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NFT PFPs: What is a PFP NFT Collection? Explained!

By August 16, 2022NFTs

NFT PFPs - What is PFP NFTs - AIO BotThe days of the selfies and beach bod profile pictures are way behind us. And, a whole new era of catfishing and thirst traps is beginning with NFT PFPs! So, this brings us to the question: what is a PFP NFT?

There are so many types of non-fungible tokens with all kinds of uses to them. However, PFPs are easily one of the most popular out there. Especially due to the fact that they are much easier to flex online! Scrolling through social media has become an ocean of PFPs – aka, profile picture non-fungible tokens. It’s unsettling, to say the least. But, it DOES cause a surge of envy for others and a lot of social status for the user.

Making other people jealous and flexing your shit? Sounds like something we can get on board with!

So, let’s dive into NFT PFPs and how they work. Plus, while you’re at it, you might wanna practice your NFT knowledge – especially the slang! You’ll probably get a lot of DMs with an NFT for a profile picture. But you don’t wanna be flexing the non-fungibles and sounding like a noob. Join our FREE hub of NFT guides today to save yourself the embarrassment! Click on the button below to check it out!

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What is a PFP NFT?

Have you noticed a lot of apes, punks, or even owls on your social media sites? You can’t scroll through 5 Twitter profiles without catching at least one or two PFPs. So, what is a PFP NFT to begin with? 

NFT PFPs are non-fungible tokens in the form of digital artwork that collectors use as their social profile pictures. It means non-fungible token profile pictures or generative avatar projects. Usually, a PFP project comes in large quantities of randomly-generated NFTs with different NFT rarities. And so, this is why they have the name “generative”. Because of the fact that they are randomly created from a set of traits with varying rarity scores. NFT traits could be anything from body type, head and hair traits, facial expressions, accessories, and more! 

They’ve become so popular that, in 2022, Twitter introduced a new mechanism to verify NFT ownership. This is to make sure that they have the right to display these PFP NFTs as their profile pictures. A lot more social platforms are following suit and integrating the same mechanism into their systems – including Meta’s Instagram! 

Top 5 NFT PFPs

#1 CryptoPunks

Cryptopunk - AIO BotCryptoPunks are the very first NFT PFPs in the entire industry and one of the very first collections in general! They were actually one of the very first NFTs ever minted on the Ethereum blockchain. In other words, they’re the OGs of the PFPs! 

Also, you should know that these NFTs were free-to-launch! Legit free NFTs. We’re talking about the collection with a current floor price of 88.5 ETH at the moment! All CryptoPunks holders proudly display their NFTs on Discord, Twitter, and anywhere else they can flex! 

#2 Bored Ape Yacht Club

BAYC - AIO BotAlso, there’s Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) – the 10,000 NFT PFPs of actual cartoon bored apes! This collection is especially unique due to a lot of celebrity endorsements like Eminem and Snoop Dogg. It was definitely awesome to see their NFTs come to life in their recent From The D 2 The LBC music video! 

The collection of 170 different computer-generated apes is one of the most expensive collections out there. So much so that they have a current floor price of 76.98 ETH!

That currently amounts to $144,205 for a floor price! If you don’t know what we mean by floor price, click here. You’ll see what we mean! 

#3 Karafuru

Karafuru - NFT PFPs - AIO BotThen, there’s the Karafuru NFT project that uses a whole set of colorful NFT PFPs that you can collect. They are actual characters that bring together psychedelic colors, Gacha games, random personas, and generative art technology. 

Their collection features 5,555 generative NFTs that are very colorful and more limited than others. Although most collections go for the big 10K, this one opted for a more exclusive feel. They also give you a lot of utilities, like being a part of Karafuru city!

Plus, they are very affordable at a current floor price is 0.22 ETH!

#4 Doodles

NFT PFPs - Doodles - AIO BotAnd, we can’t forget about one of the most adorable and iconic NFT PFPs out there – Doodles! The hand-drawn collection of illustrations that you can use as a profile picture or online avatar is one of a kind. It features pastel-colored NFTs of human faces, cats, sharks, dinosaurs, monkeys, aliens, and more. Basically, anything you could put a face on! 

They manually illustrated 10,000 profile picture non-fungible tokens for their community. The Doodles collection is a community-based NFT that allows its holders voting rights.

They are definitely one of our favorite PFPs to date! Their current floor price stands at 6.95 ETH.

#5 Mfers

MFRS - AIO BotFinally, last but certainly not least, we’ve got Mfers – an unconventional take on NFT PFPs. This collection takes inspiration from meme arts – a social media favorite! We all love memes. We all love sending them to people we barely ever talk to! So, it was a definite no-brainer that these were an instant hit! The entire collection features stick figures with 21 characters based on the popular meme template, “are you winning, son?”.

It features 10,021 NFTs that NFT influencer Sartoshi created in 2021 based on his hand-drawn memes.

The collection currently has a floor price of 0.94 ETH. The creator uses the “are you winning son” to represent the volatility of the industry. It Which ultimately circles back to the question on everyone’s minds: is the NFT industry the most profitable out there? 

Find the answers to this monumental question through our comprehensive study – here! And figure out, once and for all, which is the winning, money-making industry in the WORLD.