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The Best NFT Community You Should Join: Our 17 Top Picks!

By September 23, 2022NFTs

The Best NFT Community to Join - AIO BotEver since the trend of non-fungible tokens broke out in the early 2020s, there has been a surge in different communities. However, finding a reliable and credible NFT community to join isn’t as simple as it sounds. A lot of them could be a front for an NFT rug pull or some kind of non-fungible fraud! So, it is very important that you have a good set of options to choose from.

Therefore, we’ve put together this list of our favorite communities that you can be a part of. All of them have excellent reps, they’re super exciting and very supportive. An NFT community is a great place for information on upcoming projects, how to gain exposure, early news, and more. It is just like NFT alpha groups but on a larger scale! So, whether you’re an NFT newbie, seasoned collector, or a terrific trader; you need to be a part of a larger community. 

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So, to find the best NFT community out there, we’ve curated this list based on size, engagement, and reputation. Almost every successful non-fungible token project has a huge, established community behind it. And, soon enough, we believe that communities will be the most important part of any person’s NFT journey! Without it, a project can not create a sustainable culture and brand for the users investing in it!

We’re going to go into detail on our top 5 favorites. But, all in all, we’ve provided a list of 17 of our top picks for NFT communities. These are the most established and credible communities you can join in the world of NFTs. Check them out!

#1 r/NFT
#3 CryptoPunks
#4 VeeFriends
#5 Cool Cats
#6 OpenSea
#7 Decentraland
#8 Web3 Cafe
#9 World of Women
#10 Deadfellaz
#11 Alien Frens
#12 Larva Labs
#13 NFTs World
#14 Friends with Benefit
#15 Nuclear Nerds
#16 The Flower Girls
#17 Art Stars Club NFT


Before we get into our top 5 favorite communities you can join, we gotta talk about NFTs WORLD. This is the #1 NFT community with the largest discord server in the industry. It discusses cryptocurrency, non-fungible tokens, and other related information. Now, the reason this community isn’t in our top 5 is because of how broad it can be. It can ultimately feel pretty overwhelming. 

However, it is a good option to go for people getting started in NFTs. A person who hasn’t already invested in an NFT project or does plan to do so immediately. Because let’s face the facts, once you join a project, you’ll join their community. And, when you do that, you’ll be committed! Either way, if you wanna check it out, join their discord below!

#1 r/NFT

rNFT Subreddit Community_ - AIO BotThe first NFT community we’re here to discuss might just be the OG community on this list – r/NFT. It is the official discord server for the largest NFT subreddit community ever! It currently has 155,403 members who get into all kinds of debates on crypto topics and NFTs. You can find everything you need like group guides, discussions, and all kinds of ideas! 

✔ Beginner friendly
✔ Available for help 24/7
✔ Free to join


BAYC NFT Community - AIO BotNext, we’ve got a gigantic NFT community behind an, even more, GIGANTIC NFT project – the BAYC community! If you don’t know what BAYC is, you probably live under a virtual rock. The Bored Ape Yacht Club happens to be one of the most epic and monumental NFT collections currently in existence. They also happen to be the most expensive PFP project in the world. They’re so epic that they’re even working on their very own metaverse project.

✔ Exclusive access to project information
✔ Access to guides on BAYC projects
✘ Requires a BAYC NFT to join

BAYC NFT Community Button

#3 CryptoPunks

CryptoPunks NFT Community - AIO BotAlso, another NFT community that you should consider joining is the CryptoPunks community. They are the OG PFP projects created by Larva Labs with their 10K PFP concept. Despite the fact that BAYC has taken over and bought all their IP rights, they are still worth TONS! However, of course, this is not a beginner-friendly community to kickstart your journey. But, it is a stop that every NFT collector has to check out at some point!

✔ Access to information on upcoming Larva Labs projects
✔ Exclusive access to industry trade information
✘ Requires a CryptoPunk to be a verified Punk owner

#4 VeeFriends

VeeFriends NFT_Community - AIO BotNext, there’s none other than Gary Vee’s NFT community for his VeeFriends NFT collection. A lot of people first expressed their doubts about the VeeFriends projects, especially when they first launched. But, we can safely say that they were completely wrong in their assumption. Gary Vee’s work is definitely one of the most phenomenal in the entire NFT space. Something worth being part of!

✔ Comprehensive Discord
✔ Focus on teaching people about NFTs
✔ Super beginner friendly

#5 Cool Cats

Cool Cats NFT_Community - AIO BotFinally, our last but not least favorite NFT community is one of the coolest cats in the virtual world! Of course, we’re talking about the Cool Cats community – one of the OG projects in the NFT space! Their team has definitely gone through tons of ups and downs ever since their initial mint! Especially with the launch of their very own P2E game. But, they’re still going strong and have an awesome community behind them!

✔ A community full of positive energy
✔ Full of guidance and help for everyone!
✔ A lively Discord

Cool_Cats NFT Community Button