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Jerry Lorenzo’s Newest Nike FoG 1: Answering Your String of Prayer!

By February 27, 2020June 23rd, 2023Nike, Sneakers

Nike FOG Air 1NBA All-Star is seriously hyping up the sneaker game this year! We’re basically starstruck by the initial releases launched exclusively at NBA-All Star 2020 and we are head-over-heels for Jerry Lorenzo’s Nike FoG 1 The Question, releasing in “string” on February 28!

The Real-Deal Behind Nike FoG 1 The Question!

Nike Air FoG 1 TWO

“The Answer” Behind Nike Air FoG 1’s “The Question”?!

As we all can see, Nike & Lorenzo’s “The Question” appears to be somewhat of a mashup between the black and oatmeal colorways in the Nike Air FoG 1 collection. BUT, the real inspiration behind Lorenzo’s creation is no other than Lorenzo’s personal hero, 11-time NBA All-Star Allen Iverson. Okay, all right, we’re getting the big picture, SORTA! Here’s why.

We get that Lorenzo’s “The Question” is inspired by Iverson, who happens to go by the nickname “The Answer” (JUST sayin’!) but what about the admitted fact that it’s Lorenzo’s way of paying homage to the Reebok Question Mid Georgetown, which is ALSO an Allen Iverson tribute?! If you think that’s the wackiest inspiration story in the sneakerhead dimension, wait till you find out that Reebok will ALSO be releasing its own version of “question” on the SAME day as Lorenzo at a retail price of only $150! February 28, as packed with questions as you might be, it’s no mystery that you’ll be cranking up the cop game big time! Check out other February 28 releases here!

Your String of Answers: Everything You Want to Know!

Now, let’s talk about cream toes! What to expect? The forefoot of the sneaker displays two shades of oatmeal. You’ll find the lighter oatmeal shade on the leather toe box (hence, cream toes!) and the darker oatmeal shade at the tip of the box. The midsole is chunky, oatmeal style! And we can’t wait to get your hands on that awesome support cage in Lorenzo’s signature beige with a mini black Swoosh! You can also see the breathable black mesh upper practically trapped in the chunky cage construction, not that it’s looking for a way out! Why wouldn’t it?! That’s the best part…the heel.

Nike Air FoG 1 ONE Release Date: February 28, 2020
Retail Price: $350
Style Code: AR4237-902
Colorway: Off Noir/Oatmeal

The Heel to Help you Heal!

Soles and HeelMade to heal your soles, the Nike Air FoG 1 The Question features a double-stacked Zoom Air unit in translucent blue! We also need to give healing credit to its wedged gum soles and pivotal points that make every leap a galactic sensation! They help you move to where you need to go with guaranteed comfort! Now, isn’t that priceless?!

Cop The Nike FoG Question, Top the Game!

Another thing we need to do is look beyond the shoe. Is it cream toes, is it a string? Is it a string of questions about cream toes held together by thick black laces? Seems like it but who can really tell? BUT what you must know about this sneaker is that it is a must-have, ESPECIALLY at a retail price of $350 (topping Reebok with $200!) and here is why!

First, you are paying for premium quality. And not only that, it’s conscientious premium quality!
“Whatever it costs to make, that is what it costs,” Lorenzo explains. Apparently, Lorenzo’s premium products are pricier because they are manufactured ONLY in LA and Italy due to ethical reasons. So, the man’s got style AND a conscience!

Second, you are paying for a super-limited Nike x FoG edition! We all know that ever since Nike collaborated with FoG in 2018, their resale prices have been going through the roof! Not to mention that the Air Fear of God 1s have been top performers since 2019!

Third, they actually LAST! With their premium quality and true-to-size fit, these Air FoG 1s should be on your BIFL must-have list!

Fourth and MOST important? Read below!

Cop or Cop?!

If you want our honest opinion, you gotta tip-toe around these bad boys, cream-style! Every you, me, and celebrity is gonna wanna get their hands on these! Like any other line of the Nike x FoG collab, they will NOT disappoint but you’ve got to go about this efficiently! With bids reaching up to $1,500, you’re going to want to double up your copping chances with this guide. With AIO by your side, there’s no need for the fear of bot. We got you and your resale game covered!