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The 7 BEST NFT Tools You Need on Your Non-Fungible Adventure!

By August 30, 2022NFTs

Best NFT Tools You need - AIO BotIn the world of non-fungible tokens, you’re either a player or someone watching from the sidelines. Of course, being a player sounds much more appealing when you consider the money-making aspect behind it. However, to be a player, you’re going to need some of the best NFT tools by your side! 

So, despite the recent NFT market decline, more and more people are still getting into NFTs and upping the competitiveness. Also, factor in all the new projects and collections that come out on a daily basis. Plus, there’s the direct relationship between NFTs and crypto currencies that changes by the minute! It isn’t the most consistent industry out there, that’s for sure!

Therefore, all-in-all this makes it more difficult for investors and collectors to find the best NFT for them. And, it is even harder to keep up with all the ongoing changes, news, and updates. UNLESS, you have the right NFT tools by your side. So, if you’re serious about becoming a player in the non-fungible token game, keep reading!

#1 Sniper Bots
#2 Rarity Tools
#3 Alpha Groups
#4 Tracking Tools
#5 NFT Calendars
#6 Blogs & Newsletters
#7 Trading & Analytics Tools

The 7 NFT Tools You Need!

#1 Sniper Bots

First, we’ve got Sniper Bots which might just be the most important of all NFT tools out there. NFT sniper bots are automated software that monitor time-based auctions and submits last-moment bids. This increases your chances at copping NFTs at lower bids – at floor price or lower. You can read more about sniper bots here

Having this tool by your side will definitely UP your chances at buying any NFT you want. And, it is also a method used to pay less money and get cheaper NFTs with higher value! Some of the best NFT sniper bots include:
Platinum Automation
NFT Snipers

#2 Rarity Tools

Tools_ - AIO BotNext, you need Rarity NFT tools! So, as an NFT investor, you will most definitely look for the most valuable NFT of the collection. However, identifying the NFT with the highest rank and value might be a bit confusing. Understanding NFT rarity helps you find the higher tier NFTs that will sell for much more money than any others! Read more about NFT rarity here.

The NFT rarity rank or score actually happens to be a simple math equation. But, for people like us who just don’t like math, we go for FREE rarity tools. Some of the best rarity tools include:
Rarity Tools
Rarity Sniper
Rarity Sniffer
Trait Sniper
Rank NFT

#3 Alpha Groups

Tools_ Banner - AIO BotAnother one of the most powerful and interactive NFT tools includes NFT Alpha Groups! Alpha groups are Discord servers dedicated to non-fungible token projects that contain all kinds of exclusive information. You can compare them to sneaker cook groups if you want! They help through your entire NFT journey and provides you with all the information you need. Learn more about NFT Alpha groups here!

Also, joining an NFt Alpha group often comes with a lot of benefits or utilities like: market analysis, alerts, mint schedules, whitelist access, discounts, giveaways, raffles, and so much more! Check out our list of the best NFT Alpha groups below:
Double Agents
Dark Echelon
Champs Only
NFT Caviar
Zerk Pass
Plug Pass

#4 Tracking Tools

Tools_II - AIO BotAlso, more great NFT tools include Tracking tools which also help investors in tracking the top trending NFTs. They track all new and currently-existing non-fungible tokens based on sales, trade volume, and activity. These trackers identify and analyze the collections to help investors understand where to put their money! You can see the top collection over the span of 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days, and all time

When you use NFT tracking tools, you automate the entire process of keeping track of all the trends. Since, after all, making money through NFT trading depends on the value of the project and how trending it is. Some of the best NFT tracking tools include:

#5 NFT Calendars

Tools_ Banner - AIO BotAnd, of course, the most basic of all NFT tools is the NFT Calendar. This is really self-explanatory. But, an NFT calendar helps you stay on top of all the new drops, projects, and events. All you need to do is find a reliable and credible one to reference. This way you don’t miss out on any of the hottest releases dropping in the near future. The best NFT calendars to follow include:
Nifty Drops
NFT Evening NFT
NFT Drops Calendar
Upcoming NFT .ART

#6 Blogs & Newsletters

And then, there’s Blogs and Newsletters which are both very cool NFT tools that people often overlook. Even if you’re a person who isn’t into reading, you have to keep up with the NFT community one way or the other. They are more reliable and base their information on good research. You can’t depend on things that you see on social media as a given – unless it’s from well-known NFT influencers

NFT Tools - AIO Bot

NFT blogs or dedicated NFT newsletters are definitely a great way to stay in the loop of things. Also, you might learn new things about the industry you had no idea you needed! Here’s a list of some of our favorite blogs or newsletter to follow:
AIO Bot Blog
ChainWitcher Blog Blog
Zima Red Newsletter
NFT Lately Newsletter
Metaversal Newsletter

#7 Trading & Analytics Tools

Finally, the last ones on our list of NFT tools are Trading and Analytics tools. These types of tools are very important to people who want to be as careful as possible. Especially when you’re investing in a BIG amount of crypto currency. NFT trading and analytics tools help you understabnd how the market is doing on a day-to-day basis. Therefore, this ultimately influences your buying and selling decisions. 

These types of tools offers analysis over multiple blockchain platforms, daily statistics, collection rankings, and sales. And, they feature key metrics with real-time trade alerts and notifications. If you’re a data geek, you need these tools by your side! Some of the best trading and analytics tools out there include:
NFT OnChained
Dune Analytics
Market Tracker

So, that’s basically all the NFT tools you need in your life! However, if all of this seems like a lot of work to do and very time-consuming; it IS! Being a part of the NFT world and trying to make money out of it isn’t the easiest. The industry itself happens to be one of the most volatile out there. This is one of the reasons why it isn’t THE most profitable industry out there. 

But, if you ARE  in it for the money and ONLY the money, you might need to rethink your options. Click on the button below for a full analysis of the most money-making industries in the world. Find out where you should really be putting your money!