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Nike Air Force 1 Colorways steal 2021’s Dunk hype

By February 6, 2021February 10th, 2021Nike, Sneakers

Is Nike planning on making the Nike Air Force 1 the new dunks? Or in other words, will the Air Force 1 steal the hype of the dunks in 2021? Well, there are some news about Nike killing the hype of the dunks. So will that be in favor of the Air Force 1? 

Nike Air Force 1 Overshadows Dunks in 2021TBH, both hold so much history. The dunks are pillar silhouettes that helped shaping the industry the way we know it. But, the Air Force 1 kicks are not any less influential. They are one of the most important silhouettes in sneaker history. If you put the Air Jordan line aside, the Air Force is kinda Nike’s most loved silhouette. 

So, the AF1 are nowadays as popular as ever! And we expect a big force hit in 2021! The question is, how will that happen? To tell you the revival story of the Air Force 1, we’ll have to travel back to the ’80s. 

Background check of the Uptowns 

It all started in 1982 when Nike wanted to create the most hype basketball sneakers of that era. So, Nike called upon designers to fulfill the task. And that’s when Bruce Kilgore brought to us the Air Force 1. Those kicks reached high success length because they were the first basketball sneakers to incorporate Nike Air Technology. Basketball players had never felt more comfortable before putting them on! But, we have to admit, the popularity of the Uptowns really culminated when it was introduced to the Hip Hop World. 

Oh, btw, the Air Force 1 is known as the Uptowns because Inner-city Youth is the generation who’d drop dead for them. Now that you know, let’s Hip Hop. 

Nike Air Force 1 Shapes Hip Hop

Air Force 1 is a Hip Hop diva. Hip Hop stars liked the shoes that they bragged about them whenever they had a chance to. Or even created a scandal to show them off. For example, rapper Nelly produced in 2002 a song about the Air Force 1. The “Air Force Ones ft. Kyjuan, Ali, Murphy Lee”. 

But, Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock may be the first to introduce Air Force 1 into Hip Hop culture. And in particular, it was the cover of their smash hit “It Takes Two” where DJ E-Z Rock was rocking the Uptowns. So just like that, the Air Force 1 defined 2000’s sneaker style. Because they were stylish, sleek, affordable, and PRESIDENTIAL! 

Rob Base Wearing AF1Nike Air Force 1 is “Presidential” 

If you are a rap fan of that era, you know that the word presidential was a trending slang. Just play any 2000s rap song. You’ll most probably notice words like “presidential kush,” “presidential purp” or “presidential suites.” And if you look deeper into the meaning of the Air Force 1 kicks, you’ll be amazed that they refer to the Air Force One plane. The plane that carries the President of the United States on his travel journeys. Yup. They Slay! And grew big in the sneaker world. 

The Uptowns Hit Fame

So, all this hype got big names wishing to collaborate with Nike to produce their own versions.

The Air Force featured a lot of successful collaborations. And their success goes back to how versatile these kicks are. Some of the most loved collabs are the following. 

Travis Scott Nike Air Force 1Nike Air Force 1 Low Travis Scott
Release Date 12/02/2017
Retail Price $150
Resale Price +$1,300

Kith AF1Nike Air Force 1 Low Kith
Release Date 2020
Retail Price $120
Resale Price +$7,400

Eminem-Shady-Records-BlackNike Air Force 1 Low x Eminem ‘Shady Records’ Black
Friends & Family
Release Date 2004
Resale Price $7,000

Air Force up, Dunk slide. 

In the present years, AF1 continues to reach higher fame levels. We couldn’t find a better way than using Drake’s words to describe what may be happening. Air Force up, Dunk slide. Furthermore, ever since the 2019 Air Force collection, we speculated a fierce return of this silhouette into the 2021 hype list. Which may overshadow the dunks. And here’s why. 

First, Hot collabs. In a previous 2021 Nike Off White collabs article, we revealed seven upcoming kicks of this collab. And among those 7 hyped kicks, there are 2 Air Force 1 iterations!

Off White AF1Release Date 2021
Retail Price $150

We also noticed the Stussy x Air Force is leading the way of Air Force 2021 collabs with their hand-dyed kicks. The Stussy collection offers 5 colorways that each refers to one of Stüssy’s five world tour cities. Those kicks dropped in limited quantities 8 days ago. And their resale prices keep going higher and higher! Stussy’s Air Force 1 Low ‘Hand Dyed – Paris’ hit $1,500 on Goat. 

Stussy AF1Second, an out-of-the-box design. Nike’s N.354 sub-label is bringing the Air Force 1 even more into the spotlights with its experimental releases. The Experimental Pink, Sail, and Tape show the AF1 beyond its OG limits. 

And third, the many occasions and events the Air Force 1 is commemorating this year such as the Valentine AF1 release, which is all over the internet.

However, if you prefer lighter shades of AF1, that’s no problem at all. There may be more hot collabs this year. Kith and Undefeated are expected to release their own AF1 colorways in 2021. Rumors regarding those 2 collabs surfaced around late 2020 and we are still on the lookout for a Nike confirmation. And, some teasers have already started to surface.

Kith and Undefeated Nike AF1Bottom Line

Nike Air Force 1 will always be one of Nike’s best silhouettes. They’re the classics that everyone needs. And a must-have in every closet. However, don’t underestimate the power of the AF1. They know how to play hype and low-key games at the same time. And 2021 may hold a great year for the Force. So, to make sure you join the hop as well, you should get yourself the best bot and best proxies.