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What is an NFT Whitelist & How to Score a Spot on One!

By June 25, 2022NFTs

What is An NFT Whitelist - AIO BotA while ago, we discussed the aspect of what you could consider cheap NFTs with good profit. And, what we basically said is that one of the ways to get cheap NFTs is to buy on release day! However, some of the biggest issues about doing that are speed and gas wars! So, either the entire project will be sold out or you’ll be stuck with outrageous gas fees! Therefore, one solution remains is an NFT whitelist.

So, in this part of our NFT series, we’re going to discuss all there is on these special lists! All you need to know about the insides of non-fungible benefits! Being on the IN of the industry and all the best projects. Plus, this is a great way to make money with NFTs since it allows you to get the best deals. Keep reading to find out more!


NFT Whitelist - AIO BotFirst, we have to define whitelisting before we get into how you can get your name on one! So, what is an NFT whitelist?

An NFT whitelist is the non-fungible equivalent to exclusive VIP access to certain privileges – especially launch events. It’s like having your name out with the bouncers of the hottest club! If your name is not on the list, you’re not getting in. It doesn’t matter who you are or how much money you have! In other words, you are pre-approved

Benefits of Being on an NFT Whitelist

In a nutshell, this is a “what’s in it for me” type of segment! Of course. You’re not going to bother yourself trying to get your name on a list for nothing. Thankfully though, there are tons of benefits that come with being on an NFT whitelist. Some of which include the following:

– Guaranteed Access to Mint:
First, you get early access to minting events where you can mint NFTs before the public launch. This means you won’t ever have to look at secondary markets anymore… unless you’re selling!

Whitelist_Ticket - AIO Bot

– Buy Rare NFTs:
Also, since being a part of an NFT whitelist gives you pre-launch benefits, this means you can buy rare NFTs. You can ultimately get your hands on NFTs with higher ranking rarity scores!

– Discounts:
And, not only would you have early access, but you’ll also get a discounted minting process. A legit bargain deal! This means you will pay a price less than the one during the public release.

This also means that you will have the chance to make tons more money on resale!

Whitelist_Ticket 2 -AIO Bot – Low Gas Fees:
Since we’ve already mentioned the blood bath of gas wars that you could face, whitelisting eliminates that all! When you’re on an NFT whitelist, you can choose a specific time to mint your token. So, you can choose the window of time where traffic on the Ethereum blockchain is low. Thus, paying lower gas fees! And, there’s won’t be competition to drive the price up!

How to Get Whitelisted?

To get on an NFT whitelist or to get “whitelisted”, it all takes personal effort on your part! That’s the best thing about it! There aren’t like special tools or payments you have to do! Although, a lot of NFT projects offer whitelist benefits to people who mint into their collections. Or, sometimes to genesis NFT holders. But, there are other ways you can score a spot.

Whitelist_Gavel - AIO Bot1. Find a good project early on

One of the best tricks to joining a list is to find a project that has not yet launched! In other words, you find a project in the process of growing a mass following. This is, as people would say before it was cool. To do this, you can follow all the best NFT influencers to point you toward all the up-and-coming projects.

2. Join the NFT project’s Discord servers

Next, you have to join their community by joining their social media platforms – especially Discord. Alpha groups could help you find your way to the whitelist of your dreams! Most Discord servers will provide you with information on the whitelisting process that they have.

3. Follow the instruction to join an NFT whitelist

Finally, now that you’ve found their information on the whitelisting process, it’s time you do it! Different projects require different whitelisting factors. Some things include:

NFT Whitelist Bouncer - AIO Bot– Recruiting new people to join the Discord servers
– Chatting up the Discord groups
– Sharing social media posts
– Participating in giveaways
– Solving puzzles, games, or riddles
– Drawing art or writing fanfiction
– Filling out a simple Google form
– Sharing memes!
– Joining their lottery systems (if any)

In short, every project is different. However, when you tick all the marks, you will definitely have a better chance of joining their NFT whitelist.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt to come off sounding like an NFT genius in those servers! So, make sure you got your NFT slang down to a T. Click on the button below for your own personal dictionary! 

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