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The Top 3 NFT Bots That Can Change Your Entire Virtual Game!

By March 8, 2022June 22nd, 2023NFTs

The Best NFT Bots - AIO BotHere’s our theory: the sneaker industry is the MASTER of all industries, and everything else takes inspiration from it! And so, that is why we now have NFT bots here to help us buy all the best non-fungible tokens on the market!

So, you see, NFTs have definitely taken flight recently – despite the market crash. And so, the need to find better and more effective ways to buy NFTs (before anyone else) became imperative! Also, thanks to the gigantic growth in demand for bots, we finally have tangible products we can use. Therefore, we’ve filtered the list of all the “mid” and “meh” NFT bots out there and we bring you… the BEST of the best!

Basically, the growing potential of making money with NFTs is far too large to ignore. In other words, your ability to make constant and even passive income with NFTs is unmatched. So, naturally, people are going to look for loopholes to help them out. Take the shortcut. Work smarter, not harder.

And, speaking of smarter…

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First, let us begin with a very brief introduction to NFT bots and why they would exist! Traditionally, people buy and sell NFTs through different marketplaces and different release types! Therefore, having an automated service to buy and check out on your behalf sounds very doable! Sneaker bots do it! So, basically, NFT bots just automate the process of buying super-hyped and coveted NFTs.

Benefits of Having an NFT Bot:

  • Make money reselling NFTs
  • Target the NFT of your dreams!
  • Buy any and every digital asset you want
  • Monitor NFT marketplaces for hyped releases


#1 NFThunder

First, we’re going to kickstart the list of best NFT bots with NFThunder. This is a bot that guarantees to “shake” things up! This bot joined the game back in October 2021, but instantly raised the bar! NFThunder has everything you need to buy and sell NFTs on the blockchain in the most efficient and easy way. This cross-chain NFT automation software comes with tons of features across different blockchains including: ETH, SOL, OpenSea, MagicEden, and Premint.

Therefore, no matter what blockchain you prefer, NFThunder has the services for you! In addition to countless features, this NFT bot also offers access to its Alpha community. This group gives you valuable information, drop schedules, analysis, market reviews, NFT tools, monitors, and so much more. All of which is included in the monthly license fee! PLUS, it supports both Mac and Windows operating systems – talk about bang for your buck!

Some of its features include:

NFThunder Features

ETH Features

– Contract Minting
– OpenSea Sniper & Autbobid
– Gas Fee Calculator and Multiple Modes
– Wallet Generator & Top Up
– 4 Mint Modes: FLIP, FAST, HYBRID, and SAFE

SOL Features

– Magic Eden & MonkeLabs Launchpad & Sniper
– Candy Machine& ID Quickstart
– Wallet Generator & Top Up
– Mint & Balance Checker
– Custom RPC & Civic Support

Premint Features

– Auto Discord & Twitter Handler
– Multi-Profile Handler
– Premint Module
– Account Generator
– Discord Joiner
– Waterfall Support
– Verification Bots Support

Price: 0.5 ETH per month for license key
Status: OOS (restock announcements via Twitter)

#2 MinTech

Next up, we’ve got MinTech – one of the best NFT bots for Ethereum NFT drops! So, the first thing you should know about MinTech is that it comes with a variety of automated minting features. However, it specializes in Ethereum automation and minting ETH drops! It prides itself on being super user-friendly and making the entire minting process a lot easier. One of the best services it offers is minting directly from NFT contracts with unlimited wallets SIMULTANEOUSLY!

Also, another thing that MinTech has to offer is their Alpha release guides for in-depth knowledge of releases. Plus, there’s their crossover platform application that’s available for both Mac and Windows users! It joined the market back in February 2021 and has quickly become one of our favorite NFT bots!

Some of its features include:

  • ETH contract minting
  • Alpha group release guides
  • Wallet management tools
  • Custom signature drops
  • Raffle and mint modules
  • Crossover platform application
  • Constant regular development
  • And, you can resell it on OpenSea!

Price: 0.4 ETH initial price with 0.2 ETH renewal fee
Status: Available for purchase on OpenSea

#3 NFTs Minter

Finally, the last one on our list of NFT bots is NFTs Minter. Now, as the name suggests, it helps you mint NFTs in a much faster and guaranteed way! Now, this bot started dabbling in the art of NFT minting in December 2022. However, it definitely has gained a lot of overnight success and even MORE attention in the NFT world. Furthermore, it’s not just a bot, it’s more of an NFT community for exclusive guides, support, insights, and networking. The NFT game does not have to be a solo journey for you! So, finding actual support from real people and NFT bots is definitely a nice change!

Some of its features include: 

  • CLI interface
  • Full wallet manager
  • Easy to use NFTs ETH minter
  • High-speed optimization
  • Success on whitelists, public mints, and more!

Price: Exclusive discord members
Status: OOS