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Nike’s Air Max 1s Are Taking Over the Entire Sneaker Game! Here’s Why!

By September 30, 2021Food for thought, Nike

Nike Air Max 1s are taking over the sneaker industry and we’re going to tell you exactly why. In fact, we think they’re getting so popular, they might be the new Nike Dunks!

You see, Nike Dunks have really made an enormous impact on the sneaker game back in 2020. Regardless of the global pandemic, it still managed to make it through and come out stronger than ever! And, although this year was not their final frontier, the Air Max 1s seem to be on the same track. 

Air Max 1s History

The release of the Nike Air Max 1s was a pivotal moment in history with its innovative and creative design. It’s also a Nike that has an official birthday – Air Max Day! Tinker Hatfield is the sneaker designer behind this brilliant creation!

Towards the end of the 1980s, Tinker took a trip to Paris to seek sneaker inspiration! And, he found it in the most inconspicuous of places – the Centre Georges Pompidou. This is a building designed inside out! It has all its functional and structural elements on the outside for everyone to see. This ultimately led to the reveal of the Nike Air cushioning technology. And thus, the Air revolution begins.

The first-ever Air Max dropped on March 26th, 1987 as a part of the Air Pack. But, ever since then, it evolved so much you wouldn’t even believe it! The visible Air unit moved from being a part of the midsole to basically taking over the entire midsole!

The Path of DUNKS

Are Nike_Dunk Shoes Dead - AIO BotSo, there are a few things that make us believe that the Air Max 1s are on the DUNKS path. There are so many factors and situations that are so similar to what Nike did with the Dunks. You see, nothing the Swoosh does is ever really random. Here are a few Dunk x Air Max 1 crossovers:

  1. Special releases and collaborations including Travis Scott’s, the Powerwall Pack, one with CLOT, and even with Fragment Design
  2. Using celebrities like Travis Scott to market OG-grail dunks and doing the same with Air Max 1s
  3. Re-releases and alternative colorways of one of the most hyped Air Max 1 sneakers including the CLOT Kiss of Death and the Patta collaboration
  4. Building outrageous resale values on the aftermarket with average resale reaching up to $5,000
  5. Rumors of a 2022 calendar full of Air Max 1 releases – just like 2020 was full of Dunks!

So, what we’re trying to say is that Nike seems to be following the same paths of the past. They flooded us with Dunks, pulled out the big gun collaborations, and made us fall in love with them! And, that’s exactly what they’re doing with the Air Max 1s!

In other words, we do see similar patterns in Nike’s approach. Plus, if you think of it, the Air Max 1 sneakers have so much more of a back story than the Dunks generally do. Everyone loves a sneaker with a background story – makes them all the more lovable!

Final Note

If we’re gonna consider the idea that Air Max 1s might take over the releases in 2022, we gotta prepare. Sounds a bit too early for you? We’re in OCTOBER! The year is three months away from being over. Yes, we know. It’s way too surreal! But, that’s the truth!

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