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Who Are The Blockchain’s Best NFT Artists?

By April 29, 2022NFTs

They can be audio files, a text file, a skin for your favorite online game – they’re NFTs. NFTs can really be anything digital. However, most of the hype goes to the unique digital artwork. Now, I know it feels like the NFT space is only about Apes with all sorts of facial expressions and outfits, but the pool of NFT art is huge! That’s why NFT artists of big collections are getting as much attention as their projects. And a year or so into this craze, we’ve built a bond with the most renowned NFT artists, and we find ourselves on the lookout for their next piece.

AIO's best NFT artists nowWhat Makes up an NFT Collection?

So clearly, art is a big, if not the biggest component of an NFT collection. You expect the creative work put into a collection to be out of this world. And it really is most of the time. We’re always in awe of details and meticulous digital representation of real-life elements and characters. But the thing with art is that it’s heavily influenced by personal taste and preferences. So what I could consider a piece of beautiful art, you could see as just an Ape. 

So, because of that, there had to be other criteria to judge an NFT collection. Things that would get you to buy in regardless of the art.

  • The roadmap
    Shows the commitment – where do you see yourself in 3 years kinda thing. The roadmap gives you a clearer image on what to expect upon holding a certain NFT. You can have a meet and greet in 2 weeks, a dope concert in 4 weeks, and go build a school anywhere in the world in 3 months!
  • Utility
    Getting something in the short run rather than having to wait to cash out. Take BAYC as an example. Holders of these NFTs are allowed commercial rights to their apes. meaning I get to design Tees, hoodies, mugs with my NFT’s Ape on them and star my own lil business. without letting go of the actual Ape!
  • The community
    Having celebrities invested in the same project as you, makes it far more valuable. Being part of a healthy, helpful, and knowledgeable community can make or break your NFT dreams. So always go for collections known for the positive vibes, and cool communities. How can you identify one? Just go to their Discord server and take a look at the chat and what members have to say about the project.
  • Artist
    Who created the collection – designed it is a serious deal here. Especially that NFTs are tokens of ownership of digital art. When you don’t have a clear roadmap, or any crazy utility to offer, having one of the top NFT artists designing your collection can take you places!

How Influential Are NFT Artists?

You might think that the NFT space is too new for some names to shine.  But in reality, NFTs have been here long enough for some NFT artists to shine really bright. 

These artists have contributed to some of the best collections, and we follow them consistently to know what they’re up to. Because whoever created a blue chip collection once, can certainly do it again!

So, What Makes Good NFT Artists?

While there’s so much to consider, the best NFT artists commonly share all or some of these traits:

  • Are active in the NFT community
  • Have a good follower count on social media
  • Have good NFT sales
  • Cater for a unique art niche
  • Their NFTs are available for minting on popular platforms, such as OpenSea
  • Have NFTs consistently up or scheduled for releases.

Who Are the Top NFT Artists?

If we were to list the best NFT artists in the game now, we gotta start with the best collections. Because there is no way on earth you can create a blue-chip NFT, and you’re not a good artist.

#1: All-seeing Senecaall seeing seneca NFT artist

So, the Bored Ape Yacht Club is hands down the best NFT project out there. It just ticks all the boxes: Great aftermarket value, incredible utility, HUGE influencer backing, and amazing art. 

Now, for a long time, the whole team behind BAYC wasn’t Doxxed, until Buzzfeed took it on themselves to reveal the Apes’ identities. And recently we were introduced to All-Seeing Seneca, the genius behind the original Bored Ape character. 

Despite her creativity and awesome skill, the artist believes she did not receive enough credit, considering how far the project has come. You can read her full story with BAYC here

Following that infamous BAYC collection, Seneca launched her very own five-piece NFT collection at Art Basel Miami in early December which sold for a total of $100,000.

#2: BeepleBeeple

Mike Winkelmann, or as we know him in the NFT community, Beeple, is one of the most famous NFT artists today. His work includes the iconic, mixed-feelings-inducing NFT collage, Everydays: the First 5000 Days. The piece, which sold for a mind-blowing $69 million, took 13 years to create and includes 5,000 digital images that required a whole year to put together. An expensive NFT indeed!

The images include everything from basic sketches, to utterly disturbing images of Trump, apes, and various cartoon characters doing uncartoonish things. 

#3: Pak nft designer Pak

One of the NFTs that stood out the most recently was a sphere. A white 3D sphere that stole the NFT spotlight and a whopping $91.8 million. Pak is an anonymous artist that formerly went by the name Murat Pak. Pak has a portfolio of 2+ decades in design, coding, programming, technology, and digital art. He’s most known for Archillect, an AI powered platform that shares visually stimulating pictures across her own social media accounts. But on an NFT level, it’s the Merge collection that launched via the Nifty Gateway platform in December 2021 that put Pak on the map. Sales of that collection generated nearly $92 million.

#4: Larva LabsNFT artists Crypto punks

We wouldn’t be here, talking about NFT artists or NFTs in general if it wasn’t for these guys. Matt and John are the renowned NFT artists behind Larva Labs. Among their best work are CryptoPunks and The Meebits which became synonymous with the term NFTs. 

Recently, however, another big name among NFT artists and creators managed to acquire both CryptoPunks and Meebits. And as of  March 12, 2022,  Yuga Labs owns the copyright in the art of 423 CryptoPunks and 1711 Meebits. As a result, CryptoPunks and Meebits owners got the same utility as BAYC holders, which is commercial rights to their NFTs.

#5: Gary Vaynerchuk Gary Vee NFTs

Gary’s business portfolio is just as loaded as his crypto wallet. And as the creative investor he is, there wasn’t a chance he wouldn’t hop all in on the NFT train. Now, Gary’s artistic skills don’t necessarily qualify him as one of the best NFT artists, but his collection “VeeFriends” does! Now we gotta give it to him, the 2nd series of his collection is next level in terms of art. But the fact that you get access to tons of events including VeeCon makes you turn a blond eye over the art!

#6: Clon Clon cool cats

Another NFT artist that gained so much fame for launching a “blue-chip” project is Clon. Clon is one of the NFT artists that managed to create, not only art, but a full-on digital experience with Cool Cats.

Cool Cats is a 9,999 NFTs collection with over 300,000 combinations of features that include faces, hats, and clothes. NFT holders have access to the community, valuable airdrops, and future events, as well as full freedom about using their own NFTs.


NFT artists XCOPY

At first, you’d be deceived by the color palette into thinking this will be a happy bubbly kind of art. But in reality London’s XCOPY is of the NFT artists that mainly do dark, and dystopian conceptual art. And if you think you haven’t seen XCOPY’s work before, you’re wrong. His “Right-click and Save As guy” NFT is an industry icon! This pice last sold for 1600ETH valuing at $4.6 Million today. As with most famous NFT artists, XCOPY has an A-list clientele including Snoop Dogg who bought XCOPY’s “Some Asshole,” for around $4 million!

#8: FEWOCiOUSNFT artists Fewocious

As far as the sneaker industry is concerned, only a few NFT artists matter. But FEWOCiOUS matters the most! The 18-year-old artist has a massive following of 100K on social media and has made it on the headlines of all sneaker sites early on. FEWOCiOUS’ collaboration with RTFKT made it to sneaker and NFT history by selling out in just 7 minutes, generating over $3 million

The artist also has his own collection of 1.7K NFTs with a floor price of 1 ETH and a total traded volume of 2.7K ETH

Ranging from basic, to beautiful and all the way to creepy AF, there’s art to cater for all tastes in NFTs. But in all honesty, with the numbers we’re seeing and the potential profit you could make, sniping and reselling NFTs, who cares about NFT artists and their talent. All we care about is a side hustle that could potentially dethrone sneaker reselling!