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NFT Rarity Check! The 6 Best NFT Rarity Tools for Value & Ranking!

By April 20, 2022June 14th, 2022NFTs

Best NFT Rarity Tools - How to Check NFT Rarity - AIO BotThis guide will provide you with all the best NFT Rarity tools to check the value of your NFT. Make sure to keep reading for all the information you need! Also, if you want to find out more about NFTs in general, join our FREE hub now! Just click on the button below to become an NFT master!

So, 5 out of 10 of the most expensive NFTs in the game are all CryptoPunks! But, they each have their own different value and VERY different price tags! Why is it that one CryptoPunk sold for around $7.6 MILLION while another sold for $23.7 MILLION? The answer is NFT rarity.

Knowing the NFT rarity of the token you want to buy can make all the difference – especially for a reseller! Because the rarer a non-fungible is, the higher the value, the higher the flex, AND the higher the resale! Therefore, let’s find out how to check NFT rarity and the best tools to use!

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An NFT Rarity or NFT Rarity Rank is a score that indicates exactly how rare a non-fungible token is! The more rare an NFT is, the more valuable it becomes – pretty straightforward! NFTs with the highest rarity score is the most sought-after tokens with the highest prices! 


Rarity_Score of Trait Values - AIO BotSo, having the best NFT rarity tools by your side can definitely make things a whole lot easier! However, you still have to understand the mechanism of the system. Every NFT in every collection has a different set of traits and properties that contribute to its ranking. NFT rarity tools list these in property sections according to their given score. And finally, you get the complete rarity score based on the sum of the trait scores. Check the image for the exact formula!

OR, you could just resort to using these tools instead of the manual calculation! Why go through all the hassle if someone else could do it for you, right? Also, if you want to learn more about how to check NFT rarity via video explanation, click here!

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PRO TIP: By understanding how to use NFT rarity tools, you can ultimately figure out the best NFT to buy. Especially if you want to buy at low prices! Just sort the non-fungibles from Price: Low -> High, and compare their scores. This way you’ll pick the NFT with the better ranking without going for floor price!


#1 Rarity Tools

NFT Rarity Tools - AIO BotThe first of the NFT Rarity tools is THE rarity tool of them all – Rarity Tools! If you’re looking for the best tool out there to check NFT rarity, this is probably your best bet! Their method is basically the standard method of calculating the rarity score of any NFT trait out there!

Their website is very user-friendly and very clear! All you have to do is click on the collection you want to check for NFT rarity. Then, choose the non-fungible of your choice, and check the score at the top! You can’t miss it! It kinda feels like checking the traits on your favorite Pokemon cards!

#2 Rarity Sniper 

Rarity Sniper - NFT Rarity Tools - AIO BotNext, we have another one of our favorite NFT rarity tools – Rarity Sniper! The most notable thing about Rarity Sniper is their most recent Solana NFT collections addition. This is especially great for people looking to check the rarity of NFTs on the Solana chain. Plus, it doubles for an NFT calendar as well which is definitely a plus!

To check NFT rarity scores on Rarity Sniper, just go to Collections and click on the one you want. Then, all you have to do is choose the non-fungible you want to check out and read the score! Easy!

#3 Rarity Sniffer

Rarity Sniffer - NFT Rarity Tools - AIO BotAlso, you can try Rarity Sniffer – one of the greatest NFT rarity tools you can try out! This tool is mostly an Ethereum-based NFT checker. But, considering that the current most common NFTs are on the Ethereum chain, that’s no deal-breaker!

They have their own system on how to check NFT rarity is a bit different than that of Rarity Tools. So, don’t be surprised if you find a few scores changed! To use it, it’s pretty much the same process: click on the collection, choose the NFT, and check the score!

#4 ChainWitcher Rarity Tool

ChainWitcher - AIO BotMost recent on the market are the ChainWitcher NFT rarity tools. Despite being new in the game, it most definitely earned a spot on this list as a very efficient tool! It gives you a complete rundown of all NFT rarity scores and compares them to other NFTs. It’s simple and straightforward to use to make your non-fungible experience much easier!

You can search by project, by ID, and even by project traits. And, to narrow it down, even more, you can choose when it is up for sale, or auction. Plus, you can set your budget! Very easy, very straightforward, and super efficient!

#5 Rank NFT

Rank_NFT - AIO BotAnd, then you have Rank NFT: one of the coolest NFT rarity tools out there that also doubles as a Chrome extension! Also, they’re some of the few online rarity checkers that cover the Polygon NFT collections as well.

Even the total feel for this tool looks a bit different from the previous ones mentioned in this list. Once you click on the collection you want to check out, find the NFT of your choice. Then, you’ll be taken to another window where you can find the NFT rarity score, ranking, and more properties. It also gives you the option of buying it from different NFT marketplaces!

#6 Trait Sniper

Trait_Sniper - AIO BotFinally, we have Trait Sniper – one of the few rarity checkers with a Chrome extension, an app, AND a blog. It is actually a trading platform more than just a rarity tool that also helps you identify undervalued NFTs. You can use their app to filter NFTs by trait, rank, and price. So, you can get all the details you need before making a purchase!

But, here’s the thing: choosing to become a part of this platform requires that you pay a subscription fee. You get to choose between two bundles (the Alpha and Genesis) ranging from 0.3 to 3 ETH.