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The Best NFT Pixel Art Collections Now

By May 13, 2022May 26th, 2022NFTs

You know NFTs can literally be anything. A Gif, a voice memo, a little text note, or a straight-up scam. However, the most common type of NFTs is images. Now as this new decentralized space is all about freedom of ownership, creativity, and empowerment, a lot can be visualized through NFT art. When you hear the word art you’d think of high-quality curated masterpieces that sell for millions of dollars. While the last bit is true, some NFTs have sold for billions before, the rest isn’t. NFT art ranges from actual photographs, to very bad, low-resolution NFT pixel art. And by pixel we mean pixelated. The kind of trait you wouldn’t normally want to be associated with a piece of art.

AIO NFT pixel Art - AIO BotBut on the blockchain, things are different. And NFT pixel art is one of the most in-demand, and expensive types of art you could acquire. Virtually!

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Best NFT Pixel Art Collections

You’d be surprised, but some of the best and most expensive collections go under the NFT pixel art category. Very much proving that utility and long-term use weigh more than NFT art and artists. So what are the best NFT pixel art collections?

CryptoPunkspixelated Cryptopunks

One of the most iconic NFT pixel art collections – LarvaLabs’ Cryptopunks. If you haven’t heard of this collection before, you have definitely seen it. Cryptopunks is one of the oldest NFT collections in this space. It actually dates back to 2017. Back when history was being made. The initial plan for Cryptopunks was actually a game, but they ended up being the first collection to redefine digital ownership for all of us. They launched on June 23rd, 2017 featuring 10,000 24×24 8-pixel art images. Each image showcases a character with a unique set of randomly generated traits. 

MeebitsMeebits NFTs

Another collection by Larva Labs, Meebits belongs to the best NFT pixel art collections for many reasons. Aside from featuring pixel art, Meebits is also one of the most sought PFP collections. It is highly important to note that as of March 2022, both Cryptopunks and Meebits were acquired by Yuga Labs to join the camp of Bored Ape Yacht Club. This collection consists of 20,000 randomly generated unique 3D characters


The collection that’s taken the spotlight last couple of weeks. Out of absolutely nowhere, Moonbirds launch became the talk of the town and was one of the best we’ve seen in a while. Sitting on a floor price of 20 ETH now, Moonbirds is an NFT pixel art collection of 10K pixelated owls. Moonbirds nfts

Moonbirds is one of the collections promising a valuable Utility and high ROI. But what gave them most of the credibility is the fact that they’re owned by Proof Collective. 

Proof Collective is a group of 1K NFT collectors. This group includes major NFT figures like artist Mike Winkelmann, AKA Beeple, and investor Gary Vaynerchuk. Moreover, the actual cofounders of Moonbirds, Kevin Rose and Justin Mezzell are themselves highly visible in the NFT space. So the deal with Proof Collective is that members get exclusive access to events, its private Discord group chat, and tier-1 collaborations, one of which is Moonbirds. The groundbreaking pixelated NFT collection climbed to the TOP within just 2 days of its launch, grossing over $281 million in sales!

Weird Whalespixelated NFT weird Whales

As the name suggests, this NFT pixel art collection features whales. Small colorful randomly generated whales. What makes this collection stand out is the fact that the artist is Benyamin, a 12-yo programmer. The collection consists of 3.4K items, with a floor price of 0.085ETH and a total volume traded of 1.9K ETH on Opensea.

Cryptozunks & CryptophunksCryptozunks

The reason we combined those 2 NFT pixel art collections is that they have the same founder – Zagabond, whose name is currently associated with a few potential rug pulls. Yes! More than 1.  These 2 collections can be mistaken for the infamous Cryptopunks, however, the floor price would give them away in a split second. It’s really really hard to beat a blue chip‘s floor price of 50 ETH, just sayin!

The HabibisNFT pixel Art The Habibiz

This NFT pixel Art collection isn’t really a high-profile one, more than it is a fun one. The Habibiz is a 5K items collection featuring pixelated men in various combinations of traits, outfits, and backgrounds. For a relatively lowkey collection, Habibiz’ floor price of 0.5 Eth and volume traded of 5K ETH is not bad at ALL!

More NFT Art

NFTs have taken over the virtual world, no doubt. But before you frown and decide that’s a bad thing, take a look at the bright side. NFTs have given so many artists, developers, and investors a space to unleash their creativity, and make a ton of money out of it. Creating your own NFT collection isn’t as hard as you may think, and once you learn where to buy and sell these tokens, it’s a matter of time before you start cashing in. However, you need to keep track of trends, like NFT pixel art, and steer away from red flags! Stepping into the blockchain and metaverse is so easy, and so is being scammed out of your money.