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The Formidable 5 Best NFT Collaboration Projects in the Virtual World

By July 20, 2022June 23rd, 2023NFTs

NFT Collaboration Project - AIO BotNow that the world of non-fungible tokens has established its place in the real world, it got even bigger! This is where we make way for all the greatest NFT collaboration projects you could ever imagine. The biggest brands from different industries are clawing their way into the virtual world with NFTs!

Celebrities, influencers, sneakers brands, and even luxury fashion brands have joined the ranks of the non-fungibles. In this article, we’ll be discussing our favorite five formidable collabs on the non-fungible world. Also, make sure you join our FREE hub so you too can be a part of NFTs! Click on the button below to check it out!

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So, NFTs have become so popular, that certain giant brands like Adidas, Nike, the NBA, McDonald’s, and LV have joined. They’ve decided to join the trend and use their ever-growing technology to their benefit. Bringing together two different industries and creating something even better – like music NFTs! And, since this virtual lifestyle might just become the “thing”, it is only natural that they hop on! 

First, it started with companies starting to get more and more into the Metaverse – aka the virtual world. However, with the recent BOOM of NFTs and despite the market decline, non-fungible tokens are as hot as ever. Let’s give it a look!

#1 Adidas

Adidas NFT_Collaboration - AIO BotStarting strong, we’ve got the German sportswear company and sneaker industry giant – Adidas! Their fashion NFT collaboration project started in November 2021 when they joined “The Sandbox”. This was the very first time that Adidas launched an NFT drop of digital apparel. Their collaboration included collections like BAYC, gmoney, and the creators of Punks Comic.

#2 Nike

Nike NFT_Collaboration - AIO BotThe next NFT collaboration project is by… Nike! Surprise!
Well, it’s not really surprising, is it? These two sneaker giants have been going head to head since the dawn of time! And, with their latest courtroom drama, it doesn’t seem to be coming to an end any time soon. However, as for NFTs, Nike created virtual Nike sneakers and apparel. They’ve also developed their “Nikeland” on the Roblox platform where people can dress in Nike apparel.

#3 NBA

NBA NFT Collaboration - AIO BotAlso, along the same line, we’ve got the National Basketball Association (NBA), with another NFT collaboration project!

The NBA has done a lot of NFT-related work including their NBA Top Shot project and The Association. They offer digital collectibles that include scenes from their favorite NBA moments.

They even offer digital NBA trading cards!

#4 McDonald’s

Mcdo NFT Collaboration - AIO BotAnd then, there’s McDonald’s cool NFT collaboration project in celebration of their McRib sandwich! So, they released a 10-piece limited edition run of the McRib NFT. they also dropped several NFTs as a part of their entire collection showcasing the infamous sandwich.

There is also talk of McDonald’s meal delivery services in the Metaverse and opening virtual restaurants. 

#5 Louis Vuitton

LV NFT Collaboration - AIO Bot

Finally, for a little bit of luxury, we’ve got the Louis Vuitton NFT collaboration project called “LV”. they joined around August of 2021 with unique NFT wearables that you could use with your avatars.

They also released 30 NFTs in their game, Louis the Game, in celebration of 200 years of fashion!