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A Beginner’s Guide to Making Money with NFT Royalties

By July 30, 2022November 19th, 2022NFTs

NFT Royalties - AIO BotOne of the best and easiest ways to make money with NFTs is passive income through NFT passive income. In other words, making money without putting any kind of effort and all from the comfort of your home. We’re talking about how to make money with NFT royalties!

So, we’re here to go into more details about royalty services for non-fungible tokens. How to benefit from them, how to get started, and more. However, you’re definitely going to need to have basic knowledge of NFTs and how they work. You need to know how to buy, sell, and create NFTs in addition to a few other related aspects. And, to save you the effort of doing too much research, we’re giving you FREE access to our NFT hub. 

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NFT Royalties GFX II - AIO BotWhen you sell a non-fungible token, NFT royalties give you a percentage of the price every time it is sold. So, whenever it is sold again on resale markets, you automatically get a percentage of the profit. Creators of the NFT usually decide on the percentage during the minting process of the NFT.

These percentages give the original creator a payment as a form of compensation. This form of passive income is continuous and indefinite. In other words, it goes on as long as people are trading the specific NFT! 

How do NFT ROYALTIES work?

NFT Royalties GFX - AIO BotSince NFT royalties are automatic payments, creators write them into the NFT’s smart contract. So, this means that each time someone buys the non-fungible token on secondary markets, the smart contract executes the royalty condition. Therefore, a percentage of the profit goes directly to the creator’s pockets! NFT royalties usually range from 2.5% to 10%.

This also means that NFT royalties ONLY apply to non-fungible tokens with a smart contract that has a royalties term. Usually, after the first sale of the token, the artist or creator can benefit from the percentage of royalties allotted. However, not all non-fungible marketplaces allow NFT royalties. So, you have to make sure that they offer that before minting. 


So, people started reinforcing the use of NFT royalties to keep earning money from their hard work and investment. They help artists, game developers, and content creators benefit from secondary sales – fair enough.

However, recently creators have been selling a percentage of their copyrights. This means that new owners can also benefit from the NFT royalties earned. This means you do not need to create a non-fungible token to benefit from percentages. Kinda like getting commercial rights for NFTs and making money from merch and other products. 

NFT Royalties Examples

AIO Bot King - AIO BotA lot of non-fungible token collections use NFT royalties in their smart contracts without you even realizing it. We don’t mean that they’re hiding it or being shady about it! Smart contracts are public for everyone to view. So, if you’re really curious, you can always check the contracts of any project you want to invest it! 

Some examples of collections that take a percentage royalty include:
BAYC with 2.5%
3Landers with 4%
HypeBears with 2.5%
Wonderpals with 2.5%
Azuki NFTs with 2.5%
Doodles NFTs with 7.5%