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NFT Whales Watch: Tracking The Big Fish of The Non-Fungible Sea!

By June 24, 2022NFTs

NFT Whales - AIO BotSo, are we here to talk about the non-fungible Moby Dick of the NFT sea? Well, kinda! You see, NFT whales is a term used to describe an individual that holds a huge amount of crypto assets. In other words, people who have spent thousands (maybe even millions) of dollars on NFTs!

But, why should it matter to you if someone has an outrageous amount of crypto assets? Well, the big fish in the virtual sea are the same ones who kinda make all the shots. Also, they influence market trends, cause shifts in token value, and even voting rights to project governance. You can consider them a bit like NFT influencers with a whole lot of money in their pockets.

All of this is a huge indicator that you really should be watching whales – especially if you’re NFT invested! This might feel like the KUWTK NFT version, but it’s definitely worth it if it means more profit! ALSO, if you’re interested in more than just whale knowledge, make sure to check out our free hub below! It is a literal ocean of NFT knowledge!

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According to NFTGO, there are 1,248 whales holding NFTs worth $5.71 Billion. And they also occupy 25.21% of the global market cap of $22.63 Billion. This refers to addresses with $1,000,000+ NFT holding value of all collections.

So, for some insight on just HOW BIG these NFT whales are, we’ve provided a list of the top 10. In short, they are ranked according to the collection in their portfolio with the highest values. However, these are the value recorded at the time of writing. Therefore are definitely susceptible to change! But, they still give great insight on the general direction for whales!

NFT Whales - GFX - AIO Bot

# NFT Whales  Whale’s Collection with Highest Value

Holding Value (in Million)


0xA99A76 Starlink PixelNauts


2 0xef764B Meebits



0x55FaF0 Art Blocks



0x35d0Ca Loot (For Adventurers)



0x2e675E Art Blocks



n0b0dy.eth Sketchy Ape Book Club



Deepak Otherdeed



0xd8c6C3 Meebits



vvd.eth Art Blocks


10 Jeffrey Huang Crazy Lizard


Also, bbserving the behavioral patterns of giant NFT whales gives you an idea of where you should invest next! So, it’s like the school of fish following the whales around. In other words, if they’re willing to put a LOT of money into an NFT, they’re most probably making a LOT of money too!

Furthermore, these whales give an estimation of the value of a certain project while predicting the market trend. So, if you check out the buying, selling, sending, and general trading behavior of a certain whale, you get free insight! Therefore, this means better investment opportunities based on real-time NFT whales activities! You can also check paid price and gas fees that they paid for better context!

Whale Activity

Finally, to keep track of different NFT whales and their activities, you can go to multiple analytics platforms! This can help you track successful NFT transactions and trades of the big fish – aka the whales.

So, you can resort to the NFT Whale Watch on for the most recent activities. Or, for more extensive research, you can visit NFTGO for all types of NFT whales’ information! And, according to NFTGO for the past 30 days, the collections with the highest number of whale investors are:

NFT_Whale - AIO Bot

1. (56)
2. Art Blocks (42)
3. Otherdeed (40)
4. We Are All Going to Die (31)
5. CryptoPunks (28)
6. BAYC (27)
7. rektguy (24)
8. Boki (23)
9. AINightbirds (18)
10. (17)