark Echelon! They are a collection of 1098 general and genesis pieces programmatically generated on the Ethereum Blockchain. There are a lot of benefits to joining their server. However, you can only actually get these benefits by owning a Dark Echelon NFT. 

#1 Dark Echelon - NFT Alpha Groups - NFT Discord Servers - AIO BotJoining their NFT Discord servers gives you a lot of benefits including:

– Access to ZenTask
– Daily analysis, reviews, and discussions
– Access to custom inbuilt Discord market analytical tools
– Access to a custom inbuilt Discord FOMO alert bots
– And, access to an inbuilt Discord wallet tracker
– Whitelist allocations to big upcoming projects
– Automated Contract minter + secondary auto-buy sniper
– Sophisticated NFT rarity, quick buy, portfolio tracker extension

Twitter Following: 73.8K followers
Collection Floor Price: 4.979 ETH
Beginning of Alpha Group: November 7th, 2021

#2 Plug Pass

Next, yet another one of our awesome NFT Alpha groups, we’ve got Plug Pass. Your literal virtual NFT plug! Gaining ownership of the Plug Pass grants you get access to their exclusive NFT Discord servers – the Kosher Crew! In total, there are 969 passes available for minting! So, you have 969 chances to reap the benefits that come with joining their group.

#2 Kosher Crew - NFT_Group - AIO BotBenefits that come from joining Plug Pass’ Kosher Crew include:

– Discord analysis & live market updates
– Custom NFT guides
– Daily mint schedule
– Insider team trades
– Track listings & sales
– Crypto trading & NFT expert calls
– Whitelist access to big upcoming projects

Twitter Following: 27.6K followers
Collection Floor Price: 1.38 ETH
Beginning of Alpha Group: October 29th, 2021

#3 Champs Only

Also, we have Champs Only – another one of the NFT Alpha groups with a lot to offer! They’ve got a total of 1444 Champs Only passes that give you year-long access to their NFT Discord servers. They also give you a lot of NFT-related tools and features to make you an NFT expert!

#3 Champs Only - NFT_Group - AIO BotJoining the Champs Only NFT community gives you:

– Advanced integrated NFT tools
–  Real-time mint alerts
– Smart money trade trackers
– Whale wallet trackers
– Listing bots
– Whitelist spots on big upcoming projects
– Rapid Alpha on all things NFT-related market information in real-time

Twitter Following: 76.4K followers
Collection Floor Price: 1.5 ETH
Beginning of Alpha Group: March 8th, 2022

#4 Double Agents

Double Agents is one of the free NFT Alpha groups out there that doesn’t require prior minting. It’s the perfect place to start if you’re at the beginning of your NFT journey. You might not be ready to mint an NFT in order to join NFT Discord servers and enjoy its perks. This way you can see what it’s about without any actual crypto-commitment!

#4 Double Agents - NFT Alpha Groups - NFT Discord Servers - AIO BotBenefits of joining the Double Agents Alpha group include:

– It’s free!
– Whitelist spots on big upcoming projects
– Join NFT giveaways to win whitelist spots
– Voice calls discussing strategies and projects
– Discounts on different online NFT Tools

Twitter Following: 67.7K followers
Collection Floor Price: NA
Beginning of Alpha Group: March 26th, 2022

#5 Zerk Pass

Also, we’ve got Zerk Pass NFT Alpha groups – a collection of 333 genesis. Owning one of their Zerk Pass gives you exclusive access to their NFT Discord servers provided by NFTZerk and his team! Plus, you get a lot of exclusive benefits that can help you on your journey!

#5 Zerk Pass NFT_Group - AIO BotThe benefits of joining the Zerk Pass group include the following:

– They have a full range of Alpha call channels all across the globe
– VC calls on a regular basis to discuss general market news
– Whitelist giveaways and raffles
– Exclusive NFT trading tools 

Twitter Following: 63.2K followers
Collection Floor Price: 1.199 ETH
Beginning of Alpha Group: February 9th, 2022

#6 The A-List

And, then there’s the A-List: exclusive NFT Alpha groups founded by NFT trader and enthusiast @SkiddilyNFT. Their main aim is to create value for their members through analysis-based perspective… and lots of benefits! We’re always looking for, “what’s in it for me?”… 

#6 A-List NFT_Group - AIO BotSo, the benefits of being a part of the A-List group include:

– Alpha calls on NFT-related topics
– Project reviews
– Whitelist giveaways and raffles
– Different online Discrod tools
– A safe space for traders to grow

Twitter Following: 10.4K followers
Collection Floor Price: 2.88 ETH
Beginning of Alpha Group: March 29th, 2022

#7 NFT Caviar

Finally, there’s NFT Caviar – one of the most cryptic of all NFT Alpha groups currently in the game. They have their very own NFT newsletter that is founded by Huhao. And, although they claim to be one of the best NFT Discord servers you could join, it’s pretty vague. Of course, this is all based on people’s opinions, comments, and their following! But, the only people that can join are “the most deserving chefs” that can make it into their kitchen

#7 NFT Caviar - NFT Alpha Groups - NFT Discord Servers - AIO BotSo, we can’t technically hate from outside of the club if we can’t even get it!

Twitter Following: 11.1K followers
Collection Floor Price: NA
Beginning of Alpha Group: NA