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The Metaverse, Web3, & NFT Social Media Will Change Everything

By March 7, 2023NFTs

NFT Social Media Features - AIO BotSo, let’s be honest. Non-fungible tokens have really started to change everything about everything! Without even noticing the shift, our entire day-to-day lives are now influenced by non-fungible tokens and the Metaverse. It’s everywhere! From NFT food to fashion, from NFT games to real estate, and also from NFT jobs even to digital lawsuits. There’s nothing in our life that is not governed by the technology of non-fungible tokens and everything related to them. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that NFT social media will take the lead!

You see, social media is probably the most popular (and most dangerous) outlet for self-expression online. Most people all around the world spend a large chunk of their day on social media. Us included! And so, it only makes sense that NFTs become a part of that too. Brands, influencers, marketers, celebrities, and literally everybody else have endorsed and capitalized on non-fungible tokens – one way or the other! So, it’s not entirely strange for the social media platforms themselves to join in on the NFT trend!

After all, the basic concept of NFT is, at its heart, digital content and artwork. This is something that platforms can easily implement in the form of NFT social media. So, here’s the question: why don’t social media platforms act as an NFT aggregator for buying and selling while still maintaining consumer-to-brand connections? Well, NFT social media might just do exactly that! Let’s find out more!

But, wait!

We know we sound like a broken record at this point. But before you actually get into the whole situation with NFT social media, you have to ask yourself a question: how much do you REALLY understand non-fungible tokens in the first place?

You see, once things turn to social media, it can all snowball pretty quickly. And if you don’t know enough, you can get canceled before you have enough time to process things. So, unless you have some sadistic urge for your online demise, you need to hit the digital books! Or, do the smart and more efficient thing and join our FREE hub for everything related to NFTs. News, guides, and tutorials to take you from NFT Newbie to NFT master. All you have to do is click on the button below to check it out!

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So, the whole thing with the NFT social media surge is not just about the monetization and commodification of digital assets. It actually has another reasoning to it that is key to the actual concept of non-fungible tokens: ownership.

Most TikTok beef and YouTube feuds are about people stealing other people’s content. However, when we talk about actual copyright, the content creators’ posts on social media are lawfully theirs. In other words, they legally retain sole control over the usage and ownership of the content. This means that they also have the right to mint their posts as NFTs. And, the cool thing is that social media platforms are working hard on bridging the gap between them and non-fungible tokens. 

Social Media Platforms & NFTs

#1 Twitter Twitter was one of the first platforms to join in on the NFT social media trend. They did this through a premium offering of authenticating their NFT ownership and using NFT PFPs
#2 Instagram Instagram started testing social media NFT features in 2022 which included: sharing them in user’s Instagram Feed, Stories, or messages
#3 Facebook After Instagram debuted its new NFT social media features, Meta followed suit. This feature allows users to also share their NFTs with a “digital collectibles” label. They also said that they will be introducing augmented reality NFTs, or 3D NFTs
#4 Spotify Also, in 2022 Spotify started testing out an NFT social media feature. It allows artists to promote music NFTs on their profile and existing third-party offerings
#5 Linktree And then, there’s Linktree’s contribution to NFT social media with their NFT Gallery. This allows users to display up to 6 NFTs in their Linktree. Plus, they also implemented PFPs and NFT locks (for NFT utility purposes)
#6 Reddit Finally, we have Reddit! Before Reddit implemented some NFT features, it had already practiced decentralization at its core. Read more about its multi-layered feature here!