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Nigo Nike: From Legal Crashes To Collaborative Matches!

By April 28, 2023May 1st, 2023Nike, Sneaker News

AIO Nigo Nike CollabOver the years, it became clear that filing lawsuits is one of Nike’s hidden talents… and hobbies. But we all can agree that Nike also creates the most epic collaborations in the sneaker world. However, when lawsuits turn into collaborations, sneakerheads tend to be skeptical of this step. But when surprise melts away, they start enjoying such plot twists. But who would do such a thing? Well, nonother than Nike! We got a Nigo Nike collaboration in the making, fam! 

So, we can’t deny how a huge part of the sneaker industry now relies on the Swoosh for releasing hyped kicks. Because as you may know, Adidas has been hitting a record low as a result of dropping Kanye. But they say misfortune is the mother of fortune, and the Three Stripes’ loss is Nike’s gain. Now, the sneaker market is overflowing with Nike and Jordan releases, as if there are no other streetwear brands in the industry. But we can’t say we’re complaining one bit! 

Nigo Nike Collaboration

So, if you look up the history of the biggest brands caught in a Nike lawsuit, you’d find A Bathing Bape ranking high on that list. But irony is, the Japanese brand has been producing Nike-like designs for 20+ years. Put simply, this lawsuit was long overdue. But what’s more ironic is that the same year Nike decided to sue BAPE, events took a huge turn. And four months forward, we get a Nigo Nike collaboration out of the blue. To say the Swoosh took us all by surprise would be an understatement. 

Two weeks ago, released a statement, saying: 

Japanese designer Nigo, the streetwear titan who founded Bape and Human Made and currently serves as artistic director for French fashion house Kenzo, is working on a collaboration with Nike, sneaker industry sources tell Complex. The deal between Nigo and Nike marks a shift for the designer’s footwear alliances; Nigo’s brands have worked extensively with Adidas over the past 20 years. 

Nike’s Response

When offered to respond to a request to comment on the matter, Nike rejected to do so. What then gave it away more is verdy’s instagram post. Which features a picture of Pharrell Williams and Verdy, along with Nigo. The latter wearing a pair of Nike Go FlyEase. Everyone wears Nike, right? So why would Nigo’s flexing a pair of Nike catch more attention than usual? Well, you see, Nigo hasn’t exactly been huge on wearing Nike kicks before. So when he finally decides to do that, the same time the Nigo Nike collab rumors start hitting the sneaker world, it’s only normal to be suspicious. 

And just so you know, Nigo sold BAPE back in 2011. But you must also know how founders’ names stay connected to their brands whether they sell them or not. Adding to that, Nigo had another brand, Human Made. And through it, he kept his Adidas collaborations going. Wait, what exactly does this mean to Adidas, now that Nike and Nigo are joining forces? 

Nigo Nike

Does The Nike Nigo Collaboration Affect Adidas?

When it comes to the two conquerors of the industry, everything one does affects the other. That’s how competition works, you know. And when partners leave one sneaker giant, there’s a high possibility they’re joining the other. Michael Jordan was an Adidas fan, till he partnered up with Nike. Kanye was Nike’s partner until he switched over to Adidas back in 2013. And that’s exactly the case here!

Rumor has it that Nigo might leave the Three Stripes for the Swoosh. Can Adidas overcome another loss? It already lost Ye, followed by IVY PARK, and now Nigo? With the way things are going for Adidas, staying the second-best footwear brand after Nike might change soon! Guess, we’ll have to wait and see for ourselves. 

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