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Find Your NFT Calendar Here: Upcoming Drops & Events!

By April 1, 2022NFTs

The Best NFT Calendar - AIO BotThe most important thing about being a part of the Metaverse is having a good NFT calendar. Or else, you’ll be MISSING OUT on every money-making chance there is! Now, call this FOMO or whatever you wanna call it. But, WE are not about to miss out!

Keep reading for our 7 picks of the best NFT calendars out there so you’ll always be in the know! Speaking of ‘in the know’, are you 100% confident in your knowledge of NFTs? If you’ve got even the slightest doubt, you gotta do something about it.

Luckily for you, we actually have a free hub that you can join to become an NFT master. Just click on the button below to learn more about non-fungibles for FREE!

NFT_ Button - AIO Bot



NFTCalendar - AIO BotFirst, we’re gonna begin with the NFT calendar that has the highest traffic of them all – NFTCalendar. Now, it definitely makes a lot of sense considering its name. It would be equally ironic (and kinda savage) if it didn’t get any visitors.

NFTCalendar allows you to check today’s drops, all the upcoming ones, the ongoing ones, and even the past releases. It even gives you the marketplace where you can buy the NFT and on which blockchain it exists.

And, as an NFT creator, you can actually list your item or collection on their site free of charge!

Number of Monthly Visitors: 85.9K
Twitter Handle: @nftcalendar


NFT_Evening - AIO BotNext, we’ve got another NFT calendar worth checking out – NFT Evening. If you visit their website, you’ll find that they’ve actually got a lot to offer. They’ll hook you up with all the latest NFT news, guides, information, and conferences. You can find everything you need if you’re interested in learning more. Plus, a free calendar as well! 

You can add your events for free on NFT Evening – click here. However, if you wanna promote it and give it more traction; you’ll have to pay! It costs 0.40 ETH per day for one slot on their calendar and 0.20 ETH per day for the remaining others.

Number of Monthly Visitors: 4.9K
Twitter Handle: @nftevening


Upcoming NFT Calendar - AIO BotAnd then, we’ve got Upcoming NFT .ART – an NFT calendar with a whole lot of attention to detail! It shows you all kinds of releases: new NFT drops, TBA drops, and already minted NFTs. And, you can also get your own NFTs listed on their calendar too.

However, unlike the previous calendars, listing is not for free. You get to choose between three different Listing Packages that come with different perks. In short, it depends on how much you’re willing to pay to list and promote your work!


Number Monthly of Visitors: 3.8K
Twitter Handle: @upcomingNFT_art


Benzinga - NFT Calendar - AIO BotAlso, there’s the NFT calendar that’s also not really an NFT calendar – Benzinga. This is a website that pretty much covers anything and everything that is related to money; including NFTs. So, they talk about insurance, finance, mortgages, and stuff like that.

Benzinga is a pretty good place to go if you’re a businessman or someone already invested in the business world. As an NFT connoisseur, you might prefer someone who is strictly into non-fungibles. However, their visitor count makes them a pretty reliable source!


Number Monthly of Visitors: 2K
Twitter Handle: @benzinga


NFT Drops Calendar - NFT Calendar - AIO BotNext, we’ve got NFT Drops Calendar which is obviously strictly an NFT calendar that focuses on non-fungible drops. They also provide you with all kinds of news on the industry and community. And, they have a page dedicated to NFT giveaways where you can get a chance to win free NFTs! Check it out here!

The strangest yet most impressive thing about them has to be their “Environmentally Friendly NFT Calendar” thing. Sustainable non-fungibles? They encourage forward-thinking projects and create positive brands that aim to reverse climate change. How cool is that?

Number Monthly of Visitors: 1K
Twitter Handle: @NftDropsCal

#6 CRYPTO.COM NFT - NFT Calendar - AIO BotMoving on, we’ve got an NFT calendar based on a very renowned cryptocurrency website – NFT. This website is mostly known as an NFT marketplace not just as a calendar.

You can also create your NFTs right off the site as well. AND, you can also use it as a place to trade some currency too. So, if you’re looking for the full package, this might be it for you!

Number of Visitors: 1.7K
Twitter Handle: @cryptocomnft


Nifty Drops - AIO BotFinally, we’ve got Nifty Drops – the best place if you’re looking for an NFT calendar, tutorials, news, and more. You can check all the best collections out there. AND, you can even apply for jobs on the site. So, if you can’t make it as a reseller, maybe you can find something to do there!

Number of Visitors: 800
Twitter Handle: @niftydrops