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The Best NFT Newsletter: 4  Sites to Keep You in the Virtual Loop!

By April 15, 2022NFTs

Best NFT Newsletter - AIO BotMoving forward with our NFT series! And, this time, we’re discussing THE NFT newsletter that you need to keep you up-to-date on everything non-fungibles. Stay in the virtual loop of things! 

However, we will not be going into more detailed explanations on NFTs in general. But, if you ARE looking for more information, we’ve got you covered! We’ve actually created a completely FREE hub of guides on everything you need to know about non-fungibles. Buying, selling, minting… the works! So, make sure you go check it out. Just click on the button below to take you there!

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So, an NFT newsletter is a great and easy way to stay within the loop of things without extra effort. In other words, you can get all the information you need without doing your own tons of research! You don’t have to dig through Tweets and comments. You don’t have to surf different Discord servers! No more listening to hours of NFT influencers telling you what’s going on! And, you don’t necessarily have to spend hours down a Google spiral! 

And, with an industry like this one, you have to constantly be in the loop of things! Everything can change in a minute. Especially when you’re invested in multiple projects simultaneously, it’s hard to keep track. 

The best newsletter for you can help you stay up-to-date on everything going down in the game! And, it can also give you insights on the hottest projects, best sales, and stuff like that! So, check out the newsletters below and find the one for YOU!


1. Zima Red

Zima Red - NFT_Newsletter - AIO BotThe first NFT newsletter on this list is the Zima Red on! The cool thing about this newsletter is that you can actually check out all the past editions. And, you can even check their archives before you even subscribe to the newsletter! 

This is really great if you want to get to know them before you actually sign up. See what they have to offer. Also, they include weekly roundups on everything NFTs. So, you’ll definitely get your non-fungible fix!

2. NFT Lately

NFT Lately - NFT Newsletter - AIO BotAlso, we have the NFT Lately newsletter – which is basically like your morning newspaper! This NFT newsletter – written by Jared Maldonado – sends out a new edition twice every week. It’s pretty decent and doesn’t overwhelm you with too much content throughout the week. No spamming here!

Jared covers everything on all the latest NFT news, releases, exclusive content, and more! According to their website, they claim that their readers include people from OpenSea, Rarible, Dapper, and even J.P. Morgan!

3. Metaversal

Bankless Metaversal NFT Newsletter - AIO BotAnd then we have the Metaversal NFT newsletter that strikes closer to home for those into crypto. It takes an analytical view of NFTs and really digs deep into them. You can also get a chance to look over their content before you choose to subscribe!

They cover all the hottest and latest topics regarding NFTs that you might find interesting. You can also learn more about the upcoming trends and what you should buy! Check it out yourself!

4. Play to Earn

Play to Earn - NFT_Newsletter - AIO BotSo, if you can’t already tell, this NFT newsletter is all about play-to-earn games! Play to Earn targets that area where NFTs and gaming come together in the most epic blend! It discusses all the best NFT games in the industry to keep you up-to-date on blockchain gaming!

This is definitely a newsletter you should check out if you’re in it for the long run! They’ve got over 100 editions of their newsletter so far! Very committed.

5. Forefront

ForeFront - NFT_Newsletter - AIO BotFinally, we have Forefront – one of the best places for insights on cryptocurrencies, DAOs, and Web3. They release an NFT newsletter every Monday morning. So, also not spammy! And, they also have their very own Podcast format that you can listen to! They even go into details on things related to the blockchain, social tokens, and community-related things!

OR, if you’re a sneakerhead looking for something a little bit more OUR vibe, just follow us on our blog! We’ll keep you posted on everything NFTs, sneakers, and even retail!