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Sneakmart Ventures Into NFT Shoes with New Project – The ‘Metakicks’

By March 4, 2022March 23rd, 2022NFTs

Metakicks with Sneakmart - NFT Shoes - AIO BotThe non-fungible takeover seems to be reaching into the sneaker industry more and more every day. So, maybe soon enough, we’ll have NFT shoes raining down on our heads! And, it’s all because of Sneakmart’s latest venture into the Metaverse with what they’ve called, the Metakicks. 

Are they here to disrupt the chill of the world of limited-edition, exclusive sneakers, and sneaker reselling? Or, is this just the beginning for digital sneakers? The calm before the storm? The big fish of the industry are already making their moves – especially in the sneaker resale market. Ever since StockX did their VaultNFT thing. And what about Tinker Hatfield’s Air Max NFT? But, Sneakermart might have taken things a step further!

We’re talking about a release that features NFT mystery sneaker boxes giving access to virtual kicks. AND, you also get a chance to win legit, physical sneakers as well! We understand the appeal behind digitizing the sneaker resale market. The 6 BILLION dollar industry is one of the fastest-growing, most profitable industries in the world. And, NFT shoes might just be the needed approach to level the playing field. If you want, you can learn more about NFTs and everything related to them by clicking on the button below!


Sneakmart Metakicks - NFT Shoes - AIO BotSo, these NFT shoes – or Metakicks as Sneakmart has dubbed them – are the first NFT collection of sneakers… Well, the first one is to be distributed through a mystery box system. There’s always something when it comes to sneakers – digital or not! This means that people won’t know what Metakicks they bought until they open it – virtually. Therefore, this definitely does put a bit of a damper on things and adds a lot of suspense. 

Also, the streetwear app’s Metakicks give the buyers the option to either open the box OR resell it on NFT secondary markets. There are a total of 6,250 units of NFT shoes mystery boxes with 15 unique designs in 4 categories: Epic, Super Rare, Rare, and Normal. They even include some sneaker collaborations with sports figures like Didier Drogba, Marco Verratti, Kingsley Coman, and many more. The collaboration features one-of-one, exclusive sneakers auctioned on OpenSea with signed jerseys, sneakers, or VIP soccer games for the winners!


NFT Shoes - Sneakermat metkicks Release - AIO BotBut, what else is in it for you? Sneakmart’s Metakicks have to have something more than just NFT shoes, right? YES! In fact, we think this is the most brilliant part of the entire thing – physical sneakers. 

They are offering participants a chance to win one of the 625 physical sneakers in the race! Featuring Nike Dunks, Yeezy 350s, ONE pair of the Dior x AJ1, and 4 pairs of Travis Scott x AJ1s. This means that customers have around a 10% chance to win one of these hyped sneakers. You get to choose your size and they come with free international deliveries – no matter where you live! So, make sure you check out some of these size guides to get it right when you win:

Nike Dunks Size Guide
Adidas Yeezy Size Guide
Nike Air Jordan Size Guide

Digital Kicks - Yeezy 350s - AIO Bot - SneakmartAlthough these might seem like they’re pretty low odds, the 10% chance is 20 times higher than with physical sneaker releases. It is no secret that all the fun and competition is in physical sneaker copping. And, since we all love copping sneakers in bulk, we get why the NFT shoes odds might be better. But, where’s the fun if you can’t flex snatching the entire stock then reselling it on the aftermarket? 

If you ask us, when it comes to sneaker reselling vs NFTs, sneaker flipping wins. It ain’t fun when there’s not enough competition. Plus, with NFT whitelists, a lot of people already have that luxury edge. However, this does remain a good way to bring together physical and digital sneakers! 

Finally, the release should arrive sometime this march; but you never know! When it comes to sneakers, you never really know exactly when. So, keep it locked to our blog for more updates on these NFT shoes!

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