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The Top 10 BIGGEST NFT Influencers You Should Actually Follow

By March 15, 2022June 14th, 2022NFTs

Top 10 NFT Influencers - AIO BotNFT influencers are a big part of your NFT journey. You have to have inside plugs to guide you through this digital adventure! You need guidance to identify red flags and avoid any NFT rug pulls! In short, you can’t risk missing out on some crucial information! These influencers can provide you with all the information you need on NFTs for smooth sailing all the way! Keep reading to find out more!


Before we get into our list of the top 10 NFT influencers, we’re gonna start with something a bit closer to home! If you’re a sneakerhead trying to maneuver his way through the NFT journey, you might want something more familiar! At AIO Bot blog, you can actually get all the information you will need on buying, selling, trading, and more. But, in the more sneakerhead style that we love. So, if you wanna learn about NFTs but with a taste of the sneaker culture, click on the button below! We’ll be your NFT & sneaker plug all at the same time!



BentoBoi - NFT Influencers - AIO BotFirst, we’ve got Brandon Chinn! Chinn – AKA Bento Boi – is one of the best NFT influencers who claims that he is NOT an influencer! However, he sure does provide TONS of educational content on everything related to NFTs like an influencer. Chinn is the co-founder of @SquishySquadNFT and @WGMI_studios. And, identifies as a Jpeg collector and Crypto enthusiast! If you’re interested in early access to upcoming NFT projects, money-making strategies, and market news – follow Bento Boi!

YouTube Subscribers: 45.6K subscribers
YouTube Views: 802,612 views
Twitter Following: 223.4K followers
Instagram Following: 185K followers
Level: Crypto & NFT Enthusiasts


Kosherplug - NFT_Influencers - AIO BotNext, we’ve got Kosher Plug – one of the few NFT influencers out there who’s actually keepin’ it kosher! The 20-year old influencer is also the CEO of @ThePlugPass, WGMI Studios, and Kosher Kit. Kosher’s YouTube channels cover everything from NFT market updates to upcoming collections to making money from them. Basically, everything you need to know to stay in the loop of the NFT world. 

YouTube Subscribers: 36.7K subscribers
YouTube Views: 549,767 views
Twitter Following: 220.7K followers
Instagram Following: 5,307 followers
Level: Crypto & NFT Enthusiasts


Ameer Hussain- NFT Influencers - AIO BotThen, we’re moving on to Ameer Hussain – Youtuber / Founder and Creative Director of Dark Echelon! Ameer joined the forces of NFT influencers to help people become NFT masters! Ameer’s YouTube channel focuses on all the newest hyped NFT projects that you should know about. Especially if you’re an avid NFT collector who wants to learn more about whitelisting, early access, and making Crypto profit. A lot of his videos focus on making MASSIVE GAINS and PASSIVE INCOME!

YouTube Subscribers: 20.8K subscribers
YouTube Views: 609,552 views
Twitter Following: 207K followers
Instagram Following: 773 followers
Level: Crypto & NFT Enthusiasts


NFT Verse - NFT_Influencers - AIO BotNext, we’ve got Angel – aka NFT Verse has a YouTube channel completely dedicated to NFT tutorials, news, how-tos, and so much more. By watching NFT Verse videos, you can learn about the general flip, cool NFT tools, interesting projects, and the works! Angel also provides information on what you can use in the Metaverse!

YouTube Subscribers: 129K subscribers
YouTube Views: 4,133,820 views
Twitter Following: 60.7K followers
Instagram Following:  86.5K followers
Level: Beginners & Pro NFT Beasts


Rarity Sniper - NFT_Influencers - AIO BotAlso, aside from NFT influencers, you can always resort to NFT blogs on the most renowned marketplaces. This includes Rarity Sniper News – the hub for all the best NFT rarities AND news out there. You can get general news on the industry. So, it’s a good place to stay in the loop on all the latest buzz in the game. Just like you would follow AIO Bot blog for all news related to the sneaker industry! Simple!

YouTube Subscribers: NA
YouTube Views: NA
Twitter Following: 366.8K followers
Instagram Following:  56.3K followers
Level: Crypto & NFT Enthusiasts


NFT Link - NFT_Influencers - AIO BotNFT Link is different from your run-of-the-mill NFT influencers. They work to link physical items to your NFTs – hence the name NFTL. In short, they work to digitize, certify and share NFTs on the Cordano chain. And, they also share a lot of information about upcoming projects, minting, claiming & integration, and more! If you’re interested in bringing together the digital world and the physical world, NFT Link is the one for you!

YouTube Subscribers: NA
YouTube Views: NA
Twitter Following: 1,150 followers
Instagram Following: NA
Level: Beginners & Pro NFT Beasts


The Parallax - NFT Influencers - AIO BotYet another one of the NFT influencers with a slightly different approach! The Parallax is a media company committed to helping people navigate their way through NFTs, Web3, and crypto. Their YouTube channel has a lot of videos on the top NFTs in the game, upcoming projects, updates, and tutorials. In short, it can help give you a good idea of what direction you want to go with!

YouTube Subscribers: 6.48K subscribers
YouTube Views: 179,671 views
Twitter Following: 114 followers
Instagram Following: NA
Level: Crypto & NFT Enthusiasts


NFT Donut - NFT_Influencers - AIO BotSo, if you’re just starting out with NFTs and want some decent NFT influencers for guidance, NFT Donut works best! Their YouTube channel has all kinds of tutorials, guides, how-tos, reviews, and even real NFT talk. You’ll feel more comfortable in your knowledge of NFTs – especially if you’re a beginner. Get all your concerns answered at NFT Donut!

YouTube Subscribers: 1.41K subscribers
YouTube Views: 56,190 views
Twitter Following: 882 followers
Instagram Following: NA
Level: Beginner NFTs


Beast.eth - NFT_Influencers - AIO BotBeast.eth NFT is one of the up-and-coming NFT influencers in the game. They’ve got a very impressive base on IG, and focus on everything digital! Celebrating and making NFTs, the Metaverse, Web3, and stuff like that! Beast NFT is a great place to start within a non-fungible culture for a lot of news about the industry And, at the same time, you can find some good gem-level tutorials as a beginner in NFTs!

YouTube Subscribers: 376 subscribers
YouTube Views: 6,372 views
Twitter Following: 4,884 followers
Instagram Following: 19.5K followers
Level: Beginners & Pro NFT Beasts


Henry Chen - NFT Influencers - AIO BotFinally, one of the very influential NFT influencers out there has to be Henry Chen. Chen’s YouTube channel teaches beginners and pros alike all things related to NFTs. You can get detailed, step-by-step guides on how to buy, sell, and trade NFTs. And, Chen also includes a lot of upcoming NFT projects with all kinds of copping tips! 

YouTube Subscribers: 16.9K subscribers
YouTube Views: 871,100 views
Twitter Following: 2,469 followers
Instagram Following: NA
Level: Beginners & Pro NFT Beasts